it was in a random cheap hotel, where we are hiding from the Nazi police.
he still weak after running away from the hospital, sleeping under influence of the illegal pain killer. even now, his beauty is undamaged, untarnished. I can't help but thinking that I almost lost my boss in previous ordeal.

Slowly, I sit on the side of the bed. I thought to myself, 'just one taste' and kissed those soft, unblemished lips. damn, his are softer than most women lips I know and that's says a lot. And when I open my eyes...

His eyes are open.


"Roberto..." He said. the cold calmness that shatter your nerves, good thing I have much experience with that. His eyes though...

"What are you doing?" amazing how demanding such a simple question could sounds. but right now it's not important, what important is...

"Sorry boss" I said, still not backing off from my position before. Hovering over his lithe body, my hands trapping his. both of us has had a near death experience. But if...

"I thought that I've loss you, back then" I continued "and I almost died too, so..."

he tilt his head a little, and look less murderous even if just a little. damn if my head not translated that head tilt as cute. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

"If I have to die anyway, I want it with reminder that I've try my best. I want to get a taste of something I've always desired. even if it's just a little"

well, the chance i am going to die is already big anyway. I remember in kinnderheim 511. when one of the warden try to assault him, Johan killed the man with just a simple mindfuckery. making him feel worthless and kill himself. after that happen, nobody dare to touch, be near him anymore. the supervisor instead, act like a cat that got the canary and make sure nobody touch this fine specimen. Tough it doesn't stop them from doing another experience using drug and brainwashing on him. Johan always look beautiful even when his hand full of blood. and he smell really lovely. at this range I can't help but think, okay. maybe he'll just smack me in my vital nerves and let me died quickly. one can always hope.

Instead, he stared at me with wide eyes. his expression look shocked before a second later it's return to his stoic, sleepy mask. He looks away from me.

"My hands, Roberto, it's numb" he said softly still averting his eyes.

"Sorry, boss.." I stand up, and take a step back. a little shocked. did I just got away unscathed? Johan turn his back on me before he said.

"I need sleep, you can find another pain killer and new set of clothes for me to wear tomorrow" another way to say get the fuck out of my room, okay I got it.

"Alright boss, have a good rest" I walked back toward the door. looking at him a few second before closing the door. When I was out I can't help but wondering about my luck.