"Are you ready Alex she's here?" Nick asks his brother.

Alex inhales and then smiling says "Sure am Nick in a few minutes my cowgirl will be my wife and my son's Mother will have the same name as us."

Nick laughs and says "You're really quite an old fashioned bloke aren't you?"

Alex glances at him and says "Nothing wrong with that Nick.'

Nick chuckles beside him and replies" I never said there was. Here they come."


Tess smiles at Stevie and says "How are the nerves Stevie?"

Stevie is on edge but manages a smile and quips. "I wish we'd eloped."

Tess laughs and says "What and waste all of these beautiful flowers?"

Stevie grins and says. "I can't believe you did that Tess."

Tess pretends she's shocked and asks "Are you implying I stole Harry Ryan's flowers Stevie? I'm shattered that you would think I was capable of that sort of skull duggery!"

Stevie laughs and says "Skull duggery? Yes that's exactly what it is."


Tess looks at her friend and asks "Are you ready?"

Stevie nods.

Tess does the final checks and says. "Ok let's go and officially make us sisters."

Stevie laughs and says "Tess I don't think that's what Alex had in mind!"

Tess shrugs her shoulders and says. "Let him think what he wants to Stevie. You and I know the day is about making us sisters."

Stevie looks at Tess and says "Tess thank you for everything you've done for me over the years. I don't know where I'd be if it hadn't been for you.'

Tess smiles at her, then hugs her tightly and says "Let's go and get your cowboy Stevie we've all waited a long time for this."


Harry Ryan has had too much to drink for this time of the morning but like most things these days he really doesn't care.

He's been on the phone for most of the morning.

Harry sits having a drink celebrating his choice of gift for Alex and Stevie.

They won't receive a gift like his from anyone else that's for sure.

Lifting his glass to his lips he hesitates, raising the glass higher and to himself says. "To Alex and Stevie cheers."


Everyone is huddled around listening to Stevie and Alex exchange their vows.

Their words are simple and heartfelt.

As the celebrant is about to pronounce them husband and wife the buzzing of a plane distracts some of the crowd.

Jodie states loudly. "Gosh they're flying low!"

Everyone turns as the crop duster flies over the house and crowd and let's its load of liquid go.

The noise levels rises as people as soaked to the bone with the spray, women squeal.


Alex swears.

Before they have a chance to react another plane flies low and releases multi coloured confetti.

Several larger pieces of paper fall too.

In amongst the mayhem Kate has grabbed one of the larger pieces of paper.

The crowd are covered in tiny wet pieces of confetti and the ladies dresses are now multi coloured as the liquid reacts with the dye and releases it onto the fabric.


Kate hands the paper to Nick and he reads aloud.

"Just a bit of water for the flowers and some confetti for the bride and groom. Harry."

"Well at least it's not insecticide." Tess offers.

Stevie says nothing.

Alex looks at her and knows she's upset and thinking quickly he addresses the crowd.

"I apologize for your clothing, if you'd like to send us a bill we'll sort that out. As you're all aware we're having a bit of trouble with Harry and this is his way of disrupting things. I could sit around and sook about it or get angry about it all or I can embrace the whole rainbow affect and choose to think of Stevie as my lucky pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and that's what I want to do. So if you'd like to leave we'll understand, or if you just want to stay for a minute or two and watch us finally become husband and wife then I'll shout you all a beer."

Everyone claps and cheers them on.

Alex turns back to Stevie and says "Stevie I just want you to be my wife I don't care about any of this other stuff. Do you still want to marry me? "

She smiles at him as she flicks pieces of wet confetti from his face and says "Do I get a beer too."

He smiles broadly and whispers "Yeah you get the first one."


As the celebrant says "I now pronounce you husband and wife."

A huge cheer goes up.

Alex kisses his bride.

More cheering.

Hugging her tightly he whispers "Would you like a beer Mrs Ryan?"

She laughs and replies. "I'd love one Mr Ryan."


Everyone is chattering about the water and confetti and what a low life Harry is to pull such a stunt on Alex and Stevie's wedding day.

Alex calls for quiet again and asks "Please can we just forget about the negative side of our water and confetti. We're all aware of how awful it is but today is about celebration and how we react makes Harry a winner or a loser. If we party like nothing has happened he doesn't win. So please for my wife and I, be positive."

Everyone cheers again as he says my wife and I.

Nothing else needs to be said as everyone picks up on the sentiment and runs with it.


Everyone has a fantastic time and even though they're a bit wet the warm sunshine and the breeze soon dries the clothing.

Bits of confetti fall as they dry.

Wine and beer flow freely and the food is delicious.

The atmosphere is one of celebration and fun.


"Stevie where's Alex?" Tess asks.

Stevie searches and then says "Over there talking to Neil why?"

"Nick and I want to give you our gift." Tess replies.

Stevie wanders over to Alex and says "Excuse me Neil can I steal Alex for a few minutes please?"

As they return to Tess, Stevie notices Nick has joined her.

"Ok follow me.' Tess advises and she walks onto the deck.

"I hope you like your gift it was Tess's idea."Nick offers.

Stevie laughs and says "I like the way you said that so if we hate the gift it's all Tess's fault."

Nick grins and says "Yeah.'


Stevie and Alex pull the paper off the gift and both exclaim. "It's perfect."

They sit on the seat together and Stevie says "I love it thank you so much."

Alex laughs and adds "We've had a few beers on this seat Steve's."

"Not many kisses though Alex." She replies.

Smiling he leans over and kisses her and says "There you go the first of many Mrs Ryan."


Later in the afternoon Nick and Alex are standing chatting.

Nick says "Alex I'm impressed I can't believe you didn't just leave and go and punch Harry in the nose."

Alex states. "I wanted to Nick, I really did but what sort of day would we have to remember then. He's a rotten old bastard and I wasn't going to let him win."

Nick asks "How's Stevie doing?"

Alex smiles and says "No worries at all she felt the same way as me. The vows were the most important part and he didn't ruin that."

Nick states "Shouldn't you be leaving?"

Alex replies "Yeah we're just waiting on the chopper.'

Nick looks at him and says "A chopper that's a bit fancy Alex. Where are you going anyway?"

Alex laughs and says "It's actually Greg and Jill's wedding present the chopper trip there and back. We're just going into the Barossa Valley for a week. Stevie's still feeding the little fellow so he has to come with us. Mum and Bryce have hired a nanny for us for the week as a wedding present so I can take Stevie out on our own."

Nick says "A week away will be nice even with the bub with you."

"Yeah I'm so happy Nick you have no idea how happy I am." Alex muses.

Nick laughs and says "I've been there and done that I know exactly how happy you are mate."

Alex hugs him and slaps his back and says "I'd better go and give Stevie a hand. Thanks for standing up with me today Nick."


Bryce approaches Nick and asks. "Did Alex say anything about Harry and what he wants to do about today?

"No I think he'd rather just forget it Bryce. He's got other things on his mind."Nick grins.

Bryce smiles and says "Well yes I'm sure he has but what Harry did was wrong."

Nick looks a bit cross and says "Bryce drop it please. Alex could have easily gone and punched Harry but he didn't he just let it go and I think we should too."


Alex is standing talking to Riley and says "Ok so Tuesday between one and three he'll be away from the house. You don't have to do this Riley."

Riley grins and says "Alex, Stevie hasn't done anything to deserve what he's done so I'm more than happy to help level the score."

Alex grins and says "Just don't get caught mate."

Riley laughs and says. "Its ok Kate's helping and she's dragged Jodie in as well they'll be look outs for me."

Alex pats him on the back and says "Fantastic thank you. I'd better keep moving."


Hurrying upstairs to their room Alex finds Stevie changed and about to carry the bags downstairs.

"Hang on and I'll help." Alex says as he strips off his suit and puts his jeans on.

He's about to pull his polo shirt on but instead he reaches for her and says "Do you need a kiss?"

"No but I want one anyway." She giggles.

Grabbing her they fall onto the bed with him landing on top of her.

They both laugh.

"Do you know how much I love you?" He asks.

Gazing up at him she smiles and taking his face into her hands she reaches up brushing her lips to his.

Moving his arms around her he holds her head in his palm.

The kiss is intense and passionate both lost in the moment and the joy of finally being married.

Pushing him back Stevie says "Calm down Cowboy we can't start the honeymoon yet people are waiting!"

Undoing the first two buttons on her shirt he pushes the fabric back revealing more of her neck.

Leaning forward he brushes his lips against her skin; tiny feather soft kisses are placed strategically as he whispers. "Let them wait."

She enjoys his kisses and gets swept along with him until a loud knock at the door disrupts them.


"Alex the choppers here!" Nick calls.

Standing they both straighten clothing and Alex opens the door.

Nick smirks at them and quips." Entree before mains."

Alex asks "What are you talking about?"

"Your shirts inside out Alex and Stevie's hair needs a tidy up! Get a little distracted did you?"Nick laughs.

Stevie bites her lip and Alex quickly fixes his shirt as they follow Nick downstairs.


As the chopper lifts up the crowd waves and cheers.

Some watch it for awhile others sit and relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Tess, Nick, Kate, Riley and Jodie are sitting enjoying a wine and Jodie says "Finally they're married! I didn't think it was ever going to happen."

Tess replies "Yeah it was all a bit shaky there for awhile."

Kate looks at Tess and says "I need to take lessons off you on how to keep a secret because you're good at it!"

Jodie agrees and says "Did Nick know Stevie was pregnant when she left?"

Nick offers." Little bit of a sore point still!"

Tess shakes her head and says "No Stevie only told me. I hope I never get asked to keep a secret like that ever again it was too hard."

Jodie grins at her and says. "All the times we asked you about her and you lied to us."

Tess replies. "I never lied Jodes I just didn't tell you everything."

Kate asks "So when you went to stay with your friends from the coffee shop you were with Stevie?"

Tess smiles and says "Yes sorry about that. She had the baby the day after I got there so I hung around and helped her when she first came home."

"He is so much like Alex isn't he?" Jodie offers.

Tess replies. "First time I held him you could see that."

"Do you think they'll have another one soon?" Kate asks.

"Well we'd like to have ours' first." Nick says grinning.

Jodie and Kate look at Tess and Jodie says. "Tess are you pregnant?"

Tess nods.

The girls are so excited they hug and kiss the two of them.

Riley offers congratulations as well.

"Do Stevie and Alex know?" Kate asks.

Nick replies "No we thought we'd wait until after the wedding. We didn't want to take away from them."

"How far are you Tess?"Jodie asks.

"Just gone twelve weeks Jodes." Tess replies.

"Oh how exciting a baby for Drover's Run!" Jodie exclaims.