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Chapter 3: Normal?


Hide: Hide yourself from the world that races around you.

Seek: Seek a place safe from the horrors that chase you.


Friday nights were spent differently by lots of people. Some dubbed it movie-night, others bowling night or family game night.

For Amy Pond and Sam Winchester, it was grave-digging night.

Ever since Amy's sickness the year prior, they had made weekly trips to the cemetery at night in order to dig up a weeks worth of pituitary glands for her. Of course, they then discovered that the glands only lasted for a few days. So, they also dubbed Tuesday "grave-digging night number two".

Of course, Amy was the only one who called them that. And Sam made a habit of teasing her for it.

Due to Amy's hunger, Sam ended up digging fourteen graves a week. Initially, Amy refused to let him do so alone. She claimed that since it was her burden, it was only right that she help dig the holes.

Unfortunately for Amy, biology sucks sometimes. She would usually still be working on her first hole by the time he had finished three. Then again, Sam couldn't complain, he was building up some strength he had lost when he stopped practicing fighting with Dean and his father.

Thus, when Amy and Sam finally reached high school, Sam was no longer the wiry boy she had met back in Lanchester. As a result, he had more than a few female admirers. One of which, was the reason why they were currently frantically packing their things and getting a ticket to the next bus out of this town.

Olivia Schnieder was the most gorgeous girl in the ninth grade. Everyone knew it; she made sure that they did. So, imagine her surprise when Sam turned her down for a date next Friday. He claimed he had already made plans. Angered, she asked with whom. Still as clueless as ever in the ways of women, Sam responded that he had plans with Amy. Not thinking it to be a big deal, Sam bid an affronted Olivia goodbye and started on his way home.

Olivia, the spoiled brat she was, refused to believe that Sam would willingly give up the chance to go out with her for another girl. So, she did what any sane person would do: she followed him home.

At the time, Amy and Sam were living in the cheapest single-room apartment in the sketchiest part of town. Despite both working two jobs, this was the best they could afford if they still wanted to save some money for college.

Of course, when Olivia discovered that the two were living together without anyone else, she made certain to tell every other student at their school. Because obviously, that's what any sane person would do.

By next afternoon, Sam and Amy were called into the Principals office. The older woman demanded to know if the rumours about "the two fourteen-year-olds living together by themselves" was true.

From that meeting, Amy deduced that Sam could be a terrible liar sometimes.

The principal told them to stay in the school until she called a social worker. She told the two that she would personally make sure that they would have "suitable living conditions" and "loving families" for the duration of their high school experience.

Of course, upon hearing that, the two bolted from that town as soon as they could. The last thing they needed was more people wondering exactly who and where their parents were.

Lesson learned.

The next town they arrived in, they made sure to avoid each other completely in school. They both agreed that it was for the best that nobody knew the two were connected in any way. They were immaculate in there efforts, to the extent where, in the mornings and after school, one would make sure to leave twenty or more minutes prior to the other.

"Earth to Amy!" The hands waving in front of her face pulled Amy from her thoughts. The red head in front off her continued in her bubbly voice, "Gees, I don't know where you drift off to sometimes!"

"I'm sorry Eileen*, I was just a bit distracted. What did you want?"

"I was wondering if you figured out 7b from the assignment last night?"

"Huh, oh, yeah. Um, which one was that again?"

Eileen placed her assignment sheet on Amy's desk and pointed at the question.

Amy skimmed the question and the answer came to her immediately. "Oh, it's pretty simple actually. You assume the rockets gravitational pull is equivalent to the magnitude of the vector opposite from its ascent vector, which you found out in the last question. One you've figured that out, you can determine the unit vector and then how long it will take the rocket to reach 8000 km in the air. You also have to calculate some uncertainties since they gave you the instruments they used to measure the distances and rocket size." Amy said it casually, as if the problem was not the hardest thing their teacher had ever assigned them. Eileen said so, and Amy just shrugged.

"I just like Physics, I guess."

"And your excuse for being brilliant at every other subject?" Eileen teased.

Amy blushed and quickly tried to divert the girl's attention. "I just get lucky. So speaking of rockets, what do you have planned for this weekend?"

Eileen went on to describe the exciting plans she had for the coming weekend with her typical million watt smile and Amy couldn't help but reminisce on how she'd met the girl.

When Amy and Sam had joined Southgate High School in their sophomore year, she had advertently avoided making friends. She didn't need the distractions or the risk that came with people wanting to come over to hang out or do homework together. If Sam and she were going to be able to afford college, they both needed to keep their grades up in hope of some form of financial aid.

So, she played it off as the shy, quiet type. She had turned most people away, but Eileen had decided it was her duty to break Amy out of her shell. After a few rough conversations, Sam had convinced Amy that it would be okay to converse with the eccentric red head. He jokingly claimed that at least by talking with Eileen, Amy would grow to appreciate him more.

So, at the persistence of both Sam and Eileen, Amy took a chance, and she never regretted it once. It was nice to have trivial conversations. It gave her a break from thinking about digging up graves, balancing two jobs, paying her and Sam's cell phone bills (an unfortunately expensive necessity they needed to keep in constant contact), and keeping up her marks.

"Amy!" And just like that, she was harshly yanked from her trip down memory lane. "Okay that's it missy, where has your mind been all day? You've been spacing out every time I start talking!" The fiery girl seemed to have a look of pure concentration on her face before it lit up in a devious smile.

"Okay, what's his name?"

"Wha—, who?" Amy was totally caught off guard by the question.

"Well duh! What's the name of the boy that you can't stop fantasizing about. Come on spill!"

"Eileen, you've been watching too much of that dramatic garbage on cable. I'm not thinking about any boy…I'm thinking about the biology test that we have next week, which I haven't even begun to study for yet!"

Amy was lying, of course, but she needed something believable to sell to the gossip-addict.

"Oh. My. God. You are officially the biggest nerd I have ever met. That's why you've been spacing out on me all morning? A test that's next week. Oh lord, you poor child. That's it, you've just confirmed what you're doing this Saturday."

Amy groaned, "And what would that be?"

If Eileen noticed Amy's apprehension, she ignored it. "You, my anthropophobic dear are coming with me to Sadie's pit party this weekend."

It took about three seconds for Amy to process the ludicrous thought before she burst out laughing.

"Are you crazy?" Amy asked, still cachinnating.

"No, I'm the one that's perfectly sane. You're the one who's acting like Hyena on Redbull" She gave a sly smile as she answered Amy's question. After Amy calmed down a bit, the girl continued, "Oh come on Amy, it'll be so much fun! I'll even set you up with someone! Oh I know the perfect guy for you too! Okay Amy, now you have to come!"

"In case you've forgotten, the girl hates me. I hardly doubt I'm invited–"

"It's a pit party, half the people that come aren't invited."

"I have a test coming up—"

"Next Friday, which gives you plenty of time to study."

"I don't exactly like Sadie either. Why–"

"Oh please, other than me, you don't like anyone. And 'in case you've forgotten' you liking me took quite a while in itself."

Affronted, Amy replied, "That's not true! I like people–"

"Prove it, come to the party and actually converse with them!"

Slightly irritated, Amy turned "Would you stop cutting me off, we–"

"–Are going to have so much fun this Saturday! Meet me at Kenten Park at 10 and I'll drive you!"

Eileen ran off before Amy could start reciting the numerous reasons under her mental list of why going to Sadie's party was so not going to happen and was undoubtedly the worst idea ever.

"I can't believe you think this is a good idea!" It was later that night at dinner, and somehow, Sam had weaseled her into confessing what had gotten her into 'such a foul mood' when she arrived at their apartment.

He always did have the uncanny ability to pry just enough to get her to reveal anything and everything.

"Amy, you've been working yourself nonstop lately. I never thought I would be the one to say this, but I think Eileen's right. You should go. Going to the party, it'll give you some time to relax." Sam's deep voice travelled from the stove, where he was finishing their Kraft Dinner. Amy was currently sitting on the island that served as their table.

"Sam, I have work."

Despite her efforts, Sam countered easily. "You can call in sick, you haven't used any of your sick days."

Amy put her hands to her forehead and sighed. "Sam, we're really not in the position for me to pass up a chance to make some money."

Sam brought over two bowls of yellow macaroni and even though her eyes were hidden behind the palms of her hands, she could tell he was staring at her.

"Amy, look at me."


"We're far from rich, but we also aren't so broke that you can't afford to take one night off. You're going Amy." His voice was resolute, and Amy knew that he wasn't going to change his mind.

Sam could be so damn stubborn sometimes.

"Fine," He smiled in relief. Seeing this, she smirked and said" but then you're going too."

Sam sighed, much like Amy had earlier. "Amy, if it's the only way to get you to relax, I'm fine with going."

Amy raised a brow at this. That had been much too easy.

Seeing the question in her eyes, Sam explained himself. "Some of the guys on the team have been bugging me to come…" The events of earlier that day passed through his mind.

"Alright ladies, that's it for today! Hit the showers! Everyone except for you Windemere, you stay back!"

Sam looked a bit perplexed as the rest of his team went to the showers. He walked over to the coach that had called him by his last name of four years and voiced his confusion.

"Is something wrong coach?"

"Well Windemere," his false happy-go-lucky voice instantly reminded Sam of ready-to-erupt Bobby, "so nice to see your lovely face today!"

Oh. That's why he got called over.

"Coach, I'm sorry for missing the practice the other day. I had work—"

"See Windemere, you can be a predictable guy sometimes. I had a feeling you would say that, so I took the time to call both Chester's Dinner and the movie theatre. Now, imagine my surprise when they said you didn't show up for your shift. Now, you have one more chance to tell me the truth about what the hell was so important you had to miss practice for it, or you can kiss your starting position good bye. You may be one hell of a player Sam, but I don't play kids that can't make practice, no matter how good they are. And I'm sure Reynolds would love to have a chance to start against the Knights next week…"

Coach's words drifted away from Sam, who was now engrossed in his thought. How on earth was he going to get out of this one? He knew he couldn't tell the truth: that Amy had been sick. To be honest he had been so worried for her he hadn't even thought twice about staying home to take care of her. In other words, he had completely forgotten about his other commitments.

He had every right to worry, Amy hadn't been sick since switching to deceased human pituitary glands five years ago.

That night had scared Sam more than he cared to admit. Especially since she was completely fine the next morning and neither could think of any reason for her illness the night prior.

"I'm sorry coach, it was my kid sister. She was sick and my mom was working so I had to take care of her." He stuttered a little while saying sister. Thinking of Amy as a sister felt wrong and awkward on so many levels.

Coach gave an uncharacteristic sigh and gave Sam a playful punch on his still-padded shoulder.

"Sam, you're a good kid, but no more missed practice. Got it?"He gave Sam a pointed look.

After Sam nodded in promise, Coach blew the whistle and raised his voice "Okay Windemere hit the showers, you smell worse than Marfi on his good days!"

When Sam walked out of the still steaming shower area a few minutes later, he saw two of his teammates still talking by his change room locker.

"SAM! Geese dude, could you be more of a girl? It took you fifteen minutes to get out of the shower!" A dark-skinned boy, Ahmed, smiled at Sam in joking manner.

"That's because, unlike you Marfi, I understand that having horses on our jerseys doesn't mean I have to smell like one." Sam jested in return.

Ahmed animatedly looked affronted and made a show of putting his arm around Sam. "Oh Sam, but the ladies love the smell of sweat. It's a major turn on."He smirked and Sam laughed at the senior.

"Marfi, get off Windemere. The last thing he needs is more of your advice on how to get women." Sneered Jake, this year's captain. Although the two boys were both a year older than Sam, they had taken an instant liking to him after seeing his skill during tryouts. Of course, since the two happened to be the most popular boys in school, Sam really wasn't in the position to just ignore them.

Ahmed wasn't that bad. He was a bit of a joker and Sam found his presence relieving…

"Of course he needs my advice! There's a reason the guy hasn't had a girlfriend since he came here two years ago"


Jake, on the other hand always gave Sam a strange feeling. There was something off about the guy. No matter how…"nice"…he acted towards Sam, it always seemed forced. Sam supposed he was lucky the two guys didn't hate his guts, considering how cruel they were to most of the school.

"Marfi, for God's sake. Just ask the kid what you wanted to ask him so I can go home. I have a date with Sadie tonight and I am not going to listen to another one of her 'how dare you cheat on someone as perfect as me' lectures when she thinks I'm late because I was hooking up with someone."

Ahmed snorted,"Oh please, you deserve each one of those lectures. I'm sure 99% of the girls at this school would agree"

Jake's brows furrowed as he glared at Ahmed. "Watch it Ahmed. I–"

"Uhm, guy…" Sam hesitantly interrupted Jake before an all out brawl started between the two best friends. He needed to get home soon, it was his night to cook dinner and he hadn't seen Amy all day. "What was it that you wanted to ask me?"

Ahmed smiled slyly and Sam immediately regretted asking.

"Well, Sammy my boy! Clear your calendar this Saturday because you are accompanying us to Sadie's pitter at Red Stone."

Seeing Sam's dumbstruck expression of absolute cluelessness, Ahmed's sly look immediately morphed into one of absolute horror.

"Oh Sammy, you do know what a kegger is right?"

At Sam's small smile and shrug, Jake immediately started laughing."Oh this is great. Sam you're coming. And don't worry, me and Marfi'll make sure you have a wonderful time."

Again, despite Jake's countenance, Sam could almost taste the malice beneath the older boy's again, he wasn't really in the position to say anything against them.

He could think of an excuse though.

"I work Saturday."

Ahmed didn't even hesitate as he responded, "So? Take a day off."

"I don't have a car."

Ahmed countered easily once again, "Good thing you've got me as a bud then, I'll give you a ride. Where am I picking you up?"

Sam sighed. There was no way out of this.

"Um, how about you pick me up at Chester's Dinner. I'll just leave my shift a bit early."

Jake sighed in exasperation. "Great, now that we're done, Ahmed, get your ass in my car right now. Unless you want to walk home."

Ahmed finally pulled his arm off Sam's shoulder and followed Jake out of the locker room. Sam turned to his locker and placed his head on the cool, grey metal. Acting like a normal teenage boy was a pain.

At first, he had a feeling Amy would be angry at him for not finding a way out of it. But, now that she was going, she was just relieved that she would have someone she knew at the party. She had a feeling Eileen wouldn't exactly be sober by the time Amy needed to get home.

Finishing up their dinner, Amy washed the dished while Sam dried them. The two fell into routine as they took turns using the single bathroom and then went to their assigned sleeping areas.

When they were kids, it was fine for them to sleep in the same bed. It was innocent, like a sleepover…only every night.

Of course, when they reached high school, it became more than slightly awkward. Despite the fact that they hadn't shared more than a hug since their first kiss five years ago, the strain of sleeping stiff as a board on polar opposite ends of the bed saw to them both deciding that new sleeping arrangements were in order.

Sam, being the gentleman, claimed he wouldn't mind taking the couch.

Amy, being the feminist, claimed that she would mind him taking the couch.

So, they came to an agreement: a rotation. Sam would take the couch one week and Amy would take the couch the next week. This rotation really was their only choice since they didn't have the luxury of upgrading to a two bed room.

Around 11:40pm, right before they both retired for the evening after finishing some homework, a knock resounded throughout their small apartment.

Amy was about to go and see who was at the door before Sam angrily stopped her by grabbing her arm. Amy looked confused for a second, but then she realized exactly who would be knocking at their door this late.

Long story short, there were very few land owners who would consider renting to the duo since they were under 18–probably because it was illegal. The ones that did…well…they were sketchy at best.

Sam and Amy had chosen to move to Rylee, Texas after the whole "Olivia-principal-I'm calling social services" incident for two reasons. First, Southgate High School had one of the best football teams in the state, after winning state championships for the past three years. This meant more exposure for Sam, who might be able to earn a scholarship and save him and Amy a lot of financial worry. Second, it was home to West Lantic, quite possibly the sleaziest neighbourhood in the entire country. Cops had long since given up on the drug trades, gangs, prostitution, etc that made up the area. This meant that housing units such as Ronzola Apartments (i.e. housing units that allowed two minors to lease them) could exist.

As long as they paid the monthly rent, they had a place to stay. Unfortunately for them, that meant dealing with Giorgio Ronzola, the creepiest landlord in the country.

It had been fine at first, but lately Sam had noticed the way the forty-plus-year-old had been eyeing Amy.

Sam wasn't an idiot, he knew exactly who Giorgio wanted to see open the door at twenty minutes to midnight. So after pushing Amy back into the room and closing the curtain concealing the bedroom, Sam took the cheque off the counter and opened the apartment door.

"Oh. Sam. How nice to see you this evening."

Sam was currently exercising all form of self control as he saw the perverted man's eyes scan the inside of the apartment visible behind the teen, hoping for a glimpse of Amy.

Through gritted teeth, Sam waved the check in the man's face and growled, "Here's this month's rent."

Saddened at not getting the chance to see Amy in her nightwear, the man sighed in disappointment and yanked the check out of Sam's hand. Before Sam could shut the door, the man continued.

"Say Sammy, how is dear Miss. Pond doing these days?"

Sam was seeing red.

"As fine as any seventeen-year-old would be." Sam stressed the number, hoping that the pervert would see how wrong it was for him to have any interest in her whatsoever.

Giorgio looked pensive for a minute before pushing a hand through his oily black locks.

"Seventeen eh? Shame, just one more year older and she'd be legal. I'm sure there are lots of guys around looking to hook up with someone as pretty as her. You know Sam, if you guys ever needed any extra cash, I have a side business I'm sure our Amy would be perfect for—"

Screw red, Sam was seeing blood: Giorgio's blood.

"Goodnight Mr. Ronzola."

Sam slammed the door before he lost it and, instead, slammed the Giorgio's head through the wall. He turned, rested his back against the wooden door and slowly slid down to his knees. He felt loose chips of wood scraping his back as he reached the floor and sighed in frustration.

He hated living in this place.

He hated that he was powerless to change it.

And most of all, he absolutely hated that Amy was forced to live here.

He put his head into his arms and decided right then and there that he would make it up to her, somehow. He'd find a way to get a scholarship, that way she wouldn't need to work as much as he knew she did.

If she thought he didn't notice her getting up after she thought he had fallen asleep to study more, she was wrong. If she thought he believed her when she said she wasn't taking extra shifts at work, she was wrong.

He needed a scholarship. He needed it. If he got a scholarship, they could manage to send her to college with him with no financial worries whatsoever. They had saved enough for one of them: the problem would only arise if they had to pay for both of their college expenses.

He was going to have to practice a hell of a lot harder to be noticed by scouts. Sam knew he was good, but he also knew that, like Coach always told him, "his head just wasn't in it". Sam knew he could easily be a better player than Jake and Ahmed, but he had never tried out of the fear of seeming too good. After all, being able to throw a football at 40 miles per hour with pinpoint accuracy would bring questions…

Questions which Sam couldn't answer with "well, my dad's been teaching me how to throw daggers (as well as numerous other weapons that kill supernatural beings) at targets since my hands were big enough to hold 'em. Oh, and I'm also pro with a gun."

That probably wouldn't go down well.

At all.

Presently, he was good at the game. Heck, he was great. But to get the scholarship Amy would need, he'd have to be amazing. He'd have to stop holding back…

Still unsure, he let his thoughts wonder to that placed they tended to stray these days. That place in the back of his mind that told him repeatedly that his best friend would have been better off if she never met him that day…

A warm hand on his shoulders saved him from his cold thoughts. Raising his head from his arms, he came face to face with the same green eyes that had made him a nervous wreck when he was twelve. The green eyes that still could when she looked at him the way she was doing now.

She read his thoughts, the same way she did every time she looked into his head. And he let her, because there was nothing he wouldn't trust her with.

"Sam, you think much too highly of yourself..." Slowly, so as not to make him lose his balance, she pulled him off the floor, "…Even you can't carry this burden alone, let me help you."

She smiled and lightly kicked his shin. He listened to her voice complain about his "freakish, unfairly tall, sky-scraping height" as she headed back to the bedroom.

As Sam replayed his memories of her soft and crazy ways in his head, he slowly became conscious of the fact that should anything ever happen to her…he would never be able to recover.

Little did Sam know that the snake-like creature who had been watching the duo for the past five years was having the exact same thought…


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Chapter 4: Normal?


There is an "US" in "TRUST"

But, there is also an



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"Amy, Amy, Amy you do realize how much control I have over our little Sammy's future right?"Jake slurred.

She stood still and mentally berated herself when she realized nobody else was around.

He brought his mouth to her ear and Amy instantly tried to turn away from him. "Wanna know a secret Amy? As quarterback, I can either give the ball to Sam or not give the ball to Sam. Whether or not you come into that room with me right now is going to make that decision." He smiled in cruel satisfaction as her eyes started to water and she stopped struggling against his hold…

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