Rachel's pov

Monday morning, and the locker slammed in front of me, my boyfriend, Finn, was scowling. "Did you?" "Did I what, Finn" I sighed. Ever since Noah and I had become friends, Finn's sole purpose in life was to ruin my mornings by accusing me of cheating on him. "You know what I'm talking about! That Lima loser, not to mention man whore that you have been hanging out with!" Yep, a dream come true, I thought sarcastically. My so called "prince charming" was a jealous giant who couldn't handle me having a life aside from with him. It felt as though I was in a cage, but I couldn't take the key, even though it was dangling right in front of me. Finn had been so sweet in New York, the date, the song. I really believed it was the start of something new, and wonderful, I didn't want to breakup with him. Like every time this question came up I said, "Nothing happened Finn, we are just friends. Noah and I went to synagogue, and then his family joined us in dinner! Just like every single week." He reluctantly accepted this. "Okay. Let's go to class." Finn grabbed my hand and almost literally dragged me to history.

The slushy facials had stopped, somewhat. Glee was still 'homo explosion' but it wasn't as bad as last year, and especially the year before. The funniest thing was Santana. Brittany and I had become friends over the summer, and Santana got dragged along to our friend things. It was the start of a friendship.


"Berry!" Santana called out. "I know I wasn't the best to you and all the feelings shit, but now that Britt and I are- something more, you are officially my best friend."

And just like that, we were. Bitching sessions about how Elena in the Vampire Diaries totally should go with Damon, and quoting San, "Dump Stefan's sorry ass. Damon has got that badass hottie thing going on" suddenly were common occurrences, endless shopping sprees to fix my wardrobe filled up my weekends, and contrary to popular belief, Satan had a soul. Well, this Satan anyway.

My wardrobe, actually, was an interesting manner. I refused to let San burn my animal sweaters and knee socks, as she so dearly (aggressively)requested (demanded). They instead went to goodwill, and according to her, I now look like a "sexy bitch!" This, I suppose, was the cause for Finn's sudden protectiveness, and jealousy. Well, the sudden change into skinny jeans, tanks, and numerous other things San insisted I needed caused a whole lot of unwanted stares and catcalls.

Noah's unexpected friendship bloomed out of being forced to sit together at synagogue. It was nothing more than that, no matter how much Brittany and Kurt wanted puckleberry 2.0. "You guys have got something going on, now just dump Finnocence and get with him!" Was San's opinion. When I told her that I loved Finn, she replied by saying, "Now, I know that you think the fucking sun shines outta golden boy's pasty, white ass, but wake up from your stupid fairy tale. Frankenteen is NOT your prince or some shit, and you may have loved him, but you are NOT and never will be IN love with him. There is a goddam difference. Will you ever realise that Puck is always the one who comforts you when someone bullies you these days, and not your sacred BOYFRIEND WHO IS SUPPOSED TO. Therefore your prince Charming or fucking knight in shining armour is him." Looking quite smug at my startled expression, she added, "Yes, that was a speech. Yes I can say one. And YES I think that!"

When I got home and mulled over her words, 16 voicemail messages awaited me. Oh joy! I thought, the pleasure of going through Finn's usual messages when I wanted to sleep was about as appealing as having 16 slushies thrown at me. Slowly, I went through them. They mostly consisted ofhey babe. Get home safely? Why were you with Santana anyway, the girl's a bitch. You should be spending time with me. We don't hang out enough.Urgh. Same stuff again. But the eleventh one was from San, again telling me to dump Finn and check if I could go to the some new movie over the weekend. The fourteenth one was from Noah, who asked if could come over to the Lima Bean for coffee . I texted both San and Noah back, agreeing to meet them at the movies, and the Lima Bean. I reluctantly texted I love you to Finn, since I knew he was expecting it. A text from Finn came through to meet him at the auditorium tomorrow. Not even a do you want to, or are you cool with it. I just wished he realised I had a life aside from him. And let me have friends, without judging them all the time. Noah was really sweet, and San had a nice side.