Santana's Pov
Stupid, stupid, stupid. That idiot giant is going to ruin all my grand plans of After High School. New York, Britt-Britt, Rach, Puck, maybe Mercedes. Chang, and other Chang. Kurt. 'Course, if Mercy's going to be there, Sam has to, as well. Anyways, Finnderella is going to ruin it. What the fuck was he thinking? PROPOSING? Rach is probably going to keep putting it off all because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings after the date that Puck planned and the song that Puck wrote. How long is Hamburgular going to keep pulling the "You got my girlfriend pregnant and kept it a secret" card? All this plotting revenge is seriously messing up my down time with Brittany. Something needs to happen, ASAP. Or I am going all Lima Heights on his ass.

I seriously hate Sue Sylvester right now. Going to Cheerios practice should be considered a form of torture. Sometimes it's really fun, like when we get to jam out to songs after competitions, or when Sue's sick and she doesn't call in, so we get to just do basic stuff like cartwheels. Puck and Rachel are talking about something on the bleachers. I'm starting to think they might get married there, or something. Rachel's leaning a little closer, perfect, Puck's coming in a little closer, too, they're poised to put all Rom Com kisses to shame, and BAM!

... Finn. How did he know anyways? Then I see Quinn with her phone and a self satisfied smirk on her face. Bitch. I mostly just don't want anything to do with her, I mean, Britt and I helped her get a haircut and everything, only cos she wouldn't quit whining about Puck and Rachel. I bet she just wants Rach to cave and marry Finn, leaving Puck for herself. She won't want him, I'm sure, and she'll break his heart, but Rachel won't get him. One thing I've learned about her is that she's more territorial then a wolf, bear, and fish combined. I suppose you could say I still have a grudge against her for telling Coach about my summer surgery. She doesn't even know why I did it, but that's something I'm never going to tell anyone. Ever. Coach Sue calls us back into Pyramid formation, and even though I'm back to 2nd in the pyramid, I think I can feel my back ache from holding up the weight of fifteen girls. That's it. I'm taking my revenge book out of its hiding place. Berry only thinks I've given up plotting revenge.