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Hands in Mine

Loki's breath came in shallow rapid draws, his lungs screamed for more air, but he could not get it and his heart galloped like a wild horse in his chest. His eyes were half open, hazed, fingers grasping weekly at the hands joined with his.

"You will survive this, brother," Thor whispered softly, his lips grazing the back of Loki's hand as he held onto his brother for dear life. Loki had been injured in their most recent battle, his body was resisting the painkillers that Tony and Bruce had provided. They were finding something stronger, but in the meantime Thor was left to grip his brother's hands and keep him awake.

"'Tis fire, in my veins, lightning in my chest," Loki gasped and Thor clenched his jaw. They suspected that the blade that had pierced Loki's gut had been laced with poison, and it seemed that they were not wrong. He reached forward and cupped the side of Loki's face, feeling the clenching of muscles and holding on.

"You are stronger than this beast," Thor said, shifting position and lightly claiming a space on the bed next to Loki. He wrapped an arm firmly around his brother's shoulders and pressed a kiss into messy hair.

"I am not," Loki retorted, voice thready and weak.

"You are," Tony's voice was nearly as firm as Thor's had been. He wasn't even in the room before he had drawn a syringe full of some drug. Loki did not flinch when the needle entered his vein, though that might have been because it felt no different than the fire that already flowed through it. After a few moments he breathed in relief and his eyes dropped closed. "Bruce has nearly engineered a cure for the venom in the blade. Once it's gone, your magic should be able to take over and finish the job," Tony said, fingers slipping into Loki's hair in a brief gesture of comfort. Over time they had all gotten used to Loki's basic need for physical contact, for though he had denied it before and often with violence, Thor had gotten the truth out of him in the end.

"Should. But you cannot promise that," Loki said, his voice hoarse but much more controlled than it had been. Thor's arm tightened around Loki's shoulders and the younger God looked up at his adopted brother in confusion. Those ice blue eyes were full of their normal determination, all the passion that lived within him was directed toward Loki in that moment. Their lips met softly, the normally intense kisses that Thor granted him had taken a back seat to something altogether new.

"You will be well again brother, if it requires my own blood then that is what shall be. I feel your magic still, it shines so brightly," Thor traced his fingers over Loki's heart and took a deep breath. "It does not rest here at the moment, it has shifted, just here," the blonde man whispered, hand brushing just above the cradle of his brother's hips. Loki's eyes were wide and his own hand joined Thor's. Just 8 inches below the wound that had nearly killed him, he could feel the magic that was trapped away from him.

"Thor, no, Thor…by Odin…" Loki swallowed thickly and even with the painkillers making him hazy, tears began to fill his eyes. "The precious thing we nearly lost today. How can you ever forgive me," the pale brunette said as tears spilled from his gem bright green eyes. Thor could not catch them quickly enough.

Tony took up the other side of the bed, grasping Loki's free hand and brushing some of those tears away himself. Suddenly he understood some of the abnormal readings that they had gotten from the Jötunn's blood. Through the panic he almost smiled as he helped Loki to shift enough so that he was curled properly against Thor.

"There is nothing to forgive, my love, we did not know. And yet, your magic has done the protecting for us," Thor kissed Loki properly once again, "We will not make this mistake again, you will take no more risks," the God of Thunder whispered. Loki merely nodded, still trembling from the poison in his veins.

"That magic of yours, it really is remarkable," Bruce's voice was soft. He granted Loki a small smile before pressing something that vaguely resembled an epi pen into the Trickster's thigh. Loki grunted and his eyes fluttered, he could feel his heart slow down and for the first time in six hours, he drew a deep breath. The trembling did not cease, but it was less, and with Thor's arms around him Loki relaxed.

"We are going to be Uncles Bruce my dear," Tony said and swept his lover into his arms and danced him out of the room, leaving Thor and Loki alone.

"Are you ready for this, my beloved?" Thor whispered into Loki's hair, softly trailing his fingers over his adopted brother's stomach. Loki smiled weakly, kissing the flesh of Thor's throat.

"I have been ready for this for centuries my brother," Loki replied gently, hand lightly cradling his stomach as the magic flooded back into his fingertips. The wound dealt to his stomach knitted under the warmth of his magic and for the first time felt the presence of their child. "Our daughter, Thor, our little girl," Loki whispered.

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