The Avatar and The Destroyer of Worlds

Chapter Three

Galan of Taa

Republic City

"Great! So... can you put me down now?", Korra replied with an uneasy smile.

"As you wish.", Galactus oblidged, kneeling to the earth and placing Korra on the soil of Air Temple Island.

As soon as she was placed on the ground, Korra found herself surrounded by her friends. She was embraced by Mako, shortly followed by Bolin and Asami. The expressions on their individual faces that of relief and joy, yet also of curiosity as to what conversation had taken place between herself and the Devourer of Worlds. What did she say to him? Did she convince Galactus to stay his hand and spare their world?

"Korra, what did you do?", Tenzin asks, gently grasping the young woman by her shoulders as he stared directly into her eyes as if she were his own daughter.

"I took Aang's advice. I challenged Galactus. Well... actually, I kinda made a deal with him.", Korra answered with a shrug of her shoulders and an awkward smile.

"What!", Tenzin, Mako, Bolin and Asami exclaimed in utter shock and horror.

"You made a deal with him! He nearly killed you... and you made a deal with him! What were you thinking, Korra?", Mako demanded, looking at her as if she'd lost her mind.

"Oh, I don't know! Maybe I was thinking that... it was the only way to save our world!", Korra responded fiercely, not backing down to the firebender.

"Everyone! Calm down.", Tenzin ordered, his voice stern and demanding that not any one of them to dare brook an arguement with him.

"Now, Korra, what did you manage to accomplish?", Tenzin calmly asks, releasing a light sigh afterwards.

"I've convinced Galactus to accept my challenge.", Korra replied quite simply.

"And that challenge is?", Bolin probed, arching a curious eyebrow as he stared at his close female companion.

"If I can show him that our world is worthy, or that it possesses something that is worthy, he'll spare our world.", Korra stated, crossing her arms over her chest.

"And if you fail to prove your point?", Asami asked, a hint of hesitation evident in her voice.

"Then... he'll destroy our world.", Korra answered bluntly.

And then there was silence amongst the five individuals, neither of them speaking so much as a single word. They didn't have to, for their faces alone spoke volumes. If they failed, their world would end. They could not fight Galactus. He was too powerful. They've only had one option, one that was capable of staying the hand of the omnipotent Devourer of Worlds.

It all seemed hopeless. And it wasn't long before their silence was broken. Shattered by their very thoughts that now became words. Words of despair, words of those who thought that all hope was seemingly lost for not only them... but their entire world.

"Great. That's just perfect.", Mako groaned, rubbing his temples with the index & middle fingers of his hands.

"We... are... so... doomed.", Bolin deadpanned, hanging his head in defeat.

"I... I can't believe it. This is the end, isn't it? Is this how it all just ends? We've lost?", Asami questioned, her focus seemingly on nothing and yet everything all at once.

"No, we haven't. Not yet. We can do this! All we have to do is convince Galactus that there's something... anything... worthy of sparing our world. Once we do that, he'll leave.", Korra proclaimed with determination, clenching her tightly into fists as she looked upon her friends.

"Korra's right. We must remain optimistic. No matter how dark things may appear.", Tenzin added, trying his best to reason with the others in hope that they'll aid the female Avatar in her goal.

Before anything else could be said, the five individuals refocused their attention back to the cosmic god who seemed to be working on his machines. Then, suddenly, with a wave of his hand, Galactus sent the three towering machines soaring back within the depths of his massive Star Sphere to await for the time that they would be needed again. Korra and her friends looked on in awe as the massive Star Sphere blasted off, vanishing from sight within mere seconds and leaving Galactus standing in the waters of the harbor.

"The die is cast. Let the challenge that will decide the fate of this world commence!", Galactus boomed, his emotionless eyes glowing with vast cosmic energies.

Galactus approached the statue of Avatar Aang, coming to a stop before it as he turned his head, his fiery eyes focusing on Korra and her friends below. She could swear that his eyes locked on to her own arctic-blue irises, staring into the depths of her very soul. It was both thrilling and chilling at the same time, the very beat of her heart increasing from the unexpected surge of adrenaline that coursed through her veins. Then, at that very moment, Galactus entire form began to glow with azure, crimson and golden cosmic energies until... he vanished in a blinding flash of these energies!

Eventually, the blinding light and cosmic energies dissipate, leaving a faint mist of comsic energy around the entirety of Air Temple Island. Korra, Tenzin, Mako, Bolin and Asami finally open their eyes to a sight that had them all at a lost for words, their eyes now looked upon the presence of a being who existed before creation itself. Out of the cosmic mist walked out a man, a man dressed entirely in royal purple and royal blue clothing. He was a large man, taller than Tenzin and physically as imposing as Korra's father. His head was bald, completely devoid of hair and marked by a unique symbol on each side of his skull along the temple. His eyes were of a azure cosmic-blue, beautiful and yet chilling at the same time.

"Galactus?", Korra gasped, taking a few steps towards the large man, feeling like she was in a trance.

"Yes, it is I.", Galactus answered in confirmation.

"Uh... okay. Why do you look so... different?", Korra asked, struggling to find the right words to describe her utter surprise at seeing him appear in human form for the very first time.

"I've chosen a form that's less imposing, one that would not cause panic amongst your people. It only made logical sense to take the form of the being I once was before existence itself.", Galactus informed, explaining his transformed state of being to the young woman that stood before him.

"Okay. So... what do we call you?", Korra ventured, arching an eyebrow while placing her hands on her hips.

"You may call me... Galan.", Galactus said indifferently.

"Well, then, Galan... would it be all right if we personally escort you to the room that you'll be staying at for the time being here on Air Temple Island?", Korra offered with a smile, extending her right hand to the cosmic-god-turned-human.

Galan looked at Korra, taking in her entire appearance from her long, dark hair to her arctic-blue eyes. She was a beautiful young woman. She reminded him of someone, a faint memory of an existence long ago, an existence that preceeded the universe itself. It was rare for Galactus to recall his past life, of the mortal man he once was before time began. But those memories, that past life, were long since dead and mattered no longer. As soon as the faint memory emerged, Galan discarded it from his mind to focus on the situation at hand.

"So be it. Lead the way, young Avatar. Time is of the essence.", Galan replied in a cold and completely nonchalant demeanor.

Know that the Creation Event is ever unknowable. Know also, that when the living universe was young, it was of chaos. There was beauty, but it was the beauty of the void, formless and without intent. Cosmic consonance demanded that there be order to balance chaos.

The universe does not measure time. Know then, that by way of natural sequence, a balance was struck and cosmic consonance was set. From chaos, order, and from order, intent.

They were the caretakers, conceived through intent and, each of them, tasked to maintain cosmic consonance. They were without will and without awareness of anything but the tasks set before them. They existed to serve the living universe.

Proemial Gods.

That is what they came to be known.

But purpose had long ago evolved into awareness and awareness had become dark ambition. One of the Proemial Gods sought to remake the universe in his own image. He corrupted many of his fellow Proemial Gods, who followed and embraced his dark ambition.

There was a cosmic war... and gods died.

However, this dark ambition would prove to be the undoing of the leader of the Dark Proemial Gods. They brought their war to Galactus. It was a war that not even the Proemial Gods could win. It was the hand of Galactus who slew their dark leader. It was Galactus who destroyed the dark Proemial Gods. It was Galactus who imprisoned the last of the dark Proemial Gods.

But now... the last Proemial Gods were free! Imprisoned for countless millennia, they now sought freedom and vengeance against the Devourer of Worlds. And nothing would stand in their way! Galactus would die! And even now, they searched for their most feared and hated enemy, more than willing to search throughout all the universes in existence to achieve their reckoning!

"I sense not the presence of our fellow Gods. What if we two are all that is left of our kind?", The Goddess of All Sorrows questions her fellow God and mate.

"Then we alone must do what must be done to restore discipline to the universe. It is what our fellow Gods would have wanted to be done. But first... we must avenge them by killing he who terminated our race and imprisoned us countless millennia ago.", The God of the Darkness Between thundered in response, his dark armor radiating vast destructive power.

"Galactus... my rage for him and the injustice he's inflicted upon us and our kind knows no bounds!", The Goddess of All Sorrows snarls, her golden form glowing with vast comsic energies.

"It is decided then. We will seek out the Devourer. And together... we'll see to it that his life ends at our hands!", The God of the Darkness Between declared before beginning their quest for vengeance.

To Be Continued...

Author's Notes

It seems that Korra and her world can't catch a break! Not only does she have to prove to Galactus/Galan that there's something worthy enough on her world in order for it to be spared, but unknown to her there's two dark cosmic gods that are determined to seek out Galactus in order to exact their revenge on the Devourer of Worlds for imprisoning them long ago. And that means her world is going to get caught in the crossfire!

But who are these two cosmic gods? What is their history and connection with Galactus? I've given some good hints. Anyone care to guess?

The Voice Cast

Galactus/Galan- James Earl Jones

Silver Surfer- Nolan North

Korra- Janet Varney

Tenzin- J.K. Simmons

Mako- David Faustino

Bolin- P.J. Byrne

Asami Sato- Seychelle Gabriel

Lin Beifong- Mindy Sterling

Dark Goddess of All Sorrows- Cree Summer

Dark God of the Darkness Between- Kevin Michael Richardson