READ FIRST! Elena is a vampire and she's stuck between choosing Stefan or Damon. Klaus is up to no good and is roaming the streets in Tyler's body. Enjoy! :)

An antique silver necklace worth thousands of dollars lay buried deep in an old abandon house not far from the Lockwood estate. Hundreds of dead witches lay looming around from dawn to dusk surrounding that house. It was no new story for the civilians of Mystic Falls that house was haunted, it goes the same for the supernatural beings living there long enough to know every nook and cranny surrounding the original home of all vampires. The only difference between the two was that to the supernatural beings who did not have a death wish better stay clear out of there.

The necklace buried there held strong mystical powers not many can handle nor understand. There were old rumours floating around that even the mighty Klaus wanted it. He tried but to no avail could get close to the very object. Katherine on the other hand had done the unforgivable. The impossible. Whatever Katherine wants, Katherine gets.

Katherine's POV

"So this is the oh-so-badass necklace everybody wants. Hah!" Katherine said aloud while swinging the antique object in her hand. A victorious smirk plastered on her heart shaped face as sharp doe like brown eyes followed the swinging necklace in her hands.

"Now to find Lucy or that Bennett bitch witch and get some answers. If Klaus wanted it then it gotta be for a good reason. The leverage I have now should guarantee my freedom" Katherine muttered to herself as she walked away from her hotel.

The freedom I so craved for. 500 years of running is tiring. Its time I got that desperate hybrid out of my hair. Then I'll have my fun. Focusing on more important things like the Salvatore brothers or maybe even have a little fun with Elena. Oh my little doppelganger just you wait. Hell is about to come and it starts with Katherine Pierce. Your sexy, manipulative, badass vampire. Yup you got that right. Feared by many with a good enough brain or some common sense to not mess with me.

With that Katherine blurred out of the building for some fun. Playing games is her favorite hobby especially when it concerns the little town of Mystic Falls. Hell was just about to start.

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