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Katherine's POV

"Well if there's one place I absolutely love other than Paris, Italy and Rome it's definitely Hawaii. Just gorgeous. Sexy." I purred out for emphasis. It got an eye roll from Damon but he can suck his dick for all I care.

"Your definition of sexy is a 90 year old granny. Something sexy would be Vegas!" He smirked.

"I was sexy enough to be your obsession" I shot back without missing aa beat. It must have hit a nerve because a second later he sent me a glare and a scowl. Katherine: 1 Damon: -1

"Ladies and gentleman, Damon." I teased earning a tight lipped smile from the said man. "Welcome to my world. Paradise!" I announced as I stepped out of the overly cramped car. My back ached after the long ass drive and Elena's been restless if not asleep in some odd position. Her legs would be dangling, arms up in your face while she slept on the rest of us. It was uncomfortable for everyone.


Vampire or not.

After making a quick call we drove for about 3 hours before taking the Petrova Yacht. Yes. I bought a yacht and for a good price too! But I did have my compulsion back then when I 'bought' the luxurious 5 star yacht. The man was so nice he practically gave it away if you know what I mean. We arrived Hawaii or as I like to call it, Paradise, four hours later. This time, we arrived in style minus the leg and back cramps. The yacht was spacious and big enough to fit 20 people minus the crew. It even had a bar stacked high with any type of alcohol one could only imagine so Damon was occupied for most of the trip. Elena and Caroline found joy in the game room and the large swimming pool. Steffy and Bennett, well, they could have drowned and I wouldn't have noticed because I was forced to take care of the little brats since Damon was drunk, Steffy took care of them earlier and Bennett was just plain lazy! (she may have mentioned she needed to do some "important witchy stuffy" that doesn't involve finding solution for our current problem so my question now is, who in their right mind would do witchcraft in the middle of the ocean on a 5 STAR YACHT?! Uptight much?)

Its 9am right now, Elena and Caroline were still comfortably asleep in the huge Porsche Cayenne Damon had wisely compelled for us, one for Steffy and the brats to share and another one for Damon, BB and I to share with the bags of course. Bonnie had dozed off some time during the ride but she's awake now as my mansion came into view.

"Is this your house?" Bonnie asked gaping at my two-story mansion. It was quite a sight I must admit but the astonished face BB was currently packing just made my ego grow a lot bigger than it needs to be.

Giving a nonchalant smile like it wasn't a big deal (it so was) I answered, "Yup. It's the only mansion here in Hawaii. I had it built around 4 centuries ago and renovated just recently. I think it was around 3 years ago." I shamelessly boasted. What's the point of owning the only mansion in Hawaii and not flaunting it in other people's faces? Call me vain, immodest, and cocky or whatever your tiny imagination can possibly squeeze out. Just know that I've been called worst and I haven't given, couldn't have given two shits.

"It's my paradise and I know everybody here." I fondly stated with a smile. As an afterthought I added, "And no. I didn't need to use compulsion to get friends because people actually like me here." I said glaring at Damon who was about to open big mouth.

"Whatever floats your boat princess, let's get the two demons in bed." I nodded and went straight to Elena. This got a few looks but I ignored them.

"After we're done we need a plan and a damn good one too. Something to keep all our sorry butts saved while juggling the devils." At that, everybody kept quiet and pulled their thinking caps on. "Got it! We need to avoid everybody and anybody that could harm the brats… but if they're after Katherine then we'll need a bigger sign to alert the supernatural world that Miss Pierce is with us" Damon finished. Before I could give even get a snappy comeback in, Stefan intervened.

"Damon's right. We need to figure out which school they're going to and a cover story. We'll also need to lay low since Katherine's wanted everywhere she goes and as a human now, she can't run for the hills like she usually does." He gave me a pointed look but I shrugged it off. "If they're out for Katherine they might also kill Elena in the process if Elena reaches her teen years. They're doppelgangers and- "Stefan was rudely cut off but none other than demon Damon. (Hah! Demon Damon! Am I good or what?)

"Yeah, yeah. Got it. Stay out of trouble. Can we rest now? Move people, lead the way princess." I nodded, turned to Bonnie and gestured her to follow because I don't think I can handle Damon while Elena is sound asleep in my arms. I might drop her in an attempt to kick some sense into Damon. She must have understood and nodded, obediently following me.

I opened the door and was immediately greeted by my butler, Andrew.

"Miss Pierce" he said bowing his head in respect "It's always a pleasure to have you back."

I smiled warmly at the old man with greyish hair. He was around his fifties, and is sort of like a fatherly figure to me. He treats me as if I was his own and I trust him the most with my mansion. He had total control of the house when I am not around and even when I am around, he would still call the shots like a father would. He only did what he saw best for me but he still knew his boundaries. "It's great to be back Andrew, how's everything?"

"Everything is splendid, just the way you would have want it Miss Pierce. I took care of the house like promised, and the uh…" he glanced at Bonnie skeptically then back at me "thing was taken care of also."

I nodded and stepped aside "Great job Andrew. Can you please show this dashing gentleman and the ape-like creature beside him to a storeroom for their luggage?"

"Who you calling ape?" came the indignant cry of the said ape-like creature. Stefan was trying hard not to smile and Bonnie was snickering along with Andrew.

"Looks like your common sense is lacking. Well, the ape like creature I was referring to is you. Understand me?" I then started to use hand gestures and made it look like I was talking to a 5 year old.

"YOU" I pointed at him

"APE" I yelled out equally as loud as the first time as if he was deaf while doing some monkey action.

"Listen you slu..." before Damon could even continue his sentence, clearly seeing red because of my mocking and degrading, something snapped his neck.

Andrew was standing tall and superior behind him whilst wiping his hand with a handkerchief. He carefully folded and placed the handkerchief back in his pocket before turning back to the rest of us.

"Did I mention that Andrew is the one who helped built this place 400 years ago? and he never left since, he is what I like to call, my little protégé." I winked at Andrew whom returned my gesture with a small smile, then he went to pick up the discarded bags that had fallen from Damon.

"This way master." He turned to Stefan who was still gaping at him.

"Come on BB let's go put the little brats to bed." I muttered loud enough for her to hear as I headed in the other direction from Andrew and Stefan. Bonnie nodded still surprised from what Andrew did but she followed me nonetheless.

"Any more surprises we should know about? Prison cells? Torture chambers? Hidden traps?" Bonnie asked, snapping out of her flabbergasted state.

I snickered

"Nope, but take note that Andrew is really protective of me. Try to talk shit about me and don't be surprised if you wake up in hell. Try not to get your panties in a bunch, I'll tell Andrew to not touch you or I could just tell him to go easy on you." I smirked at her in a playful way. She rolled her eyes and smiled back. Maybe I can come to like this chick, she's not half bad.

"This is where they'll be sleeping." I gestured as I opened the door and stepped inside with Bonnie in tow. There in the middle of the room lay a queen sized bed, two drawers at both sides of the bed and one large bathroom.

"I figured they can share a room since they are, or were or something, best friends and when the dreaded rebellious stage arrives we can move each of them to a different room. Don't worry this mansion has 10 bedrooms, eight bathrooms, one giant kitchen, two living rooms and 12 other rooms filled with other stuff, so we're not lacking in the space department." I explained.

"Wasn't doubting the space part." She replied, judging by her expression, she meant it in a harmless manner. No sarcasm added.

We placed both the brats in bed noting the change in their bodies. Elena was taller now and so was Caroline. They closed the door quietly and were walking down the stairs when Damon started to stir from the couch. At least Andrew had the decency to bring him inside.

He woke up and stared around seemingly in a haze "Where am I?"

"In my mansion." I answered blandly.

Looking around he then asked, "Why am I on the couch?"

Andrew was beside us in a second to answer "Because sir, you were going to insult Miss Pierce and that is something I do not take kindly to. Now if I ever hear you making the slightest crude comment about her, I will not hesitate to break your neck again." He answered curtly while glaring at Damon.

Damon took a moment to swallow the words but judging by the growl and the fangs that just popped out he didn't like the taste of Andrew's words.

"Who do you think you are old man? If I want to call Katherine a bitch I will call her a bitch!" He then ran in vampire speed towards Andrew, who appeared unfazed at the angry vampire coming his way. In a heartbeat, he held out his hand just in the nick of time as Damon appeared. Andrew then swiftly and effortlessly wrapped his hand around Damon's throat. Damon instantly struggled, trashed and kicked in Andrew's steely grip but failed to get out of it.

"I will not excuse this kind of behavior in this house and you should be warned that I am 400 years old, trained very well by the US army. Heave my warnings, do NOT upset the rules in this house for if Miss Pierce is unhappy with your presence, consider your disappearance as a… present from me to Miss Pierce and the whole universe. Now, do I make myself clear?"

Damon unable to do anything just nodded. Bonnie and Stefan were displeased by the whole thing while Katherine watched the whole thing with amusement.

"Good. Now that we have an understanding, apologize to Miss Pierce for your behavior and I shall be on my way." Andrew said while releasing Damon and dropping him to the ground.

"I would rather you swallow a stake than apologize." Damon gritted out. Oops.

Andrew was about to go get a stake but I stopped him.

"Andrew it's alright. I think Damon learned his lesson and if he didn't, I'm sure you can deal with him later but right now we have to discuss some important things. Oh and tell the chef to prepare 2 special meals and 3 normal ones please" I smiled at the man who seemed less than pleased with my interference to keep him from shoving a stake up Damon's ass.

Andrew turned to Katherine with a terse expression before bowing his head and walking away.

"If anybody requires my services, call my name." He briskly said while walking.

Stefan then realized something that any of them failed to do.

"Katherine?" Stefan called with a suspicious glare.

"Yes?" I answered with a nicely shaped eyebrow.

"Andrew is a vampire." He stated.

"I think we've established that a long time ago." I frowned at what Stefan was getting to. Why state the obvious? Is this a trend? Because I'm not liking it.

Stefan continued "So is this your plan to get turned? Getting us here so Andrew can turn you into a vampire again so you can leave?"

To say I was offended and hurt was an understatement, I mean sure I would love to return to being the badass vampire I'm known for but I things kinda …changed? I find Elena attractive and my intentions were clean when I came here which now that I think about it, it really surprises me. Ugh must be the goody act getting to me.

"My plan to come here is because I love Hawaii and I know Elena will love it and just so you know because I'm pretty sure you don't, I turned Andrew so he can't turn me because I'm his maker." I observed all of them. They were confused because this is the first they've heard about something like this. Can a maker really not turn his maker back into a vampire?

"Well it does make sense but who's to say he won't make some vampire turn you or something? "Damon asked still suspicious.

I sighed "Listen as much as I want to get back to being a vampire, you guys obviously won't do anything unless kitty up there says so. So I promise this is not some diabolical scheme of mine or something, trust me. Plus, some things have caught my eye " I trailed off, subtly hinting at Bonnie about my interest of Elena.

After a few tense moments, Bonnie spoke up. "Okay Katherine I believe you, we all do."

"Hey now wait a minu…" and for the second time that day Damon's sentence was cut short but this time it was Bonnie who was frying his head. "I said we believe her, don't we Damon?"

"Ow damn okay we believe her get out of my head." Bonnie quit her torture and Damon stands up, groaning all the way as all eyes turned to Stefan.

"Okay Katherine, but don't try anything funny." I nodded.

"Now let's discuss Elena and Caroline."

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