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Veronica stared at the letter in her hand.

"What have you got me into, Lilly?" she asked herself.

Her best friend Lilly had been murdered only a couple of months ago. Her father had decided that Lilly's father had something to do with her murder. His job of sheriff was taken away from him in a re-election. Veronica had lost her boyfriend, best friend, other friends, status, her home and her mother in the following months. Even worse her virginity had been lost. And now, this was happening.

Veronica looked down at the letter again, re-reading the words printed on the page.

'Miss Mars,

You have been successful in your application to participate in the reality show 'Supermodel Search'.

Out of the thousands of applications received by producers, you have been chosen to be in the top 50. You will need to be available to travel to LA to participate in the week of challenges to determine the top 12 girls who will compete on the show to become America's Supermodel.

The winner will receive a one year contract with the modelling agency 'Ruby's Model Management', a cover and 5 page spread in the magazine 'Oui', a brand new car and $500 000.

The Top Twelve will also get money depending on where they finish in the contest.

The following page lists what we suggest you include in your packing.

If you are under 18, you also need to ensure that a legal guardian signs the consent page. For those still at school, a tutor will be available for the twelve weeks of the contest.

For any questions or concerns please contact Cheryl Teale on the following number during working hours.'

Veronica's brow creased as she tried to work out how she had gotten in to this situation.


"Veronica Mars, you are looking at the next two Supermodels".

Veronica looked over her shoulder towards the door.

"No silly. US!" Lilly laughed, swinging Veronica back to looking in the mirror. "I heard that bitch Madison saying that she was going to apply for a new reality show called 'Supermodel Search'. We are so much more fabulous than her so we are going to apply too!"

"But Lil, I don't want to be a model".

"Yes you do. How cool would it be? You and me flying all over the world and meeting all those cute models... hmmmm."

Veronica had to giggle at the look that came over Lilly's face.

"Don't drool Lilly."

"But Veronica, think of it."

"I am, but I think you could be the supermodel and I could be your photographer. I don't think I have the right sort of look to be a model. And can you imagine my Dad's face if I told him I couldn't go to college because I had to travel to be a model? I'd give him a heart attack!"

"You are gorgeous! The second best looking girl in this room". Lilly joked. "But seriously, Veronica Mars, you have something girls like Madison would kill for".

"Oh I know you are not going to say boobs" Veronica interrupted.

"She bought hers, she didn't have to kill anyone", Lilly said cattily. "But I was talking about mystery. No one but me really knows who you are. You wear pastel pink and look and act like the fairy tale character but then you will wear one of my outfits and you look like a completely different person. It's like you are that colour changing lizard thing".

"You mean a chameleon. And exactly my point! No one ever notices me next to you. Lil, you are gorgeous, vibrant, fun! I fade into the background. I'm not a model".

"Yes you are Veronica Mars! You just need to embrace your inner red satin. I am going to enter us and you are going to do it. Promise me that when we get in, for the sake of keeping our friendship you will do it." Lilly pleaded.


"Please? You won't make me do it without my best friend, will you? Who will I talk to?"

"You make friends easily Lil".

"But not ones I trust. Please".

"OK, OK." Veronica laughed, giving in to the puppy dog look Lilly was giving her. "If we get in, and we haven't even applied yet, may I remind you, I will compete in 'Supermodel Search!"

"Yeah!" squealed Lilly, grabbing Veronica in a hug. "Best Friends Forever and to-be supermodels."

Present Day

Veronica wipes away a tear. "OK Lilly. A promise is a promise. But who am I going to talk to?"

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