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When the second episode of 'Supermodel Search' aired, Logan was not watching. He was at a party in LA with Dick. When it was showing, he was doing tequila shots off the breast of busty, peroxide blond. He wasn't thinking about any of the wannabe models, not when he had a group of slutty girls who wanted him to get into their shorts.

He ended up waking up next to the busty blond, hung over and seriously regretting the night before. His head hurt, his eyes were blood shot and every muscle hurt. Plus he now had to get a random girl out of his bedroom at his parent's LA pad. This was much harder than he thought it would be. The girl who had appeared slutty the night before had suddenly turned into a very clingy girl. Even worse, an Aaron Echolls' fan!

"You are Aaron Echoll's son!" She kept squealing.

At first Logan just rolled his eyes, but in the end, with Lilly's voice echoing in his head, he yelled, "I KNOW!"

In the end, it was Dick who got rid of her. His own 'hook up girl' had left hours earlier after waking up to Dick puking into her shoes. Dick also used this method on Logan's girl. He walked into the kitchen where the girl was cooking 'Aaron Echolls' son' brunch. Dick rolled his eyes and shook his head. However, this movement caused his stomach to roll as well, and he emptied his stomach (now only filled with stomach bile) all over the girl's dress. She left soon after, leaving her number and extracting a false promise from Logan that he would 'call her.'

Logan high fived Dick and helped him clean himself up (the maid cleaned the kitchen). They then sat in the home theatre room with their plates of brunch.

"Man, let's watch Ronnie." Dick says through a mouthful of food.

"Do you have a time machine?" Logan asks. Didn't Dick remember that it was on the night before? That is why Logan bought him to LA. He didn't want to watch it. It bought up too many emotions.

"Huh?" Dick questions.

"It was on last night." Logan explains.

"Yeah, but I TiVoed it." Dick explains with glee. He grabbed the remote and pressed a few buttons.

Voice over of Host Miranda (VOoHM): On last week's episode, our Top 13 was chosen from 100s of applicants. This week the girls arrive at the Model Mansion and participate in their first model challenge and photo shoot. All the girls show promise, but by the end of this episode one will go home, and we will be closer to finding our next Supermodel.

The opening credits start. A popular new pop song plays while photos of the girls are shown with their names underneath. Logan recognises the outfits from the photo shoot from the last episode. He tries to ignore the rush of emotions he gets when Veronica's name and photo appears.

The show opens with the girls squealing as they get into a bright pink stretch car. Dick face palms himself.

'Why ruin a perfectly good car by painting it pink?" He asks. Logan can't answer him.

Most of the girls shown sitting in the hummer look excited, a few even keep squealing. Both Dick and Logan can't work out why they would be excited. It is just a car. Only two of them, Macy and Jackie are acting normally. Logan notices that Veronica is one of a couple of girls who just look nervous.

The hummer pulls up to a large sprawling mansion which reminds Logan of Duncan's house. The girls are shown running up the stairs. The next scene shows the girls gasping in wonder and then running all over the house. The camera shows them running through the lounge room, to the kitchen and dining room outside to a patio and garden and finally to the bedrooms and bathroom. Logan is impressed. The mansion reminds him of his own house, expensive looking but still cosy looking. And even better, no pictures of his Dad anywhere. He scoffs at the large movie poster which shows Aaron's face three times normal size staring down at him from the opposite wall of the home theatre room. The model house has pictures of girly stuff on the walls.

There are 3 bedrooms. Logan has to roll his eyes at the predictability. All the rooms all have a theme. A handbag room, a makeup room and a shoe room. The footage shows the girls running to the rooms they want and claiming beds. Most just throw their bags onto the beds they want. The girls in the makeup room are shown hugging each other as the promise to be friends throughout the competition. Logan rolls his eyes. He bets they will be enemies the first time one of them hogs the bathroom mirror for too long.

"Man, I thought there would be a chick fight." Dick comments despondently. His frown turns to one of glee as the fight between Jackie, Mallory and Sadie breaks out over a bed.

All three girl's argument starts out as that they were there first. The show helpfully plays the footage of the three girls running into the room and throwing their suitcases on to the bed in slow motion. Sadie enters the room first, but Jackie's suitcase lands on the bed first due to a very accurate throw. Mallory is definitely the last to reach the bed. As the argument progresses, the insults get thrown around.

"I was here first!" they each cry out. None of them want to back down. It goes on and on. The little Asian girl (Logan remembers her name is Ali Lee and reminds Dick) tries to diffuse the fight by giving up her bed and leaving the room, but the girls ignore her. While Mallory and Sadie just act like toddlers chucking a tantrum (just with more words bleeped out), Jackie shows a talent with using words as weapons. It reminds Logan a bit of Lilly taking on Madison and Caitlin.

"Look Sadie, red heads are already a dying breed, why don't you survive a bit longer and let me have my bed?" she says staring straight at her. Sadie turns bright red, her mouth dropping open in shock. Logan is sure he can see her brain turning over as she tries to think of a reply. Jackie turns over to the sniggering Mallory.

"Mallory, stop smirking. Ask yourself why would you need this bigger bed? It is not like you are so attractive that any of the girls here will turn for you."

Mallory does stop smirking. The scene ends with Jackie happily jumping on her bed, Mallory scowling in the corner and Sadie slinking out of the room.

During the ad break, Dick turns to Logan with a grin on his face.

"Man, that was a cool fight, just wish there had been more hair pulling."

The show comes back with a scene of the girls sharing their first meal together. Logan and Dick have to laugh at footage of some of the over 21 girls sharing a bottle of wine. Sadie is trying so hard to appear sophisticated, but her grimaces after each sip ruin the effect. Mallory and Jackie are obviously trying to one-up the other, both boasting about their various achievements. Logan rolls his eyes. They really are like the 09er girls at school. They boast about their parent's jobs (Jackie's mum is an ex model and her dad is a baseball player. Mallory's mum is an ex model and her dad is the guitarist in a band) Logan feels a pain in his chest as the footage shows Macy joining the conversation and baits them into appearing stupid with their boasting, giving them more outrageous topics to comment on. He knows that Lilly would have done the exact same thing. He has to chuckle as Jackie states that she has bungee jumped 5 times and Mallory has done it 6 times but also upside down.

The other conversation which is shown is Mac and Sadie talking about the benefits of veganism with Carmen and Abrianna.

"Eating anything from an animal is cannibalism. They are also God's creatures and we should not sacrifice their lives just so we can eat a steak." Sadie says in a superior voice.

"I stopped eating meat years ago when I saw a chicken getting killed on my family's annual camping trip. I later read more about animal cruelty and decided that my way of preventing it was to stop eating anything from an animal." Mac explains more calmly.

"I tried being a vegan a couple of years back," Carmen adds, "I gave it up because my health suffered. I became anaemic from a lack of iron and I got really sick and couldn't fight it off, so I decided that being a vegan wasn't the most beneficial thing for me to do for..."

"You decided that your health was more important than saving animals." Sadie interrupts, snorting derisively.

Carmen looks annoyed. "Yes, but I give money to the World Wildlife Fund every month instead and I volunteer at the local shelter." She explains.

Sadie doesn't look appeased. "You could take iron tablets."

Abrianna joins into the conversation. "Hang on. Taking iron tablets and any vitamins would be unnatural. They are made in labs you know."

Carmen looks relieved someone is on her side. Sadie attacks Abrianna. "So eat vegetables that provide iron. No living creature dies for your diet then."

"Well that just reeks of hypocrisy. Like it or not, plants are also living organisms that respond to light, gravity and touch. I learnt about it in my Biology class. I actually got an A in that class. So eating vegetables could also be considered wrong."

Sadie does not like this. She starts calling Abrianna a murderer. Abrianna rolls her eyes. Carmen and Mac turn their bodies away from them, not wanting to continue the discussion.

"Hey, I have canines. That means I am expected to eat meat in my diet. It is my choice on what I eat."

Sadie is not happy. She starts to go into a long winded rant but Logan cannot hear it over Dick's own rant. Dick does not like the idea of anyone telling him he can't have his steak.

The scene ends with Sadie leaving the table in a huff.

After dinner the girls are shown forming small groups and congregating all over the house to gossip. Logan finds most of the conversations shown boring and can't work out why Dick keeps making noises. He then concentrates more on the footage and realises that most of the girls are wearing singlet tops, some without a bra! He becomes less bored. He and Dick act like typical teenage boys as they watch the girls getting ready for bed.

The show goes to another break. Dick doesn't say anything but leaves the room. He comes back in just as the show comes back on and hands Logan a can of cola. He cackles as Logan opens it, spraying cola all over his shirt. As Logan takes off his shirt, showing off that he is starting to get a six pack, he shakes his head. You would think after being friends with Dick for four years he would remember that Dick's favourite trick is to shake up cans (either soda or beer) so when his friends open them it all comes fizzing out.

The show opens again showing a darkened room. There is silence until, "URRRRRGGGGRRRRRR."

The noise startles both Logan and Dick. Unfortunately, more soda is splashed around the room as Dick spits out the mouthful of drink he had just drunk.

"What the hell?" He asks, choking.

The noise sounds like a cross between a jet and a chainsaw.


The noise is repeated and both Dick and Logan are amazed when the camera pans to a bed and shows Sadie with her mouth open, emitting that horrible snorting sound.

A pillow flies through the darkness and hits her, but it just causes her to grunt and move a bit.

"How are we supposed to sleep through that?" Ali Lee asks, sobbing. Veronica is also in the room and looks like she is about to join Ali Lee in the sobbing. Macy is also awake, but Logan is amazed to see that the other girl in the room is sleeping through it.

The other girls are shown trying to block out the noise, shoving their pillows and doonas over their heads to try and block out the noise. Logan can feel himself becoming annoyed at the noise, and he is sure it has been muffled through the television. He can't believe he actually feels sorry for Veronica. He watches as Sadie suddenly snorts and turns over. There is silence. Macy, Ali Lee and Veronica look at each other in relief and then lay down. Even Dick groans with the girls when Sadie starts snoring again.

"It's like she swallowed a lawn mower!" Macy grumbles on screen.

"No, a chain saw." Veronica argues grumpily.

"Don't care what. We need it to stop!" Ali Lee almost screams.

Macy grabs her pillow and doona and stalks out of the room. Veronica and Ali Lee follow her where they settle on the lounges in the living room. The camera shows them finally sleeping peacefully. Logan tries not to think about how innocent Veronica looks when she is sleeping.

Voice over of Miranda: "The next day the girls head off to their first challenge."

Shot of the pink hummer pulling up at a dance studio in LA. The girls are shown exiting the car and running up stairs and then standing in a group in a large rectangular studio which has windows down one side and mirrors the full length of the other wall. They clap and squeal as Pauly enters the room.

Logan wonders if it is spontaneous clapping, or if the producers have made the girls clap and squeal. Looking at Veronica's face, he suspects the latter, as he has seen the fake smile on Veronica's face before as she pretends to like someone (though this was before Lilly died. She doesn't hide her distain for the others at school anymore).

"Welcome girls. Today, you will be learning how to move your bodies. Models need to pose in a variety of positions and if you are uncomfortable in your body, these poses are going to look uncomfortable. To start, I need you to change into your outfits to ensure you can move freely. Go to the change room and change into your outfits and come back here as quick as possible." Pauly says in a sneering voice. Logan decides he really doesn't like him.

The footage changes to show the girls entering the room, now dressed in their supplied outfits. Logan swallows deeply. He picks Veronica out of the group of girls automatically and he is amazed at what he sees. She is wearing a flesh coloured leotard which enhances her figure. He can see all her small curves, the outline of her perfectly formed breasts, her flat stomach and the swell of her hips and butt. He feels a tightening in his groin.

Dick is panting at the fact he can see some of the girls brightly coloured underwear under the leotard, so Logan feels he doesn't have to hide the tent in his shorts.

"Well, here is the first lesson of the competition. The wrong underwear can spoil the look of an outfit. A designer looking for someone to model their clothes should not be given any reason to say no. So, ONLY WEAR FLESH COLOURED UNDERWEAR!" Pauly scolds. A lot of the girls turn red, and a couple look down in embarrassment.

"For those girls not wearing flesh coloured underwear, please leave the room and change into the new pairs we have provided for you. You will all be given new pairs to have in the competition."

Most of the girls leave the room but Veronica is one of the girls left in the room. The camera focuses even more on her and Logan has to hold in a groan. Why does she have to look so perfect?

"Whoa. Ronnie looks hot. Man, no wonder so many have tapped that." Dick comments.

Logan feels a hot rage come over him. No one is touching Veronica. He made sure of that. By spreading the disease rumours and making sure she has become a pariah at school, no guy should want to touch her for risk of disease and becoming social outcasts.

When his vision clears the other girls have re-entered and have been introduced to the famous contemporary chorographer Natalie Harry. Logan knows her as she had choreographed a movie his mother and father had been in. She moves gracefully but is still striking. She is tall, thin and has well defined muscles. He has always seen her with her blond hair pulled back tightly into a high bun, except for those days when she had private 'dance' lessons with his father. Then it was left out and was long and messy.

"Girls, welcome to my studio. Today I will be teaching you the basics of dancing and movement. It is imperative that you listen, watch and learn today. If you try, I promise you that you will leave here with a lot of knowledge to help you with this competition." Natalie says.

The girls are position throughout the studio and start to warm up. The girls stretch. Dick groans as there is footage of the girls bending over. Both boys watch the view in silence as the girls are taught the moves to a dance.

Voice over of Miranda: "What the girls don't know is they are also being judged here on their natural talent, their ability to learn, their grace and their enthusiasm."

The camera footage shows a few of the girls struggling. Some look frustrated but others are treating the whole thing as a joke. Sadie and Mallory are shown rolling their eyes and giggling at other girls. Logan and Dick are not surprised to see Veronica helping two other girls to learn the dance. Before Lilly died, she had always helped the new kids find their way around school, if any of the 09ers were in threat of failing (and they actually wanted to do the hard work) they went to Veronica for tutoring. She always looked after the ones she cared about. Then Lilly died and she turned her back on all of them. Why would she choose her dad?

"That's our Ronnie." Dick comments. "You know, I haven't got higher than a D since she stopped helping me study?"

Logan startles. Dick is staring at the screen with a sad look on his face. Logan starts to say something but is distracted by the next scene. The footage shows Mac jerkily performing the steps and then focuses on a group of girls laughing. The camera shows Jackie sitting with Mallory, Sadie, Parker and Jazmin.

"Oh look, I wonder if you get extra points for doing the 'Robot'?" Jackie sneers. The girls around her laugh hysterically.

When the footage show Abrianna forgetting what step to do next, the comments get nastier. "With an elephant nose like that, you would think she would have a memory like an elephant. But no, she can't remember a simple routine." Dick looks confused so Logan explains, "an elephant never forgets."

"Oh, but her nose is not that big."

The girls turn their attention to Krystal and Veronica.

"Look at the goody, goodies." Sadie says. "Trying to win the crown of 'Miss Congeniality'. If I was them I'd concentrate on improving themselves. "

"Yeah, that Veronica has slept with her school's whole swim team", Jazmin adds, making Logan and Dick blush with embarrassment. They never thought the rumours would continue to persist. The footage then shows Veronica bending over, as she continues to help Abrianna learn the routine.

"Just don't stop." Krystal tells Abrianna. "If you forget a step, just keep going. Repeat the last step until you know the next step you can do. It is better that you are wrong than to just stop and stand there." She smiles at Abrianna and Mac.

Pauly re-enters the room. "Girls, let's see how much you have learnt. Each of you will be dance the routine by yourself. However, the challenge for you is to add an ending to the dance that you think will create the best picture for the photographer who will be here taking photos. The winner will be decided by Natalie and I. Natalie, will you tell the girls what the winner will win?" Pauly announces.

"She will win a diamond bracelet from..." the rest of her sentence is drowned out by the screams from the girls.

Jackie is the first girl to dance. She performs well, remembering all the moves. Yet Mallory and Sadie mock her under their breaths the entire time. "Sexy and she know it." While most of the girls ignore them, Parker and Jazmin join in with their giggling. Jackie's photo is ordinary.

The camera shows Jackie sitting in front of a black curtain. "I did amazingly. I have always been good at dancing, so this was not a hard challenge. Watching the rest of the girls showed me that I really didn't have much competition."

The boys watch the montage of the girls dancing. While most, like Jackie, are forgettable, there are some who stand out. Sandy is very graceful and looks like a professional dancer. Her photo makes her look like she is flying through the air.

The footage shows her sitting in front of the curtain explaining that she had been taking dancing lesson since she was 4. This is followed by footage of Mac dancing. She knows all the moves, but performs them with a definite robot like jerks. Sadie is shown sitting in front of the curtain. She moves her hands in a robot dance moves and laughs hysterically. "Why try when you are so bad?" she asks.

Veronica performs well, but her face in her photo shows her concentration. Logan feels disappointed. He wanted her to do better.

Abrianna looks nervous. She starts moving and looks graceful but then she stumbles over a step. You can see the panic on Abrianna's face as she forgets the next step repeats the start of the dance again until she remembers the steps. She then dances the correct steps until the end.

In front of the curtain she explains how she was feeling. "When I first forgot the steps, yeah, I freaked out. But then I remembered what Krystal and Veronica told me. I didn't want to let them down, and I definitely didn't want to let myself down."

Logan finds it more humorous to watch Mallory and Sadie. For two girls to have the gall to laugh at the other girls attempts, they are horrible. They stop mid way through the routine when they forget the steps and just smirk as if it is the funniest thing. Natalie does not look impressed.

Jackie makes comments to Parker and Jazmin about 'Practicing making perfect, and they definitely needed practice. This causes Parker and Jazmin to laugh and Mallory to turn red.

"Well girls, Natalie and I have made a decision based on how well you performed the routine and how well your photo came out. But first a few comments." Pauly smirks at the girls.

"Most of you showed promise. Just a reminder to Veronica, Jackie and Ali Lee, keep your face relaxed. We could see in your photos exactly how worried you were about making a mistake. Try not to be so obvious with your thoughts." Logan thinks this is fair criticism.

"Others of you need to practice moving your bodies in front of the mirror. You need to get used to moving your body. While it may not feel natural at the moment, with repetition it will become more natural to you." It is pretty obvious he looks straight at Mac as he says this.

"Sadie and Mallory, your efforts to this task showed in your performance. As Natalie reported to me, you decided that this task was benefit you and took no time or effort in learning the dance. When it came time to perform it, you stood still, looking like stunned mullets. Do you think a potential client would hire you after that show?" He glared at them and they had the grace to look embarrassed.

"Abrianna, you showed us exactly what to do when you misstep. You did not stop and make it obvious that you had made a mistake; you kept on trying and moving. If you continue to do this in the competition, you will go far." He actually smiles at Abrianna who looks delighted at the compliment.

"Yet, there was one who really stood out. She showed that she has the needed knowledge of her body to appear natural, and she produced a wonderful natural photo. Congratulations... Sandy!"

Sandy squeals in absolute delight, tears forming in her eyes. Her smile though spreads right across her face. Most girls join in with clapping Sandy, but the camera focuses on the sour faces of Sadie and Mallory.

The shot changes to Sandy in front of the curtain. "I have never won something this beautiful." She says to the camera, holding up her wrist with the diamond bracelet clasped around it. "I think some of the girls are jealous but most seem happy for me."

The show pauses for an ad break.

"Why didn't you tell me you need help with school?" asks Logan to Dick.

"I don't know, Ronnie just always knew. Even in 4th grade she would just know and would create games to help me learn my spelling words. I guess I just got used to not having to ask for help." He looks at Logan and obviously misinterprets the expression on Logan's face. "But hey, why would I miss that slut helping me. I mean, she did betray you and Duncan."

Logan in fact is feeling guilty. While he had been friends with Veronica since he was 12, and Duncan since kindergarten, it had never occurred to him that Veronica and Dick had been friends for much longer. As he thought about it, he realised that most of his friends, especially Dick and Luke, had been friends with Veronica for years. It really must have hurt her to have them not stick up for her. The guilt starts to overwhelm him, so he stands up and heads for the bar, deciding to drown the feelings with alcohol, a method he has been using a lot lately.

The show comes back on to show a darkened room.


"Oh My God! This girl's snoring is worst than Maddie when she has a cold and is hung over!" Dick exclaims.

The camera pans across the room from Ali Lee who is sobbing, to Veronica who looks like she is about to start.

"That's it! I am stopping this!" Macy says.

"I don't think you should be mean. It is not like she is doing it on purpose." Veronica whispers. Logan feels a stab of pain as it reminds him greatly of Veronica trying to keep Lilly in line. Macy's smile does nothing to diminish the thoughts of Lilly. It reminds Logan alarmingly of the smile Lilly used just before Celeste found out.

He and Dick watch laughing as Macy forces her face to become slack and her eyes to become glassy. She walks up and down the room mumbling to herself in the manner of a sleep walker. Sadie wakes up immediately in terror as Macy slides into her bed.

"Mummy and Daddy, I had a scary nightmare." Macy mumbles to Sadie, before pushing Sadie over and out of the bed. Dick is laughing so hard he is almost choking.

"What the hell?" Sadie starts to yell but is interrupted by Veronica. "Oh thank goodness. She must sleep walk. But at least she is in bed now. You don't mind swapping beds do you?" Veronica asks. Logan is amazed at her acting ability. She looks concerned and absolutely innocent. If it was between his Dad and Veronica, he would give the Oscar to her.

Sadie frowns and takes a deep breath.

"You can have her bed. There, all fixed." Veronica moves back to bed smiling calmly. The footage changes to show Macy, Ali Lee and Veronica sleeping peacefully. Sadie is tossing and turning.

Macy sits in front of the black curtain. "OK, it was mean of me to play that trick, but really, no one was hurt. Yes, Sadie didn't sleep well, but that is because she decided to be angry. If I had really been sleep walking and got into bed with someone like Veronica and Ali Lee, they would have just moved to the other bed and probably slept OK."

The show then shows footage of Sadie. "What a FREAK. Sleep walkers, sleep talkers and snorers are so selfish. Don't they understand that people need their beauty sleep?"

Logan has to laugh at this. "Man, the editors of the show must have rubbed their hands in absolute joy when she said that."

Voice over of Miranda: "The next day the girls head out for their first photo shoot. They have no idea where they will be going."

Footage is shown of the girls watch the scenery out the window of the pink hummer, trying to guess where they are going.

"We are heading to San Diego." Mac says excitedly. The other girls squeal. The car pulls up at San Diego Zoo. The girls then are shown standing in two lines in a green leafy area. The girls smile, squeal and clap as Jake walks down a nearby path.

"Welcome girls to your first photo shoot. I will be your shoot director for the contest. Today I have the privilege of introducing you to your photographer. He has shot many famous models, including our own Miranda McPherson and his pictures have been shown in many different publications around the world. Girls, may I present to you, Will Anders."

Logan whistles impressed. Will Anders may look like Danny Devito, but, like Danny Devito, he is actually quite powerful due to his impressive work. One of Logan's favourite photos of his mother is one Will took. She has it hanging in her bedroom in the Neptune house. (Hey, if Aaron can have his face hanging all over his houses, then Lynn can have her photo hanging in her bedroom).

"Hello Girls. I am sure you are wondering why you are here at the zoo. Today you will be posing with various animals, fashioned as that animal. The aim is for you to take on the personality of the animal assigned to you, but still look fashionable." Will says smiling at the girls.

The footage shows the girls splitting up. Some head off and ohh and ahh over the animals and others head off to make up. There are shots of the girls in tight leotards getting body paint sprayed on them. Logan looks to the ceiling and asks himself what he had done to deserve this as Veronica's trim and taunt body is shown being spray painted.

"Oh, shut up and enjoy it. I know this is a wish come true." Lilly's voice answers. Logan just sighs. It is a catch 22. Use alcohol to mask your feelings or hear you dead ex-girlfriend's voice all the time. He will choose hearing Lilly every time.

Abrianna is shown transformed into a gorilla. Logan is surprised. She does and doesn't look like a gorilla. It is not like she is wearing a bulky gorilla suit, but she still has a lot of hair added to her body so you can tell she is supposed to be a monkey of some sort. It is the way she poses that makes her look like a gorilla. She looks edgy. It actually reminds Logan a bit of a futuristic 'Planet of the Apes' scenario. It is obvious that Jake and Will are impressed, even without them talking to the camera and saying that.

Logan swallows suddenly as Veronica is shown on screen as a Bobcat. A Bobcat! He has been obsessed with them since he woke up outside one morning at the mountain house to find one staring over him. It hadn't been scared. It was just watching him. Appraising him to see if he was a predator or prey. When it had run off, it had moved with grace, but with an undercurrent of immense strength. Veronica looks slightly like a bobcat. A sexy bobcat.

Jake greets Veronica as she hesitantly approaches the enclosure. "Veronica, you will be posing around the rocks you can see behind you. You will be posing with a bobcat, but the zoo keepers will be close by and this bobcat has been raised by the keepers so he is considered quite tame."

Will Anders joins them. "What I want to see is the characteristics of the bobcat reflected in your photo. You do not have to worry about the animal, just pose as if it is not there."

After entering the enclosure she crouches down on all fours in a typical cat pose.

"Come on Ronnie! That's boring." Dick yells at the screen. Logan is not sure Dick realises that Veronica can't hear him, especially when she change her pose to become more cat like. She then turns to the side and she freezes with her head turned slightly, a calculating watchful expression on her face.

"Yes Veronica. More like that." Will calls out to her.

"Can I get closer to the rocks?" she asks. Will nods yes. Veronica moves over to the rocks and gets up on her legs. She stretches out her body and scrapes her claw like nails down the rock face. Her back is arched, jutting out both her butt and breasts. Logan and Dick move as one to grab a cushion to rest in their laps. Veronica looks both catlike but also incredible sexy. Her last pose is her lying across the rocks looking lazy. As he watches Veronica pose, it occurs to him that Veronica encompasses this as well. She watches everyone and makes decisions on what she sees. She is not typically beautiful but moves with grace and she has proven to him lately that she has strength to stand up to him.

Dick and Logan both know she is safe for this week. It is a relief to watch the other girl's photo shoots.

Ali Lee poses as a Giant Panda. She has to be directed into her poses, but as soon as Will asks her to do something, she seems to know exactly how he wants her to pose.

Macy poses as a Tiger. She bares her teeth and concentrates on the strength of the predator. Jake is impressed. Jackie as a jaguar is also great. Her poses are sleek, but her sly personality also comes through in her poses, making them even more striking.

Mallory is an elephant. She is supposed to pose with the elephant but all her poses come off as stiff and unnatural. The best thing about the photo shoot is when the elephant waves its trunk around and knocks her over. This causes Dick to laugh, especially since the fall knocks her fake trunk off.

Carmen is painted pink and covered in pink feathers. She poses in the middle of a pond full of flamingos. As Dick points out, her scream of shock when she first enters the water must indicate it is cold as her body reacts to the sudden chill. Throughout the screen time of her photo shoot, Dick is on 'Nipple notice' counting 14 shots. Logan realises as they move onto the next girl, he has no idea how she did.

'Mac' is made up to be a bald eagle. She obviously has no idea how to pose and needs to be directed for each shoot. It obviously frustrates her, Will and Jake and she leaves the set in tears, angry that she doesn't know how to pose.

The show moves to an ad break. Dick is obviously still excited about 'Nipple Notice', talking incessantly about it. Logan is relieved when an ad for Bonds underwear comes on. The one with the girls wearing just their underwear dance around in sync. Dick falls silent as he is hypnotised by the dancing girls. It is Logan's favourite ad as well.

The show comes back on to show Krystal in tears. She is being made up as a snake and she is trying to hold in her sobs. She explains to her makeup artist that she is very afraid of snakes. She always avoids the reptile exhibits at the zoo because of this. The thought of posing with a snake makes her shiver in fear. Dick joins her with this action. He is also terrified with snakes.

He and Logan watch in anticipation as Krystal heads to her photo shoot. She is trembling and is frantically trying to calm herself down. However, when the zoo keeper holding the python she is supposed to be posing with approaches her, she can't stop the scream of fright escaping her lips. Logan hasn't seen anyone as scared as Krystal is at that moment since he told Trina that Aaron had cancelled her credit card.

Jake and Will talk to Krystal for awhile about the need to overcome fears. Krystal nods and tries to stop crying. In the end Will and Jake leave her to go and shoot the next girl. The camera pans on Krystal tightly holding the hand of her makeup artist reaching out her other hand to try and touch the python which is wrapped around the zoo keeper.

Parker has been transformed into a polar bear. She poses on the ice with a polar bear in the background. Her poses are OK, but she is really needy. She is constantly asking Jake and Will if she is doing OK and if her pose is good, should she move her arm back more? Logan wonders if Jake and Will find it as annoying as he does?

Sandy is shown next and she is brilliant. With every pose she looks more and more like a meerkat. She stretches her body out, widens her eyes and hangs her hands in front of her. She should look stupid, but she has a grace which makes it look striking. Even lying down she looked like a meerkat. Will and Jake don't hold back with their praise.

The next girl is Jazmin. Dick has fallen back to his old habit of thinking the people on the screen can hear him. "Extend your neck! Lift your chin. You are a giraffe. Do not look down."

Logan has to agree with him. She is not getting the concept at all. It is like Jake says. She uses poses straight from modelling 101. What sort of animal poses with their hands up behind their head?

The next girl is Sadie. She has been transformed into a bird. She is lecturing her makeup artist on how animals should not be kept in cages. She asks if the feathers being stuck onto her are real or fake. Logan is pretty sure the makeup artist is lying when she says fake.

Sadie continues her lecture as her photo shoot continues. For someone who 'loves' animals, she has no idea how to pose like a bird. Dick is standing in front of the TV. with his arms outstretched like a bird flying, berating her for not even doing the obvious. Sadie is more interested in setting the lorikeet she is posing with free. After the second time the zoo keepers on set call time out. They point out that freeing a bird bred in captivity into the wild gives it no chance of survival. Also, releasing it inside is not freeing it.

Logan has to laugh at that. Even Dick has more sense than that!

In the end, Sadie decides that she has got a great shot and huffs off midway through her shot. She has not impressed Jake, Will or the zoo keepers. Dick (once again thinking that they can hear him in TV land) is calling for her to be evicted.

The show returns to Krystal. She has stopped crying. She is still shaking but has obviously won the respect of the zoo keepers. She lies on the ground in a snake like manner and they drape the python quickly over her. She gasps but schools her face to not show her fear. In the end, despite her fear, Logan is sure she has got a good shot and unlike others, she actually looks animal like.

The girls are shown leaving the zoo and discussing who did well and who didn't. Logan and Dick laugh over some of the girls who were really bad who think they did well. Dick thinks it will be between Sadie and Jazmin going home while Logan has his money on Sadie or Mallory in the bottom two. Both of them put $50 on the table.

The girls enter the judging the room and stand in two lines. Veronica is in the front row and it shocks Logan at how much she looks like a model in her jeans and black singlet top. The judges march in and all sit down except for Miranda who remains standing.

"Good Evening girls. Welcome to your first Judging Panel. May I introduce you to your first judge, Pauly Gale, ex model and your runway coach. He is in charge of teaching you how to move" she introduces. Pauly just nods at the girls. "Next is Jake, ex model and your photo shoot director. He will try and ensure that you achieve the best shot you can." Jake smiles broadly at the girls and says hello. "And tonight, your guest judges are the talented dancer and choreographer Natalie Harry and your photographer Will Anders. " Natalie and Will smile at the girls.

"The winner will receive a one year contract with the modelling agency 'Ruby's Model Management', a cover and 5 page spread in the magazine 'Oui', a brand new car and $500 000." Miranda announces. It is when Miranda rehashes what the girls have done as challenges for the last few days that Dick looses it.

"We know! Just tell me if Ronnie made it through or not." He yells at the screen. He notices Logan looking at him. "Hey, she is a skank, but she is our skank, you know?"

Logan does not answer but returns his gaze to the screen where they have started the individual evaluations. Abrianna is standing at the front and they are complimenting her on her attitude to the dancing task. They are really impressed that when she forgot her steps she kept going. Abrianna smiles and tells the judges that she couldn't have done it without the help from Krystal and Veronica. Logan is glad to see that the judges also throw an impressed look at these two girls. The photo from the shoot is put up on a screen to the side of the room. Logan is impressed. The shot they have chosen makes her look very regal and powerful, just like the gorilla standing at the back of the shot.

Ali Lee is called up next. She is very timid with her answers. Her photo is impressive though. While her body wasn't in the best pose (something that Pauly takes great joy in pointing out) her face is gorgeous with its porcelain skin and wide innocent eyes. Logan knows she is safe.

Nipple girl (Logan knows that Carmen is forever going to be called that by Dick) has also produced a good photo. While she is surrounded by flamingos in her shot, she still manages to stand out.

Jackie is judged next. She strides confidently to the front. It is obvious that she expects praise, and she does get it from the judges as her photo as a jaguar is great. Dick is not a fan of her. Logan has no idea why.

Jazmin cries when the judges critique her photo. But as Dick points out, even he knew that for a giraffe photo shoot you need to stretch out your neck. He is not sympathetic.

Krystal is obviously nervous at facing the judges. When they question her about it she apologises for being such a problem at the photo shoot. Pauly cruelly tells Krystal that there is snake behind her. While it is funny to see her scream and basically jump up on the judge's table, it also shows how scared she really is of snakes. A few of the other girls also cannot hide their shivers of repulsion. Once Miranda coaxes Krystal off the table (Logan is pretty sure she also elbows Pauly in the ribs as she helps Krystal down) they show her photo. It is actually really good and all the judges (well, except Pauly) comment on how overcoming your fears to get a good shot is key to being a great model. Krystal looks happier as she returns to her place in the line.

The girl with the blue streak in her hair is next to be evaluated. Mac was obviously frustrated with how she had done but somehow that worked in her shot of her as a Bald Eagle. The judges comment at how different she looks from the photo to in person.

Macy is another girl who is confident. Her Tiger shot is good, but there is nothing outstanding about it. (Yes, Logan and Dick do realise that they are also judging the girls, but hey, they are experts at judging girls. They have been doing it for years).

Mallory is not happy with her critique. Her photo looks stiff and unnatural. The elephant is definitely the star of the shot. Unlike Jazmin who cried, Mallory just scowls.

Parker produces a good shot, but both Will and Jake tell her that it was because she needed to be directed so much. While you need to listen to the photographer, you also need to give the photographer something to work with. Logan knows that while Parker nods like she understands, she really has no idea.

Sadie's evaluation is memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. She has a vacant look on her face and her body looks stumpy in her photo. There is no lorikeet in the photo with her. The judges make mention about her behaviour at the photo shoot being unprofessional, but they do not expand on it. Sadie is angry and tries to argue with them but Will shuts her up saying that the worse thing she can do as a model is to be considered so unprofessional that a photographer will not work with her. Sadie sulks back to her spot.

"Burn!" Dick yells, making a hand gesture to go with it. Logan has to laugh.

Sandy is next and Miranda comments on the fact that she won the first challenge. Sandy shows the other judges her diamond bracelet. She is extremely proud of her photo, which looks graceful and remarkably a lot like a meerkat.

"Last is Veronica." Miranda announces.

Veronica walks down the middle of the room and stops on the mark in front of the judges. She smiles at them.

"Veronica, how did you find the photo shoot?" Miranda asked her.

"It was good. I didn't know much about Bobcats but they are really interesting animals."

"Do you want to see how your photo turned out?"

Veronica just nods.

The photo that appears on the screen makes Logan and Dick gasp. She doesn't look like the 'Ronnie' they know. She looks taller, more graceful but also powerful. As Dick says "Man, Ronnie looks HOT!" The judges are also impressed.

"Wow. I love how you stretched your body out." Natalie says.

"I really enjoyed working with you," Will says, "you had some really good ideas for poses and you took instruction well."

"Hmmm." Pauly has to be slightly negative. "You need to concentrate on your face. In some frames it looked a bit stiff."

"Booooooooooo!" Dick drones out. Even Logan feels anger at Pauly for being so negative about his girl. Well not his girl, but... He decides to push this thought to the back of his brain and to just keep watching.

"Thanks Veronica." Miranda says. Veronica turns and walks back to her place.

"Girls, it is now time for the judges to deliberate. When you come back, 12 of you will be closer to their dream of being the Newest Supermodel and one of you will be going home.

The show goes to an ad. Dick is almost jumping with excitement. Logan doesn't know if he is excited to find out if Veronica makes it or to see if he wins the money.

The show come back with the judges saying that they have made a decision and that they need to call the girls back in so they can inform them of this decision.

The girls return looking nervous. Miranda announces to the room, "The first person who will be continuing with their dream of becoming a Supermodel is..."

Dick is leaning forward. Logan is sure he is turning blue as he is holding his breath in anticipation.

"Sandy." Sandy walks forward in tears, so excited that she was called first. Miranda hands her the photograph of her.


"YES!" Cheers Dick, punching the air. Logan can't keep the smile off his face either.

The other girls are called out slowly, one at a time until there are only Jazmin, Mallory and Sadie left. Jazmin breathes a huge sigh of relief as her name is called. Sadie and Mallory walk forward together as Logan grabs his money off the table. He is only half watching as Sadie is sent home. He is too busy rubbing Dick's nose in the fact that he was right and Dick was wrong. The closing credits are unwatched as Dick tries to wrestle the money off Logan.

That night, both Logan and Dick spend a long time in the shower. Dick's thoughts involve all the girls. Logan's, though he tries to fight it, revolves around a certain girl dressed as a bobcat.

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