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A/N: Title stolen from For Good from Wicked. Belated fills for Hummelberry Week on tumblr. Today's theme: Broadway.

It's Rachel's eighteenth birthday and, despite numerous people telling her it would be tacky or another drunken train wreck, she's having a theme party.

The invitations had promised a night of Broadway masquerade. Guests were highly encouraged to come dressed as characters from their favorite show for a night of music and dancing, with everyone removing their masks at eleven. (Her dads said everyone had to be out by a quarter to midnight, so Rachel had sullenly bumped the traditional time up.) And, while the invitations only promised sparkling cider, Puck had passed the hat during glee club in order for a booze run. He claimed it would be his gift to the birthday girl, winking.

Now, the party was only a few hours away and Rachel was sprawled out on her bed, an arm thrown over her eyes dramatically. Sure, her basement had been transformed into something out of a movie and her dads had gone to Columbus for the evening after finishing the party prep, but Rachel was worried. No matter how much she dressed it up with tastefully hung chiffon and pixie lights, one petty argument between her friends could easily turn her birthday party into an episode of Jerry Springer.

Just as Rachel was preparing to call the whole thing off, a garment bag was dropped unceremoniously her. She couldn't even gather the energy to glare at Kurt, who looked unfairly handsome even in a tee shirt and yoga pants. He smiled down at her and shook a second garment bag enticingly.

"You're going to adore our costumes! I'll probably be finding sequins in my room until Easter, but it was worth it. We're going to be the most fantastic Wicked duo since Idina and Kristin themselves."

Rachel stares at his garment bag, trying to decide if it's big enough to hold a dress worthy of Glinda. When she had laid down a claim on Elphaba for the party, Kurt had immediately suggested that they have 'matching' costumes and even offered to make them. It wouldn't be the first time she saw him in a dress. As if he can sense her impending questions, Kurt unzips the bag to reveal a light green shirt and a pair of jade slacks.

"I'm going to be the Fiyero to your Elphie, à la As Long As You're Mine."

That was all the motivation Rachel needed to tear open her own garment bag, squealing when she saw the dress inside. Kurt had taken an old black dress of hers and added what seemed like millions of sequins, so it flashed and shimmered in the light. There was also a layer of webby lace, making the dress seem as sinister as it was pretty. Rachel began to unbutton her shirt, which made Kurt laugh as he turned around.

"Finn would be jealous if he knew how often I've seen your chest," Kurt said as Rachel slipped into the dress.

Rolling her eyes, she motioned for Kurt to zip her up. It wasn't like her boobs did anything for Kurt and, besides, she was a little annoyed at him right now. He'd decided it would be easiest to just go to the party as Brad, ignoring the fact that the Rocky Horror Picture Show had never been on Broadway and that it meant his costume wouldn't go with hers at all. Pushing the thought down, Rachel spun around when Kurt ordered her to, the skirt of the dress lifting around her without showing anything higher than mid-thigh. It would be perfect for dancing.

Kurt fussed with the dress, tugging and smoothing it until it looked like it had been made specifically for Rachel. She was willing to put good money on the fact that he had done some kind of tailoring, because it used to hit her legs at an awkward length and the neckline had never been this flattering. When he was done, Kurt pulled her witch's hat off the shelf and onto Rachel's head, kissing her cheek and proclaiming, "Perfect! Now all we need is some shoes."

He started to root around in her closet then, clicking his tongue whenever he found something that displeased him. Sitting down at her vanity to start applying her makeup, Rachel asked, "Who is Blaine going as?"

Even when she was only watching his reflection in the mirror, there was no mistaking the way Kurt's back seemed to stiffen. He kept looking for an appropriate pair of shoes, but his voice was detached when he answered, "Tony from West Side Story. He's still in love with the role and Artie let him keep that awful mustard jacket."

Rachel wanted to go 'oh, Kurt' and wrap her arms around him. The musical's run had just finished and she felt bad for not realizing it would still be sore territory for him. But she's had three years to learn the ins and outs of Kurt Hummel now and, even if she sometimes falters, Rachel knows better than to press an issue that he's upset about.

Instead, she said, "Forget the shoes for now! I need you to greenify me."

A normal person would be terrified to have Kurt come at her brandishing a large jar of green face paint. Rachel, however, just laughs as he starts applying the cool cream to her face and cackles.

"For the first time," Kurt told her, spreading the make up gleefully, "I feel wicked."