The night in England was warm that day, which was a stark contrast to days past. The weather was calm and uneventful, and there were hardly any clouds in the beautiful night sky. Nothing was out of place. Nothing was going wrong. It was as perfect a night for anyone to ask for. Anyone would have enjoyed and appreciated it.

Anyone but Cammy White.

The British woman walked through the dimly-lit streets of London with a sad gait. While she had noticed the good cheer of her countrymen and silently acknowledged their reassuring statements, she could not find it in her to smile. Her friends were fine, her mates in Delta Red were at the peak of health, and her work had been completed. It should have been enough incentive to feel a tinge of happiness, but Cammy stubbornly clung to her lamentations. She stuffed her hands in the pockets of her red cloak and turned a corner.

Her mind was cluttered with thoughts and memories of her past mission. Despite the expressions of sympathy her squadmates offered her, the mission was a complete and utter failure. No one could possibly convince her otherwise, as she believed it was all her fault that things went awry. She was not her favorite Interpol officer with stalwart determination and a cool head. She was not a strong, muscle-bound patriotic sort like Guile. Instead, she was a pouty little Brit whose anger dictated her actions.

It had all started three days ago with a report of Shadaloo activity in India. Some village was being harassed in some way and had requested help from the authorities, and to their good fortune, they were offered Delta Red. Upon arrival, Cammy and her squad had scoured the area for anything related to Shadaloo and managed to find evidence of their activity in the form of tire tracks leading away from the village. With the village in its more primitive state, an automobile stuck out like a sore thumb.

When the squad followed the tracks, they found one of the trucks overturned near a small line of huts with a few mangled bodies under it. Upon closer inspection, Cammy noticed the insignia of Shadaloo on their uniforms, the same golden skull flanked by wings that had always troubled her in her sleep. Someone had gotten to the men before they could. Cammy was disturbed by this information and wondered who could have done it, but she did not have to wonder for long.

Suddenly, she and her squad were attacked by an enemy that was all too familiar to her. In less than ten seconds, everyone in her squad was writhing in pain on the ground. The violet streak that blazed about them was too fast to register, and the kicks and punches were too strong to stand up against. Cammy herself was left alone, but she knew the reason why. The attacker wanted her to watch as those near to her were knocked about while she could do nothing to stop it. It was cruel and sadistic humor that could only be enjoyed by one woman.

"So nice of you to drop by, kitten. Like my handiwork?" the woman purred as she cocked a thumb towards the mangled Shadaloo bodies. "You need stronger men. Honestly, how do you expect me to be satisfied if all you do is drag such weaklings along?"

"Juri! You'll pay for this!" Cammy shouted as she clenched her fists.

"Why is everyone getting mad at me for doing my job? It's so unfair!" Juri smiled and crouched into her fighting stance. "I'm all business today, but I'll sneak in a bit of pleasure wherever I can find it…"

The fight was in Juri's favor right from the beginning. The S.I.N. agent's smile never left her face during it all. For her, fighting was fun, especially when it was a fight to the death. She loved to toy with her opponents, and influencing Cammy's anger only made her grin madly. With rage guiding her hand, Cammy could not even land a single blow on her most hated rival. It was a fruitless cause, but the woman could not see it.

Juri eventually got bored of her opponent's missed attacks and angry responses and decided to finally take the fight seriously. When an attack was parried, she struck. When a kick whiffed, she retaliated with one of her own. Juri beat Cammy into submission in a few seconds, and those few seconds seemed to be much more satisfying to her than the minute of toying. The woman pointed and laughed at her defeated rival and left her lying in the middle of the road without a word of victory. It would have been much harder on Cammy for her to imagine what Juri could have said than to take some relief in what she did say.

After licking their wounds, Cammy's squad managed to come back with very little in the way of intel. It seemed that S.I.N. was attacking its parent organization of Shadaloo, and they were sending Juri Han and other agents to do the dirty work. Why India? What reason was there for the attacks? Cammy presumed it was an attempt at grabbing power, but she kept her assumption to herself. She could hardly speak to any of her squadmates after she had let them down.

Back in the present was where Cammy wanted to be, but her thoughts remained rooted in the past. Compared to Juri, Crimson Viper was a wannabee assassin in a working girl's outfit, Balrog was nothing more than a greedy bastard with mittens, Vega was an agonizingly annoying and effeminate man with pocket knives, and Bison… Bison was still a large threat, and quite possibly more dangerous than Juri ever could be. However, the Korean woman had potential to be the worst person imaginable if she was determined enough.

Breathing a sigh of disgust, Cammy shook her head to refocus herself. She was not in India anymore, she was in London. There were no mangled bodies for her when she got to her destination, only a nice warm bath and a good spot of TV. There was not going to be an ambush by a deadly rival, but by a furry companion as she walked through the front door. Just thinking of her pet brought a small smile to Cammy's face.

"She's probably clawed away at something while I've been gone," she said with a small chuckle.

The British woman decided to take a shortcut this evening to get back to her apartment block as quickly as possible. Taking a turn down a lit alley, she contemplated what to do for the next day. With Colonel Wolfman offering his sympathies and practically her entire squad clamoring for their Captain back, Cammy was placed on standby for a few days. She viewed it as punishment for failing the India mission, but her superior saw it as a chance for his star operative to get her head back on right. Already she thought up a few movie nights and long-distance phone calls with Sakura or Chun-Li.

Suddenly, the hair on Cammy's neck stood straight on end. On this perfect night, something was amiss. She had the nagging feeling that someone was watching her like a hawk, and they were just waiting for the chance to pounce. She stopped right in her tracks and slowly reached for her hip before she drew her hand back. Because she was off duty, there was no sane reason to wear her leotard with her equipment, and that meant no sheathed knife on her hip. The fact that she was wearing civilian clothes made her feel naked and exposed, and she desperately wanted some reassurance in the form of her red gauntlets.

The alleyway was clear from the front, and it seemed that Cammy was the only one in there. The woman knew better than that and swiftly turned around with her hands raised in defense. Her eyebrow twitched when she found that there was no one behind her. Perhaps the stress of the failed mission had played a trick on her mind. It seemed convincing enough, and Cammy was willing to believe it. Then, a sound from above caught her ear.

Looking up, Cammy's eyes widened as she saw a cloaked figure descend upon her.

She rolled to the side and heard the crumbling of concrete where she had once stood. Lifting herself up, she saw the figure's foot in the center of a small crater of rubble. This was a powerful assassin, and she was after Cammy of all people. Fear manifested itself in the pit of the woman's stomach, but she had no intention of denying it. It was a much better emotion to fight on than anger was.

Discarding her cloak to the side, Cammy edged herself into her combat stance. She nearly faltered when she looked at the figure for whoever it was. Covered almost entirely by a black cloak and hood, the figure's shape was curvy and just slightly shorter than the British woman. Obviously it was a young woman, but who could hold so much power in one kick? When the woman titled her head up to take a look at Cammy, the answer was clear.

Juri glared at her rival from under her hood with glowing violet eyes. Instead of the usual coy smile, there was a snarl of rage present on her features. There was something wrong with her teeth, but it was too far away for Cammy to tell. She looked down at Juri's hands and visibly paled when she saw her purple fingernails were sharp and gleaming menacingly in the moonlight. They looked like claws… Was this Juri, or was this some kind of monster?

"You!" Juri shouted as she pointed a finger at Cammy. "You did this to me!"

Cammy flinched back as she heard her voice. It wasn't as frightening as it was completely unexpected. A higher pitch than normal, Juri's voice caught her rival off guard, as did her statement.

"W-what?" Cammy stammered. "What did I do?"

"Don't play dumb with me!"

Before Cammy could question further, Juri shot forward and slammed a fist across the side of her face. The purple padded gloves she usually wore were off, and that meant the punch hurt more than it should have. As Cammy let loose a grunt of pain and stumbled to the right, she felt a hand on her throat. Juri gripped tightly and lifted the woman up and off of her feet. Her snarl did not turn into a sneer at her enemy's struggles, and that greatly disturbed Cammy.

Looking down, the Delta Red operative could see only Juri's glowing eyes and feral snarl under her black hood. Upon closer inspection, the violet eyes had unusually shaped pupils, even in the case of the left eye which was supposed to be Juri's Feng Shui Engine. There was a bad hunger to them, almost animalistic. Juri's teeth seemed almost normal from a distance, but Cammy was able to make out elongated canines. They looked like fangs… maybe they were.

"W-what are you?" Cammy squeaked out as she reached for Juri's hand on her neck.

"Goddammit, this is all your fault!" Juri said as she shook Cammy. "How did you do it? Nevermind, just fix me! You made me this way, you can change me back!"

"How did I-"

Juri raised Cammy up a little before slamming her down into the ground. The concrete cut into the woman's back and shoulder blades with such force that she couldn't possibly resist a scream of agony. The hand around her neck was released, but she felt Juri's fingernails scrape her skin and draw a bit of blood. Only a monster or an animal had claws that sharp. Cammy coughed once and looked up at Juri, all the while thinking up possible reasons for this sudden change in appearance.

The glowing eyes, fangs, and claws all pointed towards one idea, but Cammy was skeptical of jumping towards it. Vampires were mythological beings that drank the blood of the living, and Juri made no attempt for her neck when she had it in her grasp. Sure, they were out at night, but that was just in stories. Vampires do not exist in this world, Cammy thought. She was beginning to doubt that as she looked into Juri's violet eyes.

"You know, I was going to keep you around as dessert for when I was finished with that China doll," Juri growled as she looked down at her victim. "But after what you've done to me, I think I'll just make your death as slow and enjoyable as possible."

Although she was in a terrible position, Cammy couldn't help but smile at the irony of the situation. Not three days ago, Juri was her usual happy and sadistic self while Cammy was angry beyond reason. Now, she had a clear head while her enemy was busy losing hers.

"It seems that the only thing I've done is piss you off," she chortled.

Juri hissed at that. The sound was so foreign yet familiar that it was almost cute if it weren't for the fact Juri was trying to kill someone. She fixed Cammy with a terrible, threatening look and literally pounced on her with claws outstretched. Fortunately, Cammy had seen the attack coming and brought her knees to her chest. She jabbed her boots into Juri's stomach and sprang forward with enough force to knock the Korean back and into a brick wall, which she slid down comically.

She held the back of her head in agony and muttered a few curses in her tongue before glaring back up at Cammy. It wouldn't take long for the weight of what she had done to come crashing down on her and render her paralyzed with fright. However, the British woman was not looking at her with a sense of smug superiority or fear as she had expected, but rather a look of astonishment. Raising an eyebrow, Juri moved her hands down to the ground to push herself up when she realized something. Her hands were touching her hair… not her black hood.

Her hood had fallen off, and that had allowed Cammy to get a good look at what had happened to the Korean.