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Chapter 3

It is indeed dark and scary and Naruto hate it, he is so scared not because of the dark but because he is all alone in that scary place and all but he can do is cry. He can't see anything not even his own hand, when he outstretched it not just too long ago. He curls up like a ball his arms wrap on his legs and his face buries on his knees. He hate it, it's like everyone left him, not wanting him anymore. But then something caught his interest that makes him to look up. He see light and there, there is his big brother along with Ita-nii and Fugaku-Oji-san they are looking at him their hands outreach towards him and then on the side there is a boy who is in a side view his arms cross on his chest but his glance is at him and a curt smile is fix on his lips. Naruto finds his hand outreach towards them then crawl but when the tip of his hand is a mere inch on his brother's. Two hands snake their way and wrap them around his torso and suddenly pull him back, away from his light, away from his family. His tears again are once starting to form on the corner of his eyes, his hands are still outreach to them trying his hard to reach for them and there he realizes that the more the hands are pulling him into the darkness side of the room the light becomes duller and his family becomes blur from his sight. Just then Naruto notices that the hands are creeping down to his tummy then to his private part. Naruto is indeed scared it feels like a deja vu. He turn his head up his eyes are swollen from the cry and his eyes gone bigger when he is face to face with the owner of the hands. It is indeed the same older man who assaulted him back at the forest. His tremble worsen, he doesn't want this just seeing that wicked and perverted smile, all Naruto can do is cry loudly reaching for his safety, but it seems too far, too out of reach


Sasuke awoke from his slumber sleep, when he hear someone shout and it seems like he is not the only one who wake up from the loud noise. Sasuke sits up sleepily his hand rubbing his sleepy eyes while yawning. His mind is still not working properly.

Akira is the first to wake up when he heard his little blonde cry. Akira run towards the room where his little brother is, lacking the presence of his beloved Itachi even though he still do not want to wake up get up. Itachi stands up from the couch and follow his Akira to the room there then he just notices the shout from the youngest in the house that makes him to panic slightly. Inside the room he immediately see Naruto screaming on his sleep sweat sliding down his forehead and makes his clothes to stick on his tan skin while breathing deep and hard. Akira and Sasuke as well as his father is already panicking how to wake Naruto up from his bad dreams, Itachi walks towards them to help them wake him up.

Sasuke keeps on shaking the half conscious body of his beloved. He does not know what happened to him, why is he like that?. Seeing the now condition of Naruto, he knows that he is in a really bad shape, breathing deeply, sweating too much shaking terribly, crying his heart out he want to cease that pain he really want to but even how hard his shaking is, his Naruto just won't wake up. Becoming so irritable Sasuke look at his self proclaimed brother-in-law with a frown


The youngest raven shouts at them angrily but mostly his anger is focus to a certain conscious blonde. Akira look down and suddenly stop from shaking and telling his little brother to wake up, he really do not want to lie to Sasuke but he just can't tell him about that, he can keep what happen to Naruto to himself and bear the pain but he just can't let Sasuke to take and keep revenge for himself. Itachi glare at his little brother, he knows how Sasuke is feeling right now even he himself will be worried sick if that happens to his Akira , but what he get mad about is Sasuke having to focus his anger to his beloved Akira. Akira sensing Itachi going to shout back grabs the taller one's arm telling him to stop what he is going to do. Itachi reassure him with a small smile and a curt nod.

"Don't be such a worry mother Sasuke, can't anyone have a bad dream? You worry too much, there is nothing wrong with him okay?"

"How can you say nothing is—"

Sasuke frown at his big brother, and is cut off when someone opens the door, too occupied from their own business earlier they didn't notice that Fugaku had left the room and now is back, in his hand a basin with water and a towelette. Fugaku walks towards the bed and sit on the bed next to Naruto. He dips the towelette in the warm water and crumples it dry. He then places it on top of the youngest's forehead after that he then fold the sleeve of the blonde's sleeve and start wiping Naruto' arms then after the arms he did the same to his legs. After feeling the warm towelette Naruto's breathing becomes soft and normal. After an hour of wiping his fever lessen, the three (Akira, Itachi and Fugaku) are on the small living room of their house, while Sasuke stays beside his blonde his head resting on the younger boy's shoulder while their hands are intertwine, Sasuke had already fallen asleep his brows are slight frowning, he knows something is not right, they are hiding something and he will soon find out about it but for now he needed sleep because tomorrow will be a special day.

Naruto's eyes slowly open and look at his surrounding and easily caught the sleeping figure beside him he softly smile and stretches his hand towards the head of the sleeping raven and ready to ruffles those smooth and silky raven hair when the door suddenly opens revealing his frowning while blushing big brother and a smirking with a black eye Itachi next to him. Akira looks at his confused little brother he can't help but smile to see that angelic face of him. Itachi pass by the stunned Akira and walk straight to the now sitting blonde on the bed. He places his hand on Naruto's forehead and his other hand on his forehead checking if the fever has gone low and fortunately his fever is gone completely like he did not catch a cold. Itachi look at Akira and nod his head confirming him that he's alright now, the youngest blonde dashes towards his little brother and hug him tightly while tears pouring down from his eyes. Naruto look confusedly at Itachi which earn him a just-don't-mind-him-he-is-just-overreacting-it look and shrug his shoulder. Naruto pats his big brother's back while chuckling whispering 'it's fine, it's fine'. There is a content look on Itachi's face and a soft smile to see his two important persons like that again. Yesterday is such a big and tiring day and many happened in just a day he knows neither of them (more on Akira's part) would easily forget what happened to their little blonde and to his father but they can cope with it because they have each other.

Sasuke awoke from the noises around him, when all of a sudden something heavy drop onto him and when he looks down to the 'thing' that drops on him even though his eyesight is still not that good, something yellow? And then suddenly his hand squeezes, there is something…soft? Then another squeeze and is followed by a… yelp? W-wait the thing can talk? He rubs his eyes and the picture of the surrounding becomes clearer and there the first thing he sees is a big cerulean eyes looking at him with matching a big bright smile which is on top of…him?

"Naruto? You awake already? How are you feeling now?…. Wait so what is—"

His glance falls to his hand which is lying on top of the little blonde's… butt?. Sasuke's face suddenly flushed and removes his hand on Naruto's butt. Naruto tilted his head cutely and moves his head forward to Sasuke's own face which increases the blush on the older boy's cheeks. Akira who is now trying his best not to laugh his ass out from the scene turns around and headed outside that room, a few seconds later, a loud noise was heard outside that very door where the taller blonde was last seen. Itachi just chuckle at the reaction of his secret lover that he is the only one who knows about it and also to his little brother, this is the very first time, well not really it always happened to his little brother whenever he is around Naruto, how unUchihaish, well he knows what Sasuke feels no one can resist that cuteness of his that even the most toughest guy will become soft. Naruto suddenly bump his forehead softly on Sasuke's, his eyes never leaving that pair of black orbs. Sasuke's face once again heated up

'How can a single person be this innocent?' He thought to himself, while glancing at those soft pink lips that pout cutely, then to those big bright blue eyes which will make you do whatever he wanted you to do. Naruto looks at his Sasuke with a worried expression who is now red again and kind of trembling?

"Is Tatuke sick?"

He asks in a very soft and concerned voice making it a soft whisper to Sasuke that he'll gladly listen to. Sasuke closes his eyes savoring that soft angelic voice of his Naruto, wanting the time would stop, wanting they will just be like that forever but the his thoughts were cut off when a pair of hands encircle on his neck and suddenly a head is snuggling on the nook of his neck his eyes suddenly opens and in his shock it was Naruto who did it all. But instead of pushing Naruto away he hid his face on the back of his little blonde's hair and nuzzles on the soft blonde locks and lean his body onto the others, both savoring each other's heat. Sasuke tilt his head up and lean his chin on Naruto's head while his eyes are still close and talk in a so exaggerated tone.

"Yes, I am Naru-chan, Tatuke is soooo sick. Would Naru-chan want to cure Tatuke"

"EHHH? Tatuke is sick? me want Tatuke sick be gone"

Naruto after hearing that his Sasuke is sick immediately pushes away the older raven to lie down on the bed again, wrapping the blanket on him and placing his hand on his forehead and to his forehead checking if that makes the fever go away. Sasuke along with Itachi and Akira who had been back from laughing his ass out from the other side of the room are chuckling to how cute as well as funny how their little blonde react to a simple cold or should they say "fake cold" effect of Sasuke. But seeing how Naruto work up just to lessen his "fake" fever was touched he knew Naruto is so worried about him so that means he is an important person for him he let out a little chuckle and smile widely at him.

"Hehehe, Don't worry Naru-chan I'm already fine"

"Is Tatuke sure?"

"Of course I am sure because you are my nurse and you are a great nurse, you took great care on me"


Naruto nodded his head and gives him an angelic smile Sasuke didn't tell him the truth because he knew that his little blonde will be mad at him and he didn't want that so he just said that he is already fine and gladly accept that answer by Naruto. Akira and Itachi seeing that Naruto is now already happy and had forgotten what happened yesterday sighs in relief they didn't know what will happen if Naruto remembers it all, How will they tend their little blonde being broken and how will they cope with it, never can they accept that the Naruto will be broken but it, like a lifeless living doll, that angelic smile will be no more as well as those cute giggling, those puppy eyes, his energetic and optimistic behavior they will be all gone. Itachi sense that the younger male stops laughing and becomes silence look sadly at him. After some seconds of silence he fakes a cough and with a small smile he starts speaking.

"Now that Sasuke is now fine how about we go for a picnic?"

"Honto ni? We are going for a picnic?"

"Hai Naru-chan but I guess Aki-chan here doesn't want to"

At first Naruto suddenly jump on the bed and bounce onto Sasuke giggling happily, Sasuke along Itachi just smile sweetly at how enthusiastic the little blonde towards their little picnic. But then Naruto's smile fade away after hearing what Itachi had said. His big brother does not want to go on a picnic? He whisper a small 'but' looking at his big brother with his ultimate sad puppy eyes. Akira at elbowed Itachi's side for disagreeing about the whole picnic plan and glare at the older man but then seeing that his little brother seems happy about it seeing how sad he become, but still you can't blame him he's just worried about Naruto many what ifs are keeps on circling on his mind. But still he do not have the right to take away Naruto's freedom and happiness so he just sigh and smile slightly.

"But if it is what Naru-chan wants then why not go right?"

Naruto's eyes glisten and jump his big brother while saying 'thanks yous' and how happy he is right now he then get down of Akira after giving his big brother so many kisses on his cheeks and go to Itachi and say his 'let gos' and give him also many kisses. Sasuke after looking at how HIS Naruto give his brother-in-low and his big brother kisses on the cheeks sulk under his blanket murmuring to himself why does Akira and Itachi got a kiss no not just a kiss but many kisses but him? there is not a kiss not a single kiss? It is so unfair. Itachi then clap his hand earning the attention of Naruto and Akira and even Sasuke who take a peek under his blanket.

"Okay so... We are not allowed to go too far from here so I suggest that we will have a backyard picnic, so let's get moving now shall we? me and Akira will be in charge for our food and as for you Sasuke you go prepare our picnic spot there at the back understood?"

Akira nodded his head, while Sasuke just 'hn' him, he uncover the blanket away from him and stand up and immediately go to his proper assignment. But before Itachi and Akira can go, Naruto grab Itachi's hand which make them to stop and look down to see a pair of big cerulean eyes directed at him like he is asking for something. Itachi smile

"Oh Naru-chan you can go to the backyard first we'll just catch up after we made the foods okay?"

"No, me not mean that, me asking what can me help?"

Itachi's lips make an 'o' shape while Akira smiles sweetly and kneel in front of Naruto and ruffles the young boy's hair.

"Of course Naru-chan can help... Ahmm, oh yeah, Naru-chan can help by bringing the picnic cloth to Sasu-chan okay?"

Naruto nodded his head cutely and run away from the room and to his Uncle Fugaku who is having his morning coffee while reading the newspaper for the day. Akira and Itachi see Naruto crawl and sit up on Fugaku's lap who receive a kiss on the forehead, Naruto starts the conversation who is now so into his story that he is making this weird expressions and motioning things in between his story that they think us about them having a picnic Fugaku will smile or laugh slightly. Itachi and Akira just stare at the two with smiles engrave on their lips as they headed to their mini kitchen and prepare their foods for the picnic. While preparing Akira had manage to look at Naruto and Fugaku, Fugaku had already manage to stand up like looking for something he leave for a while then when he came back he is holding folded cloth it is a red and white checkered which he knew to be the picnic cloth. Naruto gladly took it and slowly walks away from the house to their backyard while holding the cloth gently and carefully like it was some precious jewelry.

"Isn't he a cutie?"

Said Itachi who suddenly leans on Akira and whisper to his ear. Akira almost jumps off his heart beat faster like he just run 2km without rest. He glares at Itachi for startling him like that. Itachi but then straighten again and go back to his business still smirking and murmurs softly that he is the only one to hear

"But for me you are the cutest thing I have ever seen"

"Eh?, Did you say something?"

The very confused Akira asked to the chuckling raven that shook his head and saying 'nothing'. After almost half an hour of preparing for foods they had finished and put them inside the picnic basket. Itachi is the one to carry it insisting that he will carry it for Akira. They arrived at the backyard to see that the picnic cloth is already lying on the ground while Naruto and Sasuke are lying on it, side by side looking at the clear blue sky. A small smile creeps on the soft lips of the two teens. They eventually join the two on their little picnic. They had a very much fun that they didn't notice that it is already evening and that their sandwiches and other foods and drinks are all gone for a long time. The four boys lie down on the cloth watching the sky when suddenly the silence was cut off by a voice

"Hey, it's already night"

Two of them watch the owner of the voice with disbelief and mentally shout at their mind 'OF COURSE WE KNEW, IT IS SO DAMN OBVIOUS'.

"Aha, Aki-nii is so dark now it so shcary"

Naruto cutely said and giggles softly. Akira nodded his head in agreement, Sasuke and Itachi mentally noted in their head why and how did they fell in love with this naive and idiotic brothers and both sighed animatedly, Then suddenly they hear the two Uzumaki's shout joyfully while pointing up in the sky.


Naruto and Akira say in unison. The two Uchiha unknown to them had already looked up at the sky where a lot of shooting stars are falling. Fugaku who is inside the house sitting on the windowsill is also looking up at the sky but unlike of the four boys with happiness written in their eyes his are sadness, he felt like his heart is breaking just seeing those shooting sky makes him to the verge of crying but on the contrary happy. Sasuke and Itachi look to their love ones who are smiling happily and unconsciously murmurs

"Of course"

The two Uzumaki looks at their Uchiha's with a questioning look. Of course, yes of course, they knew why love them; it's because of those smiles, those angelic smile that they will selfishly claims to theirs. That naive and innocent characteristic of them that they will protect no matter what the cost is. After watching the shooting star they already call it a night, of course it's already late for little Naru-chan and little Sasu-chan to be outside. Itachi had told them that they can go inside now and that he and Akira will be the one to clean up their mess. Nodding their heads Sasuke grabs Naruto's hand and pulls him towards the front yard, in their front yard there are beautiful flower planted by Akira where it's been divided into two different color of roses, on the right side of the front yard is where red roses are planted and on the left side is where the silver roses were planted. The two stand on the pathway that separates the two field-like roses while facing each other and holding each other's hand. Sasuke looking at those big cerulean eyes and Naruto looking at those black obsidian eyes at first they stay silent and is cut off by Sasuke who first speak.

"Anou Naru-chan there is something I really wanted to tell you, and something to give you"

Sasuke didn't know but he felt something funny in his stomach something like there are butterfly inside of it weird, this is the first oh it's second time he had felt it, first is when he first saw Naruto and second is today also with Naruto. He didn't know why he feels this way towards him but it feels kind of nice but in contrary weird, leaving it all aside he went back to his speech, but before he start he first take a deep breath and continue what he is doing

"Naru-chan you know that I love you right?"

There is a nod from the blonde

"Me love Tatukete so much too"

Sasuke suddenly feel at ease, it is like the entire butterfly in his stomach all suddenly gone, he sighs and a small smile creep on his lips and he let go of Naruto's hand and get something from his pocket

"Naru-chan please close your eyes"

Without any question Naruto closes his eyes, not even asking why he have to do that, no one can blame him because it is already in his nature to trust anyone. When Naruto hear a soft 'you can now open your eyes' opens his eyes to see that no Sasuke in front of him but already standing behind him and a necklace hanging on his neck, Sasuke walks in front of Naruto holding another necklace which is almost the replica of which he is wearing, but instead of a pendant hanging on the necklace it is a ring a silver ring. Naruto looks at the ring in bewildered he had never seen such a beautiful ring, then look up at Sasuke

"Oh sorry, well I want to give you this as a sin of my love Naru-chan, I learned from my teacher that if you love someone and that if you don't want you two to be separated or to be together forever with the person you love you have to marry that person."

"Marry? How do you marry? Can me and Tatuke marry now so me and Tatuke will not be away from each other?"

Naruto beam at Sasuke, if this marry thing will make him and Sasuke to be together forever then he would want to be marry with him this instant. Sasuke hearing those words coming out from Naruto's voice had almost jump in joy but it is still too early for that, Sasuke almost forgot about the ring he then places it in front of Naruto

"See those? They are the Initials of our Names"

Sasuke pointed out to where an S&N are curved, Naruto grab his ring necklace and look at it it is indeed the same as the one which is Sasuke is holding, He touches where the curve is and look at Sasuke with a bright smile Sasuke smile back and leans toward Naruto until their soft lips touches each other it is a simple kiss but you can feel the love and the full of respect. Sasuke pulls back with a pink hue on his cheeks the same as for Naruto who is also blushing from the innocent kiss they just had.

"We are still so young so we still can't be married so we still need to wait until we are old enough to be married, until then okay Naru-chan? Promise me that you will not look for another guy and that we will always be together okay?"

Naruto without really understanding what Sasuke said nodded his head, all he understand there is that His Tatuke is making him to promise to be together forever so why would he decline?.He then gives his beloved Sasuke a big bright smile

"I pwomise"

Sasuke smiles at his answer then that would be mean they can be together forever for the eternity, that would be the most wonderful thing that will ever happen to him. Sasuke gently grabs Naruto's hand and places it on his chest his hand on top of it and closing his eyes.

"I Uchiha Sasuke will pledge my loyalty that I will never ever will find someone else but you Uzumaki Naruto to be my half, and that I will only love you and no one else for the rest of my life, and that only death—no not even death can separate us that is my pledge that I will never ever break"

Sasuke knew that Naruto doesn't understand him but, he knew that someday, someday he will know about it, but not just yet. Not knowing by them two pairs of eyes were looking at them secretly, Itachi smirking at his brother you can see how proud he is to his little brother for his courage for telling—no proposing to his beloved, now it is his time to propose his love for Akira. A tear had manage to fall down on the corner of his eyes, how sweet of Sasuke to propose his love for Naruto, he knew that he can entrust his little brother to Sasuke, he knew that even though Sasuke is sometimes— sometimes an all time bastard to everyone he is a kind, loving, protective, and a nice person to Naruto. He can't wait for them to be married he will be the one to prepare their wedding and NO Itachi can destroy his dream wedding for them, there will be a very big and tall wedding cake were a two figurine on top of the cake and they will be Naruto and Sasuke, and the color motif will be his favorite color red, and, and, and there will be—

"Aren't they sweet?"

Oh how excited Akira is right now, but then his trains of his wonderful thoughts were cut off by Itachi who is smirking at him, Akira glares at Itachi for interrupting his beautiful thoughts and seeing that mocking smirk how he wanted to kill him this instant. Ready to kill Itachi, Akira who had outreached his hand to punch Itachi let his hand falls down to his side when Itachi looks at him warmly. Not knowing for Akira his cheeks had already flushed in a tint hue of pink

'What the heck is wrong with me? Why is my heart went doki doki and my face feels so heat?, Uwah What the heck did you do to me BakaTachi cure me this instant or I'll really going to kill you'

Akira keeps on shouting and cursing Itachi in his mind only for one reason making that he doesn't know what it is that is making him feel weird. Itachi sees his Akira being uncomfortable walks closer to him

"Is something bothering you? A-ki-ra?"

Itachi ask softly like it is like a soft whisper to Akira's ears, Akira shook his head and turn around to hide his flushed face then growl at how Itachi is manipulating him.

"It's none of your business"

"Hey isn't it kind of cute and nice? Knowing that there is someone who will promise to you that they wanted you two to be together forever? That he will wait for you even though it takes forever? And that he will love you and no one else"

Akira then looks at Itachi with a slight smile and a content expression. Yeah, he is correct it would really be nice if someone pledge his loyalty and his love to you. Of course everyone wanted a loyal partner the one who will not betray and will not hurt you

"Yeah, it would be nice, really if someone did what Sasu-chan did to Naru-chan to me? I will yes to him immediately—"

Itachi's eyes widened, a smile threatening to form on his lips, did he just mean that he is fine with man? Does that mean he has a chance? Itachi had managed to be as emotionless as he can be, but the question here is what really is happening to the inner Itachi? Three words jumping in joy. Realizing what he just said Akira slaps his hands on his mouth and looks away and his face turns a deep bright red,

'Darn it what did he just said, what if Itachi finds it gross and creepy, his best friend is into men? Wait what did I just say into men? Oh no, no, no I am entirely NOT into men, well maybe if it is—'

Akira shook his head hard enough for the last words on his mind to drip off he really wishes that it would be better if the ground will just open up and eat him whole, he wanted to be out of here, out of this embarrassment. Akira scratches the back of his head and laugh sheepishly

"Hahaha, What I mean is that—Ahmm, If I would be a lady yeah, If I would be a lady then whoever did something like that to me in a LADY form, hahaha, that's what I mean, oh it's really getting dark now I must—I mean we must go inside no—eek"

But before Akira could finish his speech, Itachi had pulled him into a hug. Akira's eyes widened, well yeah, they have known each other since they were little, maybe fetus? Well heck, their fathers knew each other since they were in elementary and became freval short for friend-rival that's what his father always told him about that, and yeah they sometimes take a bath together, or hugs but that was too long ago, 5 years ago precisely and they are still a naïve child back then, but now it is soooo way awkward for both males to hug each other right?. When Akira is supposed to push Itachi away from him he was again cut off when a pair of soft lips gently touches his, Akira frown and pushes Itachi away from him, heck with him today, what the heck is wrong with him, he knew that he is now bright red, but he doesn't care about that, all he knew is that he is mad at him who do he think he is? A certain whore that will just give in to him because he is a friggin hot Uchiha?, that's a capita R


Akira shouted angrily at the now stunned and at the same time confused Uchiha, Joke? Whore? What the he had mistaken it all. And before Akira could have stormed off to the house Itachi had grab his arms and pushes him to another hug, struggling from the hug Akira keeps on pushing the Uchiha away from him

"Please, just listen to me first"

"I don't want to"

"Please Akira"

"No, so could you please release me now?"


After hearing Itachi's shout Akira had immediately shut his mouth and stay there like a loyal puppy. Sensing that Akira will now listen to him nicely he take a deep breath and start his speech.

"Okay, you are not a whore like some of our classmates and some other girls out there, you are just like an angel except for you badmouth—"

"Hey, what the, what do you mean by bad—"

"Can you please at least let me finish?"

"Yeah, yeah"

"Okay so where was I, oh yeah, so you are not like some whore there okay? And about the kiss—"

"Yeah, the kiss that you stole from me—"


Akira didn't say anything but nodded his head, Itachi then again continue his speech veins already popping out on his head

"And about the kiss, it was not a joke—"

"Then what is it? What is the purpose of that kiss if it is not a joke?"

"You know if you will JUST, as in JUST let me finish what I wanted to say then you will know"

"What the, you just say 'just' not once but twice? Why do you have to be such a meanie Argh, yeah, yeah, fine continue, continue"

Akira wave his hand towards Itachi letting him to continue what he is about to say the one he just interrupted. Itachi who is now losing his patience choose to continue or else he doesn't know what he can do to the blonde in front of him, he just can take him here this instant, knowing that both Naruto and Sasuke had entered the house, when he heard the door open and close not too long ago.

"For the third time, about the kiss, it was not a joke, it was to express how I love you— try to interrupt me and I will really kiss you again but for now with tongue—"

"eww, you sick bas—"

Akira shut himself up and places both his hand on his mouth when he saw Itachi just glare at him, knowing Itachi if he just say something he will really do it, even if it is the grossest, and unbelievable thing to do he will really do it. So too scared and avoiding to be the victim of Itachi he preferred to be silence. Itachi for like millionth times continue his speech

"So what I am saying here is that I love you Akira, since we were children, I have loved you for such a long time, but I am too scared that you are straight and will find me disgusting if I told you about that, but seeing my little brother did just confess no propose to Naru-chan, well if my brother can then of course I can also"

Akira can't help but feel a little bit— heck no he was so embarrassed right now, If he can dig right now he will do it and burry his body there

'Of course it is awkward and embarrassing, the most handsome, hot, smart, and strongest Uchiha Itachi of Konoha Academy is confessing his love to a mere, Uzumaki Akira? Wait what the heck is wrong with me? I am referring myself as just a mere Uzumaki? What the heck, something is really wrong with this day. But what should I do I know I like Itachi but is it really that way? Do I really love him that way? "

Replaying every scene they have since they were little in his head made him smile softly, maybe, maybe he's really been in love with him, but too afraid to be rejected so he keeps on telling himself that he hates him, that he only loves him as a best friend. Akira smiles softly at Itachi, he wrap his hands on the raven's neck and snatch a kiss from him. Itachi looks at him unUchihaish for what Akira seems, eyes were wide open, his lips are parted apart, and shock is written all over his face which is so hilarious for him

"Hey, Itachi what's wrong with you?"

"W-well… You still haven't answer my question"

"Silly, I thought you were smart? So you should know that, that kiss means yes, silly Uchiha"

Akira really wanted to laugh right now, first the expressions, and then he stuttered? Oh wow, Itachi really is not in his self today. Itachi didn't know what expression to make, this is a first time for him, wow, Akira the love of his life just accept his confession, and now he is his lover? Oh my gosh, can this day be any better? Itachi still didn't know what to do so the first thing that pops out in his mind is the one he did, their lips once again touches but for now instead of a chaste kiss it is now a passionate kiss, two new lover kissing under a full moon while the fireflies are flying above them and the breeze making their hair to sway and the leaves to dance on the air. Not knowing by the two, three pair of eyes were watching them make out outside the cold night, a cute little blonde is giggling, while the oldest raven is smirking proudly on his oldest, while the youngest raven is currently imagining him and Naruto doing that on their adolescent, for the two pairs it is the best day of their life with their love beside them, and they knew no one can separate them, right?