Things have changed
What If Eric, not Four had saved Tris from falling to her death into the chasm? Where would their relationship go? How will this change Divergent as we know it?

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Ahh. To be a Dauntless leader.
Causally strolling through the pit, while others look at you with a mixture of fear and respect.
The perfect mix.
It's exhilarating.
Like jumping from a building.
Oh to be Dauntless.

I hadn't always been Dauntless, either.
But like they say.
Things change.
People do too.
Sometimes, I can feel myself changing.
Things that I valued before aren't values anymore.
Things that I swore I would never do, i do all the time now.
Sometimes without remorse, or regret.
Power changes you.
But not for the better.
I slowly walk through the compound, absentmindedly wondering around. In see, a few initiates wondering around, doing God knows what. I see Tori, stabbing someone with needles, apparently giving a tattoo.
Oh the joy.
I see Four, walking toward the control room, assumedly to start a late night shift.
Oh how I hate him.
Four shoots me a glare, like he can read my mind.
Maybe he can.
What a stupid thought.
I looked back up at Four, who still looked at me with a mixture of contempt.
I snarled at him. "Watch yourself." I say, malice dripping from each word.
He stalks off.
Maybe I should watch Four.

I continued to walk around.
I do this a lot.
It helps clear my mind.
Somehow I find myself near the chasm.
I listen.
The rushing water is peaceful, and somehow relaxes me.
Suddenly, a scream cuts through the air.
I stiffen, listening for who it could possibly be.
It sounded like a girl.
It sounded like Tris.
I took off running.
I prayed to God that I found my Tris.
Did I just say my Tris.

There she was.
Peter, Drew and to my surprise, Al, we're hanging Tris over the railing, possibly dropping Tris to her death at any moment. Tris looked beat up which meant they're hit her.
Pure rage boiled inside of me.
She's a girl. An unarmed girl at that.
Tris obviously can't overpower three boys.
That's not an honest fight.
What ass hole beats up a girl?
Three on ONE!
I slowly, calmly walked up behind Drew.
I tap him on the shoulder.
Drew turns around.
Instead of controlling my age I let it out.
I punch Drew in the face.
He screams.
I don't care.
I'm a Dauntless leader.
I laugh. A cold merciless laugh.
A crazy laugh.
I've always been a bit crazy though.
Next I swiftly deliver a roundhouse kick to Peter, who falls over groaning. I chuckle.
Then in a flurry of fist, I take down Al.
I like to switch it up.
Since these bloody idiots have nowhere near the rank of fighting skills as me, I'm not meant with much resistance. Then I remember her.
I turn around to see her on the ground, bruised and bloody.
She moans, tears running down her face.
"Stay right there." I growl at the boys, who lie on the floor.
I race over to Tris, picking her up, bridal style.
"Yeah." I say "it's me. You're safe now. I'm going to take you to my room. OK?"
She nods.
I like carrying Tris.
She's so beautiful, even when she's got a black eye, and bruises in more places than I can see.
"Tris?" I say. "Almost there."
She doesn't answer me.
She doesn't answer me.
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