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Chapter Seven

Tris POV

It's a different day, and I still don't know why I left him.

If I would've just went back to sleep, or at least kept my mouth shut. But now Eric is angry at me. He never did come to see me yesterday.

So I decided that I would have to go see him. Even if the simulations are today. To be honest, I am very nervous. She had no idea what the simulations would really be like. She knew it would similar to the ones she did with Four, and how she had to suppress her… Divergence.

Being Divergent was one of the things that Tris was hiding from Eric that she truly didn't want to hide from him. She knew though, that she had keep the secret like her mother and Four said. Eric might be on her side, but some Dauntless leaders wouldn't hesitate to toss her over the chasm-making it look like an accident of course.

Tris chooses a outfit to wear, a dress. Mostly for Eric but also she wanted to look nice on the possibility that today would be her last day in Dauntless.

It was black(of course)with a lower back, displaying her raven tattoos. The front was pretty, although it seemed plain from a distance. In fact, it had intricate lace-like designs that could be seen clearly against her creamy skin.

Tris spots Christina across the room, where they help each other with their hair, Christina putting hers into a braid that she twists into a knot.

Tris stares at herself in the mirror, wondering if she's good enough for Eric, for Dauntless.

Christina taps Tris on the shoulder. "You okay?" she asks quietly, noticing the vacant look in her eyes.

She smiles softly at her friend. "Yeah."

The two make their way to the Pit, where a crowd seemed to be gathered.

"What's going on?" Christina asked.

Tris shurgs, but spotting Four, she walks over to ask if he knew anything.

Upon seeing him, Four got a strange look on his face. Something between amusement and exasperation. But he smiled a bit at Tris, commenting on her attire for the day. "You look nice today, Tris. As do you Christina."

"Thanks, Four. Do you know what's going on?"

"No. Sorry, I know as much as you."

Just then Eric took the stage. He was smiling that ever-so-slightly-manic-smile he usually had on when showing his power.

He claps his hand together, "Alright! If you want to know why your here please quiet down. This will be quick though, after all, eloquence is for the Erudite!"

Everyone, including Tris chuckled a bit. But even then, it took a moment to quiet the Dauntless.

"Okay. This announcement is mostly for the trainees. There was an issue with the serum, and the simulations will not be able to take place. They should be fixed by tomorrow, so plan on that." Eric seemed to smile again. "Well I think that's all. Enjoy your day." Then he walked from the stage, disappearing into the crowd.

Tris vaguely heard Christina whining about how she'd gotten dressed up for nothing, and Four speculating on what was wrong with the serum. But Tris only had eyes for Eric. She saw him talking with a few higher-ranked people, and knew that she couldn't approach him.

So she sat by chasm, dangling her legs over the side. Inwardly, she knew that it was a bad idea, given her history with the thing, but at the moment she didn't care.

She was so focused on the water below her, that she didn't hear the footsteps behind her.

"I don't think that's a very good idea."

She spun around, nearly losing her balance, letting out a small scream. She probably would've fell right off if it wasn't for the strong arms that encircled her waist.

She slowly turned around, and met the dark eyes of Eric, his lips turned up in a small smirk, though it had a faint amusement and fondness filled his eyes.

"Told you it was a bad idea."

Tris felt sure the breath had left her lungs forever, but she managed to challenge him with a playful smirk of his own. "I guess you were right."

No one seemed to be watching them, but Tris was still surprised when he pressed a quick kiss to her temple. That small amount of affection still made her blush.

"Yes, I was. Would you mind meeting me tonight?" he asked, nuzzling his face into her shoulder, making it hard for her to refuse, her breath hitching.

"Yeah. Of course not."

"Meet me in front of the simulations room." He says.


"You'll see."

Tris stood in front of the simulation room, waiting for Eric. The nerves slowly building. 'Did he hate me?' she asked herself. 'Is he breaking up with me?'

She heard the footsteps this time, and Eric's face came into view. He grabbed her hand puling her into a hug. "I'm so so sorry, Tris." He whispered. "Please forgive me."

Tris was shocked. Why was he apologizing? If anyone should be apologize it was her. She stepped back, surprised to see tears forming in his eyes making them look even darker than usual which was a large feat.

"Why are you apologizing, Eric. You did nothing wrong. It was my fault."


Tris puts her lips to his, effectively cutting him off. "It's okay."

He gave her a look that clearly said 'for now'.

She smiles. "So why exactly are we here?" she gestures to the matching black boxes in his hands.

Eric suddenly looks nervous. "Well, if you wouldn't mind….well…I was wondering if you would want to see my fear landscape."

Tris's mouth drops slightly open.

"I mean if you don't want to that's fine-"

Tris gives him a big hug. "I'd be honored."

He smiles a little, explaining how and where to stick the needle, on the back of his neck. It hurts a little going in but Eric doesn't even flinch. He'd done this plenty of times before.

"Eric?" he turns. "Are you sure you feel comfortable with me coming into your fear landscape?"

"Of course. I wouldn't have asked if I felt any other way."

Eric takes her hand, and opens the door. Tris follows him into the dark.

Eric POV

The door clicks shut behind them, and the nerves build up inside him. He always got nervous when he did this. Tris inches closer to me, and we stand arm to arm, fingers intertwined.

The simulation takes them.

The once-cement floor turned into grass. Nothing seemed to be amiss, and she turned to Eric when she noticed the ghosting of something on his body. His eyes were closed tightly, and he shook silently.


Tris took a hold of his hand, holding it tighter than before.

"Eric! They aren't real! Keep telling yourself that!"

"Well obviously it isn't working!" he drawls, though Tris can here the fear that seeps into his voice.

Suddenly, she got an idea. "Eric! Relax. Completely relax. Listen to the sound of my voice." She soothes. "Now lower yourself to the ground." He does so slowly, and shudders, feeling his heart speed up as the spiders no one else could see crawled over him.

"It's not real, Eric. I'm here."

His heart slowed down, and suddenly he was lying on the concrete.

He took a deep breath.

Tris gave him a quick hug. "So what's next?"

"Being alone. But you're here, so…" he paused. "its done."

"Now what?"

He was about to reply when suddenly he couldn't speak. Or breathe.

He clutched his throat, once again finding himself on the floor. This was one of the worst, because he would virtually suffocate until he could calm his heart, or beat it. But how could you beat suffocation? Eric could hear Tris screaming his name, but obviously he couldn't reply.

Suddenly he felt Tris's body lower over his own. He opened his eyes and saw her worried face, above him. She gently caressed his face, distracting himself from the fact all his blood seemed to be rushing to his head, and the pulsing headache he seemed to be getting.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the third part of his simulation.

He took deep breaths, his vision back to normal.

"Suffocation?" she asks.

"Yeah. My father thought suffocating me would get the ideas into my head."

Tris looked shocked, but more than that, she looked angry. "Eric…" she said softly.

He shook his head. "I don't want to talk about it." He said harshly, although he regretted it right after.

The room changed, and Eric appeared standing in a room. There were many people in there, but Tris only recognized a few-Four, Max, and herself.

Max stood. Tris could see the sweat building on Eric's forehead. This must be a big one.

"You have failed us. Eric you've failed everyone."

Eric started to shake. "I didn't mean to! I'm so sorry!" he gasped, grabbing onto Tris.

Four stood as well. "You've failed the entire faction of Dauntless. You no longer have a place here."

Tears slowly ran down his face.

"The only place you belong, son." A man spat. If you looked closely, you could see the resemblance Eric had to the man and the women and child in between them. "Is with the factionless!"

"The blonde women stepped forward ."You've failed us, Eric. You murdered your own sister."

Tris's blood ran cold, and she froze within Eric's grasp. Could he have really done it? Murdered his own sister?

When the little girl finally steeped forward, a different look came over his face that Tris couldn't decipher. She had her hair in two blonde pony tails. Her eyes though were the exact same color as Eric's. "Big brother? Why did you kill me?" her voice wobbled, and a few tears fell from all of their eyes.

"I'm sorry." He chanted. "I'm sorry."

"But I loved you Eric! Why?" she cried.

"Tris. Don't look. Don't watch."

Tris didn't listen. She watched with some twisted fascination as the little girl screamed and bleed, and burnt.

When she finally did turn away, she wanted to vomit. But she got control of herself, and turned to Eric, who's heart was still beating rapidly, as the other people screamed at them.

"You watched Tris. Why did you watch?"

Tris rubbed his back as he endured the screaming. The hardest part seemed to be when Tris saw herself scream at him. It hurt her too.

She finally calmed him down enough to escape, and they reached the original room.

Eric took a while to completely calm himself, and before they could speak, they were falling, and Eric was screaming. That was over quickly though.

The scene completely changed.

"Are we in front of the chasm?" she asked.

"Yes. But my sixth fear has changed."

Eric looked around, and suddenly he saw Tris. He ran toward her, hearing her screams and seeing the faceless people dangling her bleeding body over the chasm.

The pain he felt was immense, and pierced his soul. He was more afraid now than he was for any of his previous fears, besides what happened with his sister.

The real Tris chased after him, not doubting that Eric would do something rash, in a simulation or not. "Eric!" she grabbed his shoulder. When he turned around, his eye meant hers.

"I have to save you, Tris."

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