"Master Haseo, should we really do this?" I, Kaede, had blushed. "I mean, meet in real life? Won't people think it's odd that a 28 year-old woman is dating a 17 year old high school student? I'm divorced, as well..." The boy spoke. "I'm sure... We can work it out, somehow. After all, I promised to make you happy." This boy standing before me, the hero of the online game "The World", once known as the Terror of Death was now dating a woman he never knew. A woman who didn't think she could love again a man again. This boy was Haseo. We never really conversed, even in "The World" and when we did, it was because of the events that threatened the world. Not just the online game, but the real one we all grew up up. But that's another story. "In that case... I'm Kyouko Kaga. I'm delighted to meet you." The boy smiled. "Ryou Misaki."

It was the appointed time, in the appointed restaurant I sat at a table in the corner, wearing a business suit, mostly with the appearance of my online avatar; except with the addition of glasses. I wonder what Master Haseo will think of me, considering how I look here...As I think to myself, I hear a familiar voice. "Are you Kyouko-san?" I feel heat rushing to my cheeks. Unlike the safety of the other world, I no longer can hide my blushing face. Yes, Master Haseo..." He chuckles and replies. "Don't worry about formalities here, this is the real world." I giggle. "I suppose, Ryou-kun. Speaking of which, how did you know it was me?" He blushes. "Well, you look a lot like Kaede, for sure. Although, aren't you dressed a little too professional? I mean, casual's alright with me." I motion for him to sit down, as we begin to talk. "It's for work. I'm in the medical field, you know." I us, our real selves, and our real lives.

As we walked down the street from the restaurant, we pass a shrine. "May I, Ryou-kun?" He takes my hand, and we step towards it. Is it your son?" Haseo, or more recently, Ryou looks at me. I shake my head and smile. "No, today isn't the day for that. I just met my boyfriend, I shouldn't weigh you down now. Today, it's the wish for a wonderful future. You promised to make me happy that day, on the day we wed at Hy Brasail. And for that, I am eternally grateful. But, we still need to get to know each other here before we get married. It isn't a game anymore." I tease him, trying to keep my polite mannerism. We both get on our knees, and pray. "To a wonderful future." wind begins to blow, as if an omen. I begin to tear up, and he pulls me close... "It'll be just fine." I feel a mix of hope, sadness, confusion, and love, among other things. Am I really in love with this boy?" I answer myself. Yes. Because he showed me the way. The way to love again.

Diary Entry 1 Kyouko Kaga-Misaki

I close my diary. I don't ever want to forget the events leading up to this day. Because I love him. After all...

To love is to walk together, and in walking together to seek the best path. - Kaede

End of Chapter 1

Message from the author: Heya! Thanks for reading through the first chapter. As a fan of HaseoKaede, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Kaede, as she has no almost no fanfics of her own at the time of writing this, so I decided to write my own. It may have been a bit short, considering it's my first ever fanfic, and I kind of wanted this to be kind of a preview-type thing, to determine interest and the like. I promise to try and write more, as I get into it. I'll also try to keep each chapter focused on one event. Feel free to leave any comments on the format of the story, the idea of them deciding to date in real life, (not taking the age difference into account, of course), any edits I could make, and your overall interest. Thank you~