The alien creature struck at me with its tail and I barely managed to jump out of the way. Just before I landed I shot the alien, stunning it momentarily. The force of the attack astonished me as it had pierced the floor with relative ease. It quickly overcame the shock and hissed at me, saliva was dripping all over the floor. The creature pounched on me, too quickly to evade, and it used its Zebesian like pincers to pin me to the floor. Something struck me odd though about the alien. It didn't kill me, rather it seemed to be teasing me. Another reference to the Zebesians. They were cruel and would rather make their victims suffer before killing them. The creature opened its beak and its tongue shot out, just stopping before my face. The tongue looked like a second mouth with its own set of teeth. I quickly slid my leg up to my chest and using all my strength I launched the alien into the air. All I did was free myself momentarily. I fired my pistol again but the alien had learned and it quickly scaled the wall. I lost sight of it. The creature's natural colour made it practically invisible, hidden among the shadows. The perfect predator. I sweeped the room but without my visor I would not be able to find it. And as if angels themselves were listening to my thoughts, the Aurora Unit contacted me.

"Samus, considering the imminent danger you are in, I have redirected recovery energy from your defense system into your suit. Power Suit, Arm Cannon, Charge Beam and Missiles are now back online."

I didn't even have to think of what to do next. Turning on my Power Suit at the first sign of trouble was second nature to me, just like breathing. The flash from my suit turning on lit up the room very briefly and in that brief second I could see the creature waiting for me in the corner. The familiar weight rested easily on my soul. Now I stood a better chance of survival. I flicked over to my Scan Visor and began to sweep the room. Plenty of points of interest but none that would hold my attention until the alien had been killed. I held my position. In the middle of the room I would have the best vantage point. I heard a hissing behind me and without hesitating I spun around and fired a missile. The alien's scream pierced the air. The missile had hit the creature's chest. It was dazed and in pain. It also had no idea which way to go. I ran over to the alien, I wrapped my arm around its neck (if you could even call it that) and shoved my cannon into its beak. I charged up a shot and fired. The back of the alien's head exploded and its blood splattered on the floor and the walls. Nothing made me get away quicker from the alien's corpse than when I had noticed that its blood was eating away the floor and the wall. Its blood was a highly concentrated acid.

Even though I knew I could have been walking into certain death I could not have the soldiers on my conscience. Not if there was something I could do for them now. I ran back the way I had originally come, scanning everything. I hoped to gather enough data for the AU to give me some map data of the ship. I speedily arrived back at the familiar door. The only sounds were those of my boots clanking against the floor. I slipped into the room with my Arm Cannon ready to fire. It was a massacre alright but a one-sided one. 23 soldiers that I could count were all lying on the floor. Dead or unconscious I could not tell. If I had access to my Power Bombs I would be able to destroy the eggs in one but I didn't even have my Morph Ball ability yet. I turned to walk out of the room when the sound of a gun's safety being released stopped me.
"Stop... right there! Samus Aran... under orders of the Galac...tic Federation... you are un..." the voice coming from one of the little trenches was cut off by the man's screaming. He clutched his chest just like the Zebesian before him. I knew what had to be done.
"Listen to me! You have been impregnated by an alien organism. It is growing in your chest and within minutes it will burst out, killing you painfully." I spoke as softly as I could. I did not wish the soldier who was just doing his job to think that I was being cruel. He looked at me with tears in his eyes. "I saw one of these things kill a Zebesian in the same manner and it looked like it was in a pain worse than death. I can spare you that pain now, if you will let me?" I did not wish to kill a man but right now it was the kindest gift I could give him. The soldier was running out of breath and the tears were falling even heavier. He looked me in the eyes and he managed to nod his head. I couldn't explain it but in that brief second that we looked into each other's eyes he realized that the Galactic Federation was wrong about me. I took the rifle from his hands and I fired two shots. One into his head and the other into his heart. I didn't want to take any chances so I took a few steps back and fired a missile into his chest. I felt some sadness for these men but the desire to wipe out this species was overwhelming. It was just like the Metroids all over again.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of something exploding followed by the ground shaking violently. It sounded as if the explosion had originated from outside the ship.
"Samus, a large ship has crash landed in close proximity to the G.F.S. Prometheus. The exact location is still unknown. Scans showed that a large vessel was heading towards LV-426. Minutes before the ship began its descent another ship appeared on radar. Presumably it opened fire and then it vanished again. It is possible that the Space Pirates have found a way to cloak their ships. Get to the surface immediately and send any data you may find. I will analyse the situation from there. I have sent the coordinates of the G.F.S. Prometheus to you, I have also finished a partial map of the ship you are on now. The hull of the ship is rather weak and a blast from one of your missiles may be powerful enough to tear a hole through which you can escape. And Samus, good luck."

I scanned the room once more for any sign of movement but everything was deathly still. I hoped that I would have access to my Power Bombsb before the Chestbursters hatched but I knew that was a long shot. I left the room and followed the map displayed on my Visor. It was a little reassuring to know where I was going and where I had been. If nothing else I had direction, literally. I followed the ships twists and turns without encountering another organism but that didn't mean I could relax. Finally I had reached the part of the ship that would give me the quickest access to the Prometheus ship. Three missiles and the hull had been breached. The hole I had created was large enough for me to get out and get back in if I needed to. Upon leaving the ship I realized that the coordinates would not have been necessary. Large clouds of smoke and pillars of fire scorched the sky. It was safe to assume that the other ship had crashed into the G.F.S. Prometheus.

In the twenty minutes it had taken me to walk from the alien spaceship to the crash site most of the smoke and fire had faded away. The good news was that the G.F.S. Prometheus had been completely destroyed in the crash. If the soldiers had recorded any video there would have been no record now and at this distance from the Galactic Federation, the videos would have had to have been sent manually. The bad news was that the other ship had suffered nearly as much damage. There was enough of it left that I could do some exploration. It was also hard to tell what damage had been caused by the crash and what was caused by an attack but there was no doubt in my mind that it was attacked. I headed into the wreckage to see what I could salvage for the Aurora Unit. Flames licked the letters upon the ship but I was able to just make out the name of the ship. "Nostromo".