LbN: Written for Faberry Week 2012. Xposted to my Tumblr- TexanLondoner.

"Ouch! Tanner, let go!"

"It's dark up here, Tucker," his twin said.

"Don't be such a baby. You have a flashlight."

The two boys stepped into the attic and looked around. There wasn't much up there, save for some boxes and old furniture. Nothing cool like in Aunt Brittany and Tia Santana's attic.

"Crap," Tucker said.

"You're not allowed to say that."

The ten-year-old rolled his eyes. "Maybe there's something cool in one of the boxes."

"I'll look in the ones by the window."

"Okay. I'll take these over here."

The boys were quiet for a while. Tanner found only sheets in the first few boxes. The next one was full of old CDs. He dug through it, none of the music suprising him. "Tucker?"


"Come look."

"A photo album?" his twin said. "Nothing fun about that. We have a million of those at home."

"This one's different. It's from before they had us."

His brother sat next to him and looked. "It's Grandpa and Pop Pop!"

"'Saying goodbye to Lima'," Tanner read.

"Mommy had a slug bug? That's so…her."

"I wonder what HBIC means."


"It's on her license plate."

"What's the next page?"

"Chicago. Wow, that was Momma's first baseball game?"

"Look at how short Mommy's hair was."

"Why is it pink?"

"You think she'd let me dye my hair pink?"

"The world's largest strawberry…."

"I guess that's the only thing to do in Iowa."

"Lincoln's birthplace and the Lincoln Museum."

"Momma picked that one out."

"Yep, it says 'Rachel made me do it.' Haha!"

"Mommy's first hockey game. Ooh, look! They went on the Alpine Slide in Breckenridge."

"I've always wanted to do that."

"Vegas—oh my god!"

"Turn the page!"

"Now I know why this was in a box."

"We never speak of it again."

"Look…wholesome pictures. They went to Disneyland."

"What happened? Why is Mommy in the hospital?"

"The caption says 'I told her not to eat the shellfish.' That doesn't look good."

"This is so cool!"

"World's biggest donut."

"Beignet eating contest."

"Disney World. And they went to the Harry Potter theme park!"

"Look, it's Tia! Why are they all in Kentucky shirts? I thought she went to NYU with Momma."

"She did."

Both boys jumped and spotted Quinn in the doorway. She was wearing a highly amused expression.

"How long have you been standing there?" Tucker asked.

"Long enough to know that you've got a thing about slug bugs, and that we're probably going to have to pay some therapy bills."

"If you want what happens in Vegas to stay in Vegas, you shouldn't take pictures," Tanner said.

Quinn laughed. Rachel would probably kill her later, but she wasn't worried. It wasn't like they'd been naked or anything…. "Come on, boys. It's time for lunch."

They looked at each other. "Can we do this?" they asked in unison.

Quinn smiled, eyes on the photo album. "It has been a while since we had a proper family vacation. Tell you what, let's take that downstairs and we'll talk about it with Momma when she gets home. We'll skip over Vegas."

Nodding, and with identical grins, the boys followed her out of the attic.