a/n: Episode Tag: Chapter 20.


Mitch McDeere liked this feeling. The feeling of cruel power, being mean for once in his life. Having the power of the mob, of Joey Morolto Jr. behind him. It gave him confidence and it made the corner of his lips want to twitch upward. He had always done everything the right way, the clean way. That was who he was. He never went near the mob, he wasn't going to be one of those lawyers. For him it was never about the money and never about the power, it was about what was right. And still, it wasn't about the money, he didn't want that. But he liked the power that the mob brought to him. It scared him, more than he could realize. But despite that, he wanted to feel this all the time because he liked the way it made him feel. Like a man, because power was not about the money; power was about control. And he can be a very controlling man, and with Joey behind him, it could be made a reality.


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