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In Ukiyoe town, a rumor has been spreading that there's a website known as jigokutsushin. It is said that a person can only access it every midnight.

The Nura clan, a great family of demons, has been curious about this situation, especially its Third Heir, Rikuo Nura. He has been hearing people saying things like "the Hell girl will appear once you've clicked send," or "the Hell girl will bring you down with her unimaginable illusions." More of these are being said, especially by yokai who were able to access it. Nobody knows who made this rumor. It might be a student, a kid, a girl, a boy, a stupid old man, a drunken woman, or maybe it was the Hell girl herself. It is just a freakin' hint, though.

Nura Main House at 6 p.m.

Rikuo, in his human form, was outside his room, looking at the dark sky, waiting for the new moon to come out. Though, it's unexpected it would come out late.

"Master, is something the matter?" Tsurara, Rikuo's most trusted attendant, went to comfort him.

"I guess..." he showed her a bit of a smiley face, and then later, turned into a dark frown. "I guess I'm just worried about some trivial matters... That's all. But hey, there's nothing to be afraid about, right, Tsurara?"

"Master... I don't know much about what you are trying to say. But please... Feel free to tell me." Tsurara replied with a smile. She can feel the fear in Rikuo... Not the fear that he instills within human beings, but the fear he instills in himself. Now she knows what he's trying to say."Lord Rikuo, it has to be that rumor, right?" she asked without any hesitations.

"Huh?" Rikuo took a look at Tsurara, who now knew what he was thinking. "So, you realized?" he asked. "Many people are suffering, and they are now actually going to hell. A person who has a grudge with another person can just use that site, and then send them to hell. I'm even quite scared. What of someone who has a grudge against me who knows that site would actually send me to hell? Now I'm worried about myself, even though I should be worrying about those people. I'm such a coward..." Rikuo uttered the last sentence to himself.
He finally expressed his fear to Tsurara, who was trying hard not to get to him.

"Master, please... We'll try our best to help you." Tsurara said showing her bright smile. "You have to stay strong, even in the heat of fighting. Lord Rikuo, you can do whatever you want. You are the Third Heir of the Nura clan, after all. Please remember that we are all here to support you. And we will never hold you back. We did sakazuki with you, and now we will always fight beside you. Please... Lord Rikuo... Please stay strong."

"Tsurara..." Rikuo uttered.

"By the way, Master, the former commander is calling you, hehe! That's what I came here for, actually. Please forgive me for not telling you this earlier." Tsurara bowed as she walked away to the kitchen, specifically.

"No, it's fine." Rikuo smiled. He stood up, and then went to the Nura clan's meeting room.

In there were all the sub-clans' heads, and as Rikuo opened the door, he transformed into his night form.

"Ahh, Rikuo." Nurarihyon, the former Supreme Commander of the clan sighed when Rikuo arrived.

"Sorry to keep you all waiting." Rikuo said as he walked inside the room and got himself a comfortable cushion to sit at beside his grandfather. "What do you want from me, old man?" Rikuo asked.

"We seem to have a crisis here in town." Nurarihyon said.

"A crisis? What is it?" Rikuo asked.

"I'm sure you have already heard about this rumor, Rikuo." Nurarihyon replied.

"Rumor, you say? Don't tell me it's-" Rikuo was cut off when his grandfather nodded. Ahh, yes. It's sure to be it. There is no other answer to the question.

"We have to know who in the world is running that website. The jigokutsushin." Nurarihyon declared. Everyone in the room was amazed by the sudden decision of the First Heir. "I'll have Rikuo go into the website."
"W-what?" Rikuo was shocked when he was the one chosen to use the internet.

"Rikuo, you'll have to be the one to find who this Hell girl is. You have to ask her why she's doing this. We are all in fear if we get sent to hell." Nurarihyon said.

N-no way! The Third Heir is gonna see and talk to the Hell girl? That feels quite impossible... I even can't help but laugh about it myself. But... Sure... I'll talk to the Hell girl. After all...

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