Rikuo was at the rooftop of his school. It was 4 p.m., he was still in his human form. The Kiyotsugu Patrol Group was with him. They were having a meeting about the next yokai hunt they will be doing. He was leaning on the bars, looking at the sky, wondering about what is happening to the world, to HIS world.

He sighed of boredom. How long will it take for the sunset to set? The time... Why does it have to be so slow? He closed his eyes and imagined the figure of THAT girl, the one he sort of, kind of, somewhat, pretty, slightly LIKES.

The girl with the brown hair, a special friend of his, who was listening to the meeting, at the same time was worried about him. She was 5 meters away from him, and she kept on looking at him, wondering whatever he is thinking. Rikuo? She thought.
Yura followed her gaze after noticing what she was looking at. Ienaga is looking at him... Is she that worried about him? Do they really have a relationship? No... I don't think so... After Rikuo introduced his true self to me... It doesn't sound like he'll like any girl... Her cheeks became a little red. She didn't attempt to think that the night Rikuo would actually LIKE her... Still... She looked at Kana, then to Rikuo. I wonder how everything is going to work out between them...

After the meeting, Kana joined going home with Rikuo because she thought she might be able to cheer him up. They walked side by side, with a small distance between them. She kept on glancing at him, until, well, she got caught.

"Huh?" Rikuo wondered, "What is it, Kana?" he asked.

"What? Oh, no. Nothing. I don't have any problem!" Kana shook her head.

"Oh." Rikuo turned his eyes back into track of the sidewalk.

Kana looked again. She was hesitating to ask him about what he is feeling today; the reason why he is spacing out. Will he always be spacing out every morning until the afternoon after classes?

"Hey... Rikuo?" She called. Looking at the other way.


"How are you feeling today? Why do you seem so weak? Do you have any problem? Is it your studies? Your family? Or whatever?" she asked directly.

"Woah- you've got so many questions. I can't answer all of them in one shot, Kana..." Rikuo smiled a little.

"Well... I just want to know how you're feeling today and if you have any problem... You seem to be weak and spacing out..." Kana said.

"Actually, Kana, I'm fine." Rikuo replied.

"What? With a face like that? You're fine?" Kana questioned. "Why do you say that? You look completely different! I know you deep inside, Rikuo. We've been friends for a long time! You should at least tell me your problem!" Kana exclaimed.

Rikuo stopped at the corner. His face became dark.

"Rikuo?" Kana wondered. "Why did you stop?" she asked.

"Your house is in the other side, right? You better go. It's getting late. It's not safe anymore. We should split." Rikuo seriously said. He wasn't looking at Kana. His fists are clenched on the sides, HE WAS SERIOUS!

"Oh, yeah, you're right." Kana just agreed. "Well, then, I better be going!" she ran away. Rikuo... Rikuo... She kept on thinking.

Rikuo was left all alone at the corner, until the sun finally set. He was still in his human form, he didn't change yet.

"Lord Rikuo?" Tsurara and Aotabo suddenly appeared. Their Master sure was still. He was so steady; he was like a statue... "What seems to be the problem, Lord Rikuo?" they asked the poor guy.

"I guess I'm just..." Rikuo muttered. "Bored..." He said in a doubtful and sad way. He looked at his 2 servants, he knew this was his problem. He's BORED. "Have you seen her yet?" he asked.

"Lord Rikuo... Who is her exactly?" Tsurara wondered.

"Hoy, Tsurara..." Aotabo whispered to her. "The Master meant the Hellgirl..." Yes... That's right... Her... They haven't been seeing each other for a whole month now...

"Uh... Oh, I see..." Tsurara covered her mouth in surprise by realizing what the Master meant by 'her'.

The 3 of them went back home. Rikuo was greeted welcome back; he passed through the foyer, passed through the halls, and landed in his room. He opened the door but didn't go inside. He threw his bag on the floor, and suddenly, as the wind blew and cherry petals flew, he transformed into his night form. The handsome yokai, night Rikuo. He had a very serious look on his face, and his eyes were just flashy red.

Now to look for her...