Title: But We're Not Married... The Prequel

Author: RonsPigwidgeon

Pairing: SS/HP

Betas: wwmrsweasleydo

Rating: PG

Warnings: none

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Summary: Have you been wondering how Harry and Severus grew to become lovers in But We're Not Married...? Here is the story of their coming together, just as Harry was about to fall apart. Told from Harry's PoV.

A/N: This is the first part in a second mini-series that prequels But We're Not Married... I'm hoping to explain how they came to be together and what exactly 'together' has meant for them. I know there has been a lot of confusion as to the nature of their relationship. I hope this helps. And if there are any particular points that you would like me to address, feel free to let me know by review. Enjoy!

Part .05

He prayed in vain. He awoke the next morning pressed up against a familiar body, long fingers combing through his hair. "Good morning," Severus' voice rolled over him, thicker from sleep than usual. It did uncomfortable things to Harry's lower regions.

Harry rolled to his other side, sliding out of Severus' arms, not ready to respond yet. He wasn't really angry anymore, but he didn't need Severus to know that before he apologized for calling his beliefs unreasonable and silly. Severus was pulling him back into the crook of his hip nearly immediately, pressing kisses to the back of Harry's neck. "Don't turn away from me just because you're angry. We need to settle our differences."

"There's nothing to settle. You don't want to marry me, and I don't want to be in a relationship with someone I've no hope of spending my life with." Harry marveled at his own words. He didn't mean them. He wanted to be with Severus in any way he could be. Severus made him feel safe, understood, taken care of in a way he had never even dreamed of feeling before.

"My objection to marriage has nothing to do with you. I come from a generation where being gay was considered a disease, a plague that destroyed families and ruined blood lines. Now that we have finally been permitted to marry, it feels more like a farce than a right. I can't respect it, not when it was given begrudgingly in the same bill that permitted werewolves and vampires to wed, as well."

That made sense, but some stubborn part of Harry's brain whispered to him that he shouldn't concede, that explaining his beliefs wasn't an apology for belittling someone else's. "You think I've never been made to feel like a disease before? I grew up in a household that taught me I was a freak for having magic, let alone for liking boys as much as I like girls." Harry snorted derisively. "The Dursleys never even knew about that bit. But just because I've been told that I'm unnatural and a freak my whole life, and that I will never be normal, that doesn't mean I don't want to have what everyone else has. And it doesn't mean that I don't deserve to have what everyone else does. And having you basically tell me my opinions are stupid, when you're the person whom I trust the most to make me feel safe and understood... I can't be in a relationship like that, Severus. You need to respect my opinions as much as I respect yours."

"I do respect your opinions. I apologize if I've offended you; I certainly didn't mean to. You caught me off guard and denied me what I want most."

"What's that?" Harry asked, peering over his shoulder.

"You. I have spent the last six months waking up to you in my bed, in my arms. I can hardly think of anything other than having you, laying you out and exploring every bare inch of you with my tongue before spreading you open and making love to you until you can no longer do anything but scream my name in ecstasy. Can you blame me for my impatience?"

Harry didn't know what to say. No one had ever said anything so intimate and blatantly sexual to him before. He blushed, shifting unconsciously closer. Severus leant forward and kissed him, pulling him around and flush against Severus' body, his hands firm and warm against Harry's clothed shoulder and hip. Harry melted into his warmth, folding into his arms like a charmed tent. This kiss was different from most of the others, soft and gentle, an apology of sorts. Harry returned it, his mouth opening to Severus's tongue. The kiss lasted a long while, soothing Harry's hurt and endearing Severus to him again.

Eventually, Severus pulled away with a light peck and a kiss to Harry's forehead. "Are you still angry with me?"

"No, I'm all right now."

"Good. Shall we go to breakfast then?"

"Yeah. Breakfast sounds good." As Harry untangled himself from both Severus and the sheets, he found that his heart was a little bit lighter. He kissed Severus again before disappearing into the bathroom with his clothes for the day.