The Paradox

Chapter 1: Mission Impossible

Samus entered the bridge of the G.F.S. Olympus with only one thought.

What do they need this time?

Admiral Dane glanced back from where he stood.

"We're glad you could come on such short notice. Captain Ferana will fill you in on the mission."

The Galactic Federation Trooper beside him stepped forward. "It seems the Space Pirates have taken over a newly-discovered planet near SR388. We want you to head there and take it back."

"You mean the desert planet? What value does that have?"

Admiral Dane turned on a hologram of a sand-like substance. "This particular mineral was found recently. It can be used to power almost any machine indefinitely, and there are large amounts of it on the planet."

"You want me to capture an entire planet?"

Captain Ferana replied. "I'm going on the mission as well. I have a squad of soldiers that can help you."

Samus nodded. "Fine. I'll prepare."

She turned to leave, but Dane stopped her.

"One more thing. We've detected strange creatures below the surface. Our monitors couldn't see what they were, but it would be wise to make extra preparations."

With that, Samus left the bridge to get ready.

(End of Chapter)