Author's Note: Here's the last chapter! After this comes one of my more ambitious projects!

Samus walked up to Admiral Dane holding the mineral sample. The mission was over. She could not, however, forget about General Agranell, his lie, and the memories that he forced her to relive.

"You have done well, Samus. In only two days, you captured the planet! Naturally, you will be rewarded handsomely. For now, however, I suggest you get some sleep. You could use it."

They saluted to one another, and then parted ways. Samus returned to her ship, pondering on what to do next. Upon entrance, Adam, the central computer, spoke.

"Lady, you have received a message."

"Thanks… I'll check it out…"

Samus turned on the display and read the message.

"Heard about your mission. Nice work on that! I'm currently working with a group of other Pokemon. Signups for the next Super Smash Bros. Tournament are soon! Let's hope we both get accepted!"


She smiled to herself and remembered her final words to Agranell.

"Well… I was right about that. People do want me in their lives."

Samus sent a message back.

"Good to hear from you. We're allowed to bring a visitor with us, so if either of us doesn't make the cut, we can still spend time together. Hope to see you soon."


"I have picked up a distress signal from a nearby planet. Shall I direct the ship there?"

"I'll go tomorrow. First, I need to pick up my reward from Admiral Dane."

"Very well. Good night, Lady"

(Meanwhile… on the desert planet…)

The squad of Zebesian soldiers entered the hidden laboratory. In their own language, they alerted their leader.

"Commander Velnaw, sir! We've found General Agranell!"

A yellow-scaled Space Pirate stepped inside and observed the body.

"Well, he always did boast of his 'invincibility', the fool. The Galactic Federation can have this planet. We have already obtained what we need. Bring the experimental Metroid DNA back to the ship. There is much for us to do…"


Author's Note: Okay! That ends this story! Next time you hear from me, it'll be my new Pokemon fanfiction. See you guys then!