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February 7 1999

Much to Bill's disappointment, he had been forced to work later hours due to clean up after the war. Kingsley, to ensure everyone's safety, had instructed a team of Curse Breakers from Gringotts to team up with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to raid former Death Eater vaults and manage any dangerous items. As Bill was a Curse Breaker, he had been assigned to this team, and it is was hectic work. He rarely came home before seven o'clock and it was straining his relationship with Fleur. She was now six months pregnant and she was finding it difficult to stay up late and wait for him to come home. Many nights, Bill would come home and find his dinner sitting on bench- having gone cold long before - and his wife tucked into their bed fast asleep. He was yearning for a weekend off to spend with Fleur and after another month of late nights, Bill was granted a free weekend.

He came home one stormy Friday afternoon to find his wife dusting the kitchen cabinets. Her short, salmon-pink dress was stretched tight over her round belly and rode up her slim, pale thighs as she reached up to swipe the cobwebs from the ceiling. Bill smirked and quickly threw his travelling cloak and hat on the bench before creeping up behind Fleur and pulling her into a tight embrace. She gave a small squeak of surprise and turned her head to place a sweet kiss on his mouth.
"You are 'om early, Guillaume."
He smiled at her and rubbed her belly tenderly. "Well, I couldn't leave you and Junior alone in the storm now, could I?"
Fleur gave him a radiant smile and kissed him again.
"Don't call our bébé zat 'orrible nom, Guillaume," she scolded him playfully. She pulled out of his arms and continued cleaning the kitchen. "And don't leave your coat and hat on ze bench, ma chére. Put zem away on ze 'atstand."
Bill smirked as he went to put his things away.
"Yes, dear," he said.

Bill sat down at the bench and flicked idly through the Prophet.
"Anyzing interesting 'appen at work, Guillaume?" Fleur asked as she wiped down the bench.
"No, nothing dear. But, I have-"
"- Zat is a shame," Fleur interrupted. "I can't believe zey make you work so many hours. It is ridiculous!"
"Yes, I know. But about that-"
"- Zey should really give you some time off. I never get to see you anymore and-"
"- I know, but-"
"- I 'ate being here every day all by myself. It is so lonely-"
"- Honey-"
"- I mean, Molly comes around sometimes, but zat is not ze same and- "

"- Fleur!" Bill cried. Fleur snapped her head up at him as though she only just realised he was there. Bill stood up and gripped her slender shoulders tightly, staring into her deep blue eyes.
"Just listen for a moment," he told her. "I've been given the entire weekend off."
Fleur nodded. "Oh, zat is wonderful, Bill! We 'ave dinner at your muzzer's tomorrow night – "

Bill chuckled, putting a finger on her lips. Fleur pouted against his finger and put her hands on her hips. "I've got the weekend off, so I'm going to take the wife I love up north for a holiday and that's all there is to it."
He finally released her and Fleur began to protest. "But what about dinner tomorrow night?"
Bill shook his head. "No. No dinners. I'll tell mum we're busy." Bill kissed her and brushed some of her fair hair out of her face. "It'll be just you, me and a cosy fireplace. How does that sound?"
Fleur smiled, "Parfait," she whispered huskily and stretched up on her toes to kiss him.
"Good," said Bill, breaking away from the kiss. "Well then, let's get packing!"
He grasped Fleur's hand and pulled her upstairs into their bedroom. Fleur watched in bewilderment as her husband began throwing things into a small suitcase at rapid speed. In a matter of minutes he was packed and sitting on the bed, peering inquiringly up at his wife. She gave him a confused look and tilted her head to the side.
"What are you waiting for?" he asked her, grinning like a child on Christmas.
"We 'ave to leave now?"
"Yes," he insisted. "I booked reservations for the weekend starting tonight."
"D'accord," Fleur shrugged and began pulling out clothes and folding them neatly into a small suitcase. "Where are we going?"
Bill winked at her. "It's a surprise."
Fleur giggled and continued packing. Once she was ready, she gripped Bill's hand tightly and together, they vanished into the night.

When Fleur opened her eyes, she found herself standing in a forest. The trees loomed tall around her and their foliage was so closely knitted together, that it blocked out the evening sky. In the clearing up ahead, stood a quaint little cottage. Its roof was covered in vines and fallen leaves from trees, and moss crawled up the sides. Lining the footpath to the cottage, were dozens of rose bushes. White lace curtains hung in the windows and smoke billowed elegantly out of the chimney. Fleur gazed at it in rapture and beamed radiantly up at Bill.
"What iz zis?" she asked him. He didn't reply. Instead, he scooped his wife up into his arms and carried her inside the cottage. Fleur giggled and leant her head on his shoulder.
"This," Bill explained as he opened the door to the cottage, "Is our delayed honeymoon."
He set Fleur softly on her feet and kept his hands on her waist as she stared around the cottage. It had a rustic feel about it. The hard wood floor were a deep brown that glowed in the dimly lit lights that lined the corridor. Oil paintings hung from the walls. The corridor opened up to a cosy living room with a deep burgundy rug covering the floor. An overstuffed, cream loveseat sat snugly around a wooden fire place. Fleur immediately imagined cuddling next to Bill in front of the fire as the snow fell softly outside. Bill steered her into the kitchen, which had more of a modern twist while still keeping with the rustic theme. A square wooden table sat in the corner with two chairs, and the window opened up to the forest. It was a lively view.
"Zis iz wonderful, Guillaume," Fleur said, turning her beautiful head and kissing him sweetly.
"You haven't even seen the bedroom yet," Bill smirked and took her hand, pulling her down the corridor to the bedroom. Like before, he picked her up and carried her into the room. Fleur gasped. It was huge - a big as the kitchen. A large king-size bed sat in the centre, with a cream bedspread. There was a small walk-in robe that was next to the ensuite bathroom. Bill placed his wife gently on the bed- she fell back amongst the cluster of pillows.
"Wait here," Bill told her. "I'm going to bring our bags in."
"Tout de suite," Fleur replied. Bill winked at her and left, leaving Fleur alone in the bedroom. She rubbed circles along her swollen belly affectionately.
"Ton papa est trop bon pour moi," she crooned. The baby kicked through the fabric of her dress and Fleur smiled. "Tu comprend, ma cherie?" The baby kicked again and Fleur giggled with happiness.
"What's so funny?"
Fleur looked up to find Bill leaning against the door frame, his arms folded across his chest and one eyebrow raised. Their bags were resting at the foot of the door.
"'E kicked again."
Bill's expression changed to one of awe and he crawled onto the bed next to Fleur.
"Really?" he placed one hand on her belly and stared at it with wide eyes. Fleur put her hand over his and moved it over her stomach. Suddenly, the baby kicked twice, two hard bumps formed in her smooth belly. Bill's face broke out into an enraptured grin and he laughed happily.
"He kicked twice!" he cried excitedly, kissing Fleur hard.
"'E knows 'is papa," said Fleur tenderly.
"He's amazing." Bill said. He kicked off his shoes and put his arm around Fleur. She hugged his side and rubbed her bare feet against his calf. They kissed tenderly for a few minutes- a luxury they hadn't had in a long time. It was nice to spend some quality time with each other, without intruding family members or work commitments getting in the way. After a while, Bill pulled away and rubbed Fleur's belly fondly.
"You look tired, love" he remarked. Fleur simply smiled. "Zis pregnancy takes it out of me."
Bill took her hands and helped her off the bed. "C'mon," he said. "I'm going to run you a bubble bath."
At this, Bill kissed her softly and ran a hand through her silky, silvery hair. "Because, you deserve to be pampered."
Fleur blushed as they walked into the ensuite bathroom. She felt like the luckiest woman in the world, as Bill began turning on the bath and filling it with bath oils and bubbles. Her husband truly loved her.

Once the bath was ready, Fleur slipped out of her dress and Bill helped her into the tub - a difficult task since she was six months pregnant. The water was warm and Fleur closed her eyes in satisfaction as she sank into the bath.
"C'est magnifique," she exclaimed, as Bill leant down and kissed her cheek. "Merci, Guillaume."
"Enjoy it, ma belle," he said, making Fleur grin as he attempted to speak in her native language. "I'm going to make you an omelette and bring you a glass of water. Is that alright?"
"C'est parfait, ma cherie."
Bill patted her hand and left the bathroom. Fleur relished this time alone, sinking deeper into the bath tub until the bubbles floated around her chin and her hair trailed about in the water. She was so content and the water was so comforting, that she rested her head behind her on the edge of the bath and drifted off to sleep.

After what seemed like hours later, Bill woke her up, with a plate in one hand and a glass of water in the other. Fleur sat up slowly and rested the plate on her bulging belly and took a sip from her glass.
"Mmm, delicieux," she sighed happily.
"I'm pleased to hear it," said Bill. "You take your time, ma cherie. I'm going to Floo mum."
Fleur nodded and began to eat her omelette hungrily. Bill chuckled as he went out to the fireplace and threw in a handful of Floo powder.
"Molly Weasley, the Burrow, Ottery St Catchpole."
The fire turned green for a second and soon, his mother's head appeared in the flames.
"Oh, it's you Bill," she said, a little flustered. She must have been making dinner. "How are you, dear?"
"Just great, thanks Mum. How are you and Dad?
"Oh, I'm alright dear. Your father's been working overtime recently though, what with going through the items in Death Eater vaults. Running him ragged. I hardly see him anymore- though, I suppose it is the same for you, dear?"
Bill nodded. "It's been hectic for Fleur, me not being home to help her."
"Poor thing," agreed Mrs Weasley sadly. "I try to come around a few times every week but I've been busy helping with George that I just haven't had the time."

"It's hard for her," admitted Bill.

"I know, dear, I know. I don't blame her. But you should think about taking some time off. She is pregnant, you know, and it can't be good for her to do everything by herself."
"I know, Mum," said Bill, shaking his head. He was twenty-eight and still had to take orders from his mother. "I've got the weekend off, so I've taken Fleur up north for a little getaway."
Mrs Weasley beamed at her son. "That sounds lovely, dear. It will be great for you to spend some quality time together. So, does that mean you won't be coming to dinner tomorrow night?" Bill shook his head. Mrs Weasley sighed, "That's alright, Percy and Audrey are coming and so are George and Angelina. It would've been nice to see you, that's all."
"I know, Mum, but Fleur needs me."
"She's a lucky girl," said Mrs Weasley fondly.
There was a clang as someone came through the door and Mrs Weasley turned her head. "I've got to go, Bill, your father's home. Give my love to Fleur for me."
"Of course, bye Mum."
The fire returned to normal and Bill sat back on his heels, thinking over his mother's words. He was the lucky one, in his opinion. Rising from the ground, he loosened his tie and began to unbutton his shirt as he headed into the bedroom. As he sat down on the bed, he heard Fleur swearing in French from inside the ensuite.
"Fleur!" he cried, jumping up instantly and knocking on the bathroom door. Had something happened to her? Had she fallen? "Fleur, is everything alright."
Another curse filtered under the door followed by her throaty voice, "Everyzing iz fine, Guillaume."
"Do you need help getting out?" he asked, extremely concerned for his wife.
"Non, I am already out. I just need to be left alone for a while."
"Oh, okay," he said, sitting back down on the bed. He was worried about her- he would never forgive himself if she was hurt.

Fleur continued to swear and Bill continued to stare at the bathroom door.
"Fleur, you can't stay in there forever." he called.
"Oui, I can," she called back, thickly. She sounded like she was crying.
"Just come out, honey, please."
"Please!" Bill begged. Fleur swore one more time and slowly, the door opened. She was standing in the bathroom wearing a sheer, pink nightgown that finished just below her hip bones and matching, lacy underwear. Her belly bulged underneath, making her nightgown shorter than it actually was. Her head was pointed at the floor and she kept pulling her nightgown down in embarrassment.
"See?" she said quietly. "I try to do somezing sexy and I just look ridiculous!"
Bill stared at her in wonder. Never had she looked more beautiful than at that moment. He approached her and encircled one arm around her waist and tilted her chin to look in her eyes. She looked away, refusing to meet his gaze.
"Fleur," he said softly. "You are beautiful." he kissed her forehead, then each of her eyelids and her nose, and then finally her mouth.
"I was bootiful," she corrected him. "Now I am ze size of a hippogriff."
Bill kissed her against and gently lifted up the hem of her nightshirt to expose her swollen stomach. He ran his hands over it then bent down and brushed his lips over her pale skin.
"Bill, pas..." Fleur pulled away, embarrassed by his affections. She dug around in her suitcase and pulled out her purple Weasley jumper. She quickly threw it on; more comfortable now she was covered. Bill sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He would never understand his wife during pregnancy.

Fleur headed out to the living room and Bill followed her. It was pleasantly warm and the fire cast a golden red hue over the dark wood floors. They sat together on the loveseat and Fleur leaned into his side. Her hair spilled down his bare chest, creating a sort of silky blanket. With a yawn, she curled her feet up beside her and put her arm around his waist.
"Do you ever zink of names for our bébé?" she mused as she played with some of his chest hair.
"Well, I've had a few ideas..." he stroked he hair gently and kissed her forehead. "I was thinking something French. I want everyone to know that I married a beautiful, stubborn and fierce French woman."
Fleur laughed, but was secretly glad that Bill appreciated her heritage.
"Zank you, Guillaume."
"Have you thought of any names?"
Fleur chewed on her lip for a moment. "A few... I like Louis for a boy. Zat was my favourite cousin's name and we were very close as children. But he moved to America when I was zirteen and I 'aven't seen 'im since."
"Oh... Louis... That's got a bit of a ring to it. I quite like it actually. And it's something fairly masculine and nice, unlike Pierre or something."
Fleur burst out into tinkling laughter. "Not all ze French are called Pierre, Guillaume."
"Still, at least I can say the name properly, unlike Gweearm."
"Guillaume," Fleur corrected.
"It sounds better when you say it. What about girl's names?"
"Isabelle, my middle name? Or Gabrielle after my sister? Or Dominique – I 'ave always liked that nom? I haven't really thought of girl names, since I 'ave a feeling 'e is un garçon."
"Dominque is nice."
They sat in silence for a while until Fleur giggled and kissed his cheek. "It's exciting, n'est-ce pas? To zink of 'aving our own bébé?"
"I know," Bill beamed down at her. "I just hope..." his voice trailed off and he looked away. Fleur saw a glimpse of sadness in his light blue eyes and sat up.
"Guillaume, what iz it?"
"Nothing," he said giving her a fake smile. Fleur was not impressed and pouted at him, raising one eyebrow and crossing her arms.
"William Arzer Weasley! Tell me what iz wrong zis minuit!"
Bill rung his hands together. "I just hope that my... scars won't affect the baby."
Fleur smiled warmly and caressed his damaged cheek, her fingertips lingering along each scar.
"Zey won't, Guillaume," she assured him. "Remember what Remus said- about 'ow you are not a full werewolf. If it doesn't affect you, it will not affect ze bébé."
"But what if it does!" cried Bill, grasping Fleur's hands firmly and staring straight into her eyes. "It would kill me, to think that I would burden the baby. I couldn't live with it."
Fleur kissed his cheek gently. "Guillaume, even if zat does 'appen, I will not love our child any less. Will you?"
"No, of course not," he muttered. "I will love it with all my heart."
"Good." Fleur pulled Bill into her arms and stroked his hair. "Je t'aime, ma cherie."
"Je t'aime aussi, ma belle."

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