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25 May 1999

A high pitched, piercing cry broke through the slumbering silence of shell cottage. Upstairs in the master bedroom, Fleur stirred; the cries of her new born daughter rousing her from her sleep. She groggily sat up and rubbed her eyes. Bill was snoring beside her, completely oblivious of his daughter's cries. Fleur frowned at him. How could he not be awake like she was? Victoire continued to cry and Fleur quickly approached the cot and gazed down at her daughter with sleepy eyes. Her nose was scrunched and her mouth wide open as tears streamed down her cheeks. Fleur picked up her squealing daughter and rubbed her back gently.

"Shh, ma petite," she cooed softly, stroking Victoire's thin, blonde hair. She took her over to the rocking chair beside the cot and cradled her to her chest. Victoire nuzzled against Fleur's breast and sucked hungrily, drowning out her cries. Her eyes were closed in contentment as he greedily sucked at Fleur's breast, a little fist tightly wrapped around one of her mother's pale, slender fingers.

Fleur gazed tenderly down at her daughter. It was hard to believe that Victoire was already almost three weeks old. The time had flown by so quickly. Yet Fleur couldn't wait for the day when she would get a good night's sleep. Victoire had a habit of waking up every three or so hours during the night, and, as she was still breastfeeding, Fleur was the only one who could go to her.

Finally, Victoire turned her head away and gave a loud burp. Fleur patted her back, cooing to her gently and rocking her back and forth. She had never known how much she would enjoy motherhood. As a child, she had, as most girls often did, dreamed about having a family of her own. Of marrying a handsome prince and living in a beautiful house, where dozens of little blonde headed children would frolic around the garden playfully. And Fleur couldn't help but smile as she realised her dream had become a reality. Her deep blue eyes fell on the sleeping figure of her husband, sprawled over the bed in a haphazard manner, with his long limbs hanging off the end of the bed. Her heart swelled with love; she had found her prince and now she had a beautiful daughter to match.

Fleur pressed her lips gently to Victoire's soft hair, enjoying the feeling of the tiny, warm bundle pressed against her chest. They stayed like that for a few moments, until Victoire gave a rather large yawn and her blue eyes fluttered closed. With a smile, Fleur sat up from the chair and carried her sleeping daughter over to her cot.

"Bon nuit, ma petite," she whispered, kissing her little daughter's forehead. Victoire was already asleep by the time Fleur had placed her down amongst the blankets. Fleur regarded her tenderly for a few moments, before slipping back into bed beside Bill. As she rolled onto her side, she felt his arms encircle her waist and his warm breath against her neck.

"Guillaumeā€¦" she muttered groggily.

He kissed her neck sweetly and pulled her closer to him. She shuffled against his back, enjoying the warmth and comfort he brought her.

"How is our little angel?" he asked. Fleur beamed at the affection in his voice.

"Parfait, as usual," she said simply.

"I wish I could be more of a help," he said sadly. Fleur knew it pained him that he could do nothing for his daughter's cries, except wake Fleur. She reached for his hand and brought it to her lips, kissing each knuckle gently.

"You are a great 'elp, Guillaume," she assured him. "You look after me."

"I know," he muttered quietly and Fleur turned her head to look into his blue eyes. "It's just, I feel so useless. I hear her cries but I can't do anything to help her. I want to be able to attend to her every need."

Fleur rolled over in his arms and pressed her body flush against his chest. She stroked his strong jaw lovingly and kissed his lips.

"You will later," she told him. "But for now, I'm perfectly 'appy for you to attend to my every need..." her voice trailed off as she raised her fair eyebrows at him. The mischievous glint in her sapphire eyes made Bill smirk and he kissed her fiercely, pressing his hands into the small of her back.

"I'd be happy to, my love."

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