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Hey ya, I love you.

Naya was lying down on the couch in the living room of her apartment, her head resting on Dianna's lap. The two girls, Lea and Heather, were watching a really good movie after they had been out. It was already 4am but none of the girls really cared about that.

"Could someone please pass me the popcorn?" asked Heather, without taking her eyes of the television. Dianna grabbed the popcorn out of Lea's hands and she almost dropped it on the floor where Lea was sitting with her back resting on Dianna's legs. "You already ate almost all of the popcorn!" Dianna exclaimed with a grin on her face. Lea pulled a funny face and stuck her tongue out at Dianna.

It was quite quiet during the movie, they were all tired but none of them wanted to go home.

"I really don't understand this movie." The three girls look at Heather, who starts eating her popcorn again. "No seriously, who picked this movie?"

"You did!" the three girls said in unison pointing at Heather with a big smile on their face.

"Really? Wow I can't even remember." The blonde said as she turned back to the television.

"It's pretty late, we should probably go home." Lea sighed while she was standing up from sitting on the floor. "Damn my ass hurts."

"Yeah you could sit on the couch." Naya said.

Lea looked at the three girls on the couch, Dianna was sitting on a small corner, Naya was laying with her head on Dianna's lap and Heather was laying on the other side of Naya, with her head on the arm of the couch.

Lea's eyes wandered off to Heather's feet noticing that they were stroking Naya's. When Heather saw Lea staring at her feet she immediately stopped what she was doing. "Yeah I could sit on the couch." Lea said sarcastic, looking at Heather and Naya. Dianna started giggling.

Heather stood up from the couch. "I forgot where I left my shoes. Can someone please tell me where I left them this time?" The blonde asked a little hopeless. She always lost her stuff to find it back seconds after she said that she had lost them.

Dianna grabbed a pair of black All Stars from under the couch as she passed them to Heather. "There you go blondie." Dianna joked.

"I can't find my shoes either." Lea said complaining. "And I think I also kinda forget where I left my keys."

"Sometimes I forget my middle name." Dianna, Lea and Naya look at Heather's serious face. They all burst out in laughter. They love it when Heather uses one of Brittany's lines to make them laugh.

"You guys should crash here. It's already past 4am and we all drank last night. None of you should drive home by now. We don't want to a Quinn story." Naya said.

"A Quinn story?" Lea asked.

"A car crash." Dianna replied. "Very funny Nay." Dianna sarcastically sighed.

"Haha, I'm sorry, But guys it's late, just crash here tonight." Naya repeated.

"There is the car crash again." Lea says joking.

The girls started laughing. "No, I'm serious, you guys can sleep here if you want to." Naya said hoping her friends would take the offer.

"Sounds good to me."Lea says "I don't really feel like driving home by now."

Dianna nods in agreement

"Yeah , sounds good to me too. I'm going to text Taylor and stay here too. But I don't have any pajamas or anything." Heather said.

"Me neither." Lea said a little down. She didn't want something stupid like pajamas to ruin their sleepover.

Naya got off the couch and walked to the guest room to pick two pairs of pajamas out the closet and threw them at Dianna and Lea. "There you go."

"Hey, what about me." Heather said, with a smile on her face. She knew she will probably sleep in Naya's bed like she always does when they have a sleepover. There are two beds in the guest room, but Heather has never slept there when she and Naya were alone, it was more fun sleeping together both of the girls agreed.

"You can borrow one of my t-shirts if that's okay?" Naya asked, already knowing the answer, Heather always slept in one of her shirts when they decided to sleep at her house after a drunken night out. Heather nods; At that point Lea comes back saying "There are only two beds in your guest room?"

"Yeah it's not a hotel Lea, You and Dianna can take the guest room. Heather will sleep in my bed."

"What about you Nay? Are you going to sleep on the couch? I don't want you to do that. I will go home if it's too much trouble." Dianna said.

"Di, don't. I will sleep in my bed too, it's no big deal. We are not going to make out or anything." Naya laughed. "We aren't Brittana." Naya said a little toned down.

"You're sure?" Dianna asked.

"Yes! Now go! Get some sleep!" Naya replied exasperated.

Lea and Dianna walk into the guestroom; Naya picks up the last glass from the table and takes it to the kitchen. She looks at Heather whose busy texting on her phone.

"Did Taylor reply?" Naya asked.

"Oh, yes he did." Heather said, with a sad sarcastic tone in her voice.

"Something wrong?" Naya asked worryingly.

"No nothing, it's just, never mind." Heather stuttered.

"Ok if you want to talk about it…" Naya replied not finishing her sentence because she gets interrupted.

"I don't." Heather said short.

"Fine, just know I'm here for you okay?"

Heather wanted to say something back but Naya interrupts before she can say anything.

"You don't have to say anything; you just need to know that I'm here for you." Naya says as she turns off the light. "Are you coming?"

"Nay, you're my best friend, you know that right?" Heather says while she hugged her best friend in the dark on the stairs.

Naya feels a tear touch her cheek, She can't see if Heather is crying since it's dark in the room, but she knows it's not her own tear, so it has to be Heather's. Naya hugs her tighter.

"I know." She takes Heather's hand and starts walking up the stairs. "Come let's get some sleep." The brunette whispered.