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This fanfiction was inspired by this picture : zerochan 1154885 . I also have an idea for a sequel, but I'll only write it if you're interested, so let me know =3.

Summary : He helped him. He marked his body, his soul, and now he belonged to him and only him.

Pairing : Aomine/Kise. Teiko time, last year. (At the time I wrote it, we didn't know everything so now it's inaccurate I think…I still feel awkward, writing smut about teens their ages ;w; But if I followed the real timeline, they would be in their second year so it would be worse*sob* Why did I write this ?)

Disclaimer : I don't own Kuroko no Basuke.

Today was Thursday, and they didn't have basketball practice, like always. Aomine Daiki and Kise Ryouta had planned this afternoon for a week. They had been going out for a month now, so to celebrate, Aomine promised to pierce his boyfriend's ear. Kise had wanted a piercing for some times now, but he didn't have the courage to do it himself.

They walked next to each other, not wanting to let people know they were more than friends. After all, they were both male, and not everyone accepted those kind of relationship. Kise was talking the whole time. Aomine just listened, making noises to let know the other he was listening, but it was always like that. In no time, they were in front of Kise's door, the house empty since his parents were still working and his sisters were away. It was the first time Aomine came to his house, so the blond was nervous, but he didn't want to let the bluenet know, and tried his best to hide it. The taller man looked around, before looking at his lover. In just a month of relationship, they had only kissed. But Aomine wanted more, he wanted to own the blond, to crave himself in his skin, his soul, so he was the only one his teammate would think of. Kise looked up to him, but did he love him ? Maybe he was going out with him because of his admiration for the power forward... But he had planned it all, today, Kise would only think of him as a man, a lover, not a basketball player he admires.

« What we need is in my room, on the first floor... »

Aomine came back to his sense, earing the smaller man talking, and followed him upstairs. The blond's bedroom was pretty normal, the tanned teen was expecting something more... « sparkling ». Kise went to his desk, while Aomine made his way to his lover's bed, sitting on it, imagining Kise sleeping, wearing only a short. Of course, he had already seen him in the changing room, but he didn't know why, this thought felt different...

« Aominecchi? »

Kise's head was in front of him, slightly frowning. He had been staring at his bed for some times now. The bluenet took the alcohol and compress from his hand, looking slightly annoyed.

« Let's go on with that...

-If that bother you, it's alright, I won't mind ! I don't want Aominecchi to force himself.

-It's alright, I want to do it... »

Without another word, he poured some alcohol on a compress and disinfected the blond's ear. The latter shivered from the cold touch, but let him go on with what he was doing. Slightly scared, he gulped when Aomine opened the piercing device's packaging, which did not go unnoticed. With a slight smirk, the bluenet placed his lips on the other's, and bit his bottom lip when he pressed the device, piercing the other's ear. Kise's cry was muffled by his lips, and tears began forming on the edge of his eyes. Aomine went to kiss the tears, and placed his mouth near Kise's ear, the one he just pierced, whispering in it.

« Remember that pain, because it means you are mine. As long as the hole is here, you are mine, understood ? »

Kise's heart skipped a beat, he didn't expect his lover to say those kind of word. Well, lover was maybe too much, they were only in middle school… But it made him happy, his heart was beating fast, and he nodded, smiling. He completely agreed with that statement. He wanted it to be like that, forever Aomine's. But it was not the end, and the other smirked, pushing the blond on the bed, positioning himself on top of him.

« Now that your body know, your soul too has to remember... »

He bent, and slowly licked Kise's neck, going to his collarbone. He stopped here a moment, biting and sucking the skin until he could see a red hickey. Satisfied, he smiled at the smaller teen, cheeks red from embarrassment, and went to kiss him while his hands unbuttoned his shirt. His tongue pressed against the model's lips, asking for entrance, and he let him in pretty easily. Aomine's tongue found Kise's, and rubbed against it. The blond hesitated a moment, but finally he started to kiss back. The teens began to fight for dominance, tongue dancing, and only when Aomine won, putting his tongue in his mouth, Kise realized his shirt was now gone. Their lips separated, both panting heavily, needing to fill their lungs with air. They'd been kissing for a month, but it still felt different…

Aomine was in full bliss. He had been waiting for months now, because he fell in love with Kise the first time he saw his genuine smile while playing basketball. Maybe even before that, after all, how could he let a ball pass or slip? Sure, he loved big breast. But it didn't mean it was the only thing he loved… He had waited too much to start this relationship; he couldn't bear to wait anymore. His lips brushed against the blond's chest, exploring his skin, kissing it, tasting its sweetness, and he went to kiss one nipple. When he felt it, Kise came back to his sense. He realized what they were doing, what would come after. Somewhere in his heart, he knew he wanted it. But he also knew they shouldn't, not now. His parents could come back any minute. He put his hand on Aomine's shoulder, trying to stop him.

« Aominecchi, wait, please stop...

- Why?

- We can't do it... Not now... My family...

- I don't care. They can know about us, I don't care. I plan to let the world know you are mine... »

Kise blushed; Aomine was looking into his eyes, serious. But still, he didn't resume what he was doing, waiting for the blond to let him know he was alright with it. He didn't want to force him after all... To give his answer, Kise lifted his leg, pressing his thigh against Aomine's groin, smiling. The tanned teen let out a pleased sight, and placed his hips on the blond's, rubbing against him while his mouth resumed his kissing. Kise quickly began to pant, holding back his moans. But Aomine wanted to hear them, so he had to go further. His hand unzipped the model's pants, making them slide to his ankle along with his boxer. Kise shivered from the cold, face burning. Aomine was seeing him naked, which was embarrassing. But still, he used his feet to remove completely his pants, while the other teen took off his own shirt. The blond smiled. The sight of his lover's bare chest was mesmerizing, and seeing his head going down between his legs made his heart race way too fast...

Without hesitation, Aomine licked the tip of Kise's erected member, making the blond moan in surprise. Exactly what he was trying to do, even though he wasn't sure how to do it. His tongue then began to lick his lover's member, hands massaging his inner thighs. The blond's breath was heavy, and he could not hold back his voice anymore. But the bluenet did not stop, and took Kise's erected member in his mouth, sucking it slowly. His lover whispered his name in a moan, surprised, and he tried to take as much as he could to please the blond, licking him carefully. He wasn't sure he was doing it right, but the sounds Kise was making encouraged him. Seeing it was the model's first time, it didn't took long for him to come in Aomine's mouth, who swallowed it all, licking what leaked on his lips despite the taste. It was all he wanted, to be Kise's first time, so the blond would always remember him.

Kise was breathless, and the tanned teen laid next to him smiling, watching him regain composure after his orgasm. The blond looked at Aomine, his eyes attracted by the bulge between his thighs. Shyly, his hand went down and unzipped his pants, surprising the bluenet. He got rid of his pants and underwear, and bent to face Aomine's member when the latter stopped him.

« What are you doing?

- I want to make Aominecchi come...

- Yes, but... I'd rather enter somewhere else. »

Aomine blushed for the first time. He didn't expected to go all the way, but seeing Kise wanted to help him with his erection, he couldn't help but want more. The blond was bright red, understanding what the other wanted. After a few seconds, he searched his drawer for lube and placed it in Aomine's hand. The bluenet's heart raced, not expecting him to accept, and slightly surprised Kise had some lube but he was a teen after all. Still he was happy; he could own the blond completely.

Once his digits were coated, he placed his lips on Kise's, while his hand made his way to his inner thighs. He put his index on his lover's hole and slightly pressed, kissing the blond to distract him, to help him relax, to forget the pain. It may be embarrassing to admit, but he had done some research, not wanting to hurt Kise the day they would do it. Once his digit was completely in, he started to move it with care. He was trying to make him loose and ease the pain that was clear in the smaller teen's face, before adding a second digit. This time, there was more pain. He kissed the blond deeply, waiting for the pain to go away before moving his digits again. His digits brushed his sweet spot on the way and scissored from time to time to prepare him. He also tried to distract the blond by pumping his member with his other hand, managing to make him hard again, and he smirked.

« Glad to see you like it... »

The blond blushed, averting his gaze, embarrassed. Aomine took his digits out, and put some lube on Kise's hand, placing it on his own hard member, and guided it on his length. He panted heavily, stopping the blond when he was wet enough. His lips found his lover's, and he kissed him to distract the teen while he penetrated him. He stayed like that, looking at the tears on the edge of Kise's eyes.

« … You're alright? »

Kise nodded, and moved his hips to encourage him to move on. Aomine started to move slowly. Thrusting deeply and hoping to find his prostate, to make the pain disappear, and fill him with pleasure. The blond was holding out his tears, breathing heavily as the other kissed his neck while searching to please him. Soon the pain was joined by a wave of pleasure as Aomine was slowly thrusting, finding the right spot. The blond moaned his name, making him start to speed up his movements. The pain started to fade, replaced by pleasure. The room was filled with the sound of them panting, moaning, and the cracking of the bed. Aomine was thrusting harder and harder, Kise trying to help him with awkward movements of his hips. It was their first time, it was far from perfect, but they were in full bliss, and it soon came to an end. Neither could hold back any longer, coming one after the other. It was short –who could blame them- but they both liked it. Happy, they laid next to each other, trying to catch their breath, faces red from pleasure. And embarrassment.

Kise couldn't believe they really did it. He loved the other teen so much, he didn't think their first time would come this fast. But it was for the best, he got to see an unexpected side of his lover, he was as passionate with him as he was with basketball. It's what made him fall in love the first time, and he fell more deeply now. He stopped thinking when his phone rang, and he reached for it in his pants, which were tossed on the floor. It was his mother. He took up the call, trying to sound normal, and hang up after one or two minute.

« Who was it?

- My mother. She said they'll come back late, they're having dinner with friends...

- Oh, so we can take our time in the shower...

- I can't believe Aominecchi wants a second round!

- I wanted to wash our mess, but it's not a bad idea... »

The bluenet smirked, making the blond blush. But the smaller man soon smiled, laughing, and went to kiss his lover's lips. It was the best afternoon ever...