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July 2012 AD

Minerva McGonagall wasn't feeling one hundred percent OK today. Though, the sun was out and it was a nice day she felt more annoyed than ill. It's just that… well a large number of muggleborn children had been sent letters to come to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and they had surprisingly replied refusing the acceptance. They just don't seem intent on going to learn magic.

Now she finds herself having to travel to each of these children's homes before the Ministry finds out and sends out some goon to intimidate the child into going.

She had never really liked this sort of thing, trying to convince the children without having them end up hating her, or resenting her. It could only lead to bad blood in the future, but she must help them see why they needed to learn to control their powers.

She paused in her trek as she realised with a roll of her eyes that she had almost walked past the nice looking home of her first muggleborn. She walked up to the front door brushing down her nice muggle woman's tweed suit, though, she had her suspicions that it was years out of date, but figured with her experienced age nobody would care to say anything.

McGonagall rapped her knuckles on the door and waited only a few moments before a woman answered the door. "Can I help you?" she asked the strange woman at the door.

"You're Mrs. Rivers?" McGonagall asked crisply.

"Ms.," she replied. "I'm divorced, who are you?"

"I am Professor Minerva McGonagall," she answered before continuing. "I am the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts."

"Oh, that school again?" Ms. Rivers asked rolling her eyes. "Well, Kitty doesn't want to go. She wants to go to school with her friends, and not some boarding school. You didn't even send a brochure so we could see what it was like. It was like you expect everyone you say is a witch to be wetting themselves with excitement or something," she said laughing and rolling her eyes again.

McGonagall's eyes had widened in surprise as this muggle woman was being so accepting of magic. Though, thinking about it, a brochure selling the school to the children would probably be a good idea, but she doubted that Dumbledore would go for making one even though it would make things simpler. He didn't seem to like change much.

"Well… maybe I could speak with you and Miss. Rivers?" she asked hopeful that she could at least speak with them more to try subtly telling them that the Ministry wouldn't let her not go to Hogwarts. "I might be able to help explain our world and the benefits of Hogwarts."

Ms. Rivers shrugged. "Sure, be my guest Professor," she said stepping aside to let her in before closing the door and leading her into the lounge. "Would you like a cup of tea, coffee, or some juice, umm… well… we have anything and everything, and then things we've probably never even heard of," she said laughingly and confusing the older woman.

"No thank you," she replied, and as Ms. Rivers gestured to a comfortable single chair she sat down.

"KITTY!" she then shouted out of the living room door, and moments later a small brown haired girl came charging in. However, McGonagall had to wonder at the long thin pouch over the girls shorts attached to her left thigh.

"What is it mummy?" she asked with her blue eyes sparkling with interest as they looked at McGonagall.

"This is Professor McGonagall," she said as she and her daughter sat together on the couch. "She has come to pay us a visit about the kind offer we declined for you to go to Hogwarts."

"Oh," the girl said still smiling as she turned to the stern looking woman, so McGonagall took that as a good sign. "So… what do you do at this magic school?" she asked, being the curious eleven-year-old girl she was.

"We learn how to use magic, and perform spells… let me demonstrate," she said as she withdrew her wand.

"Is that a stick?" Kitty asked trying not to laugh. "You're going to do magic with a stick?"

McGonagall gave a tight lipped smile as this wasn't the first time a child had asked that. "No… this is my wand…" she said but didn't miss the baffled expression they both had, but with a swish and a flick she levitated the table and put it back down, but neither mother nor daughter looked impressed. "At first you'll have to say the spell but with time and practice you could be just as good."

"That's it?" Kitty asked not in the slightest impressed. "I have a levitation app on my phone," she said with a sigh as she pulled out a slender aqua blue coloured thing from her pocket. She then tapped at the screen a few times. McGonagall's eyes widened in shock as she watched the table levitate for a few moments before landing and the girl just put what must be her phone away leaving the teacher gob-smacked.

"I have some awesome pranking apps too," she continued laughing at the thought of using them. "If you want to impress me Miss, you'll have to do better than that," she said rolling her eyes.

"O-OK then," she answered looking confused and freaked but she waved her wand and the table turned into a small puppy, and this time both mother and daughter were surprised.

However, as the puppy yapped and yipped Kitty's surprise turned to horror. "Y-you…! You're a criminal!" she cried out in anguish. "Living transmutation is illegal!"

"W-what…?" McGonagall asked looking baffled. If she hadn't heard about this law then how did they. However, she was quick to change the creature back as the girl was having a fit. "I… I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about. The Ministry of Magic has not made such a law."

"You don't know," Ms. Rivers suddenly asked startling the woman. "It must be from you people that EvansCorp got the idea for EVoNet, and to use technology to artificially create magical powers. And your people just hadn't noticed. I'm guessing my Kitty isn't the only kid choosing not to go to this school?"

McGonagall nodded and turned to see Kitty looking confused. "I'm afraid I didn't know about this law, please accept my apology," she was quick to say. She didn't want this girl calling the authorities. If they were right then someone was using muggle science to create magic and that could be bad for her if she had broken a law while using magic.

"Well as long as you don't do it again," Kitty said with her smile returning. "But why would I need a cauldron and some creepy sounding things that were on my supply list?"

"For potion brewing," she was quick to reply.

"That's stupid," she said rolling her eyes. "If I need cures for stuff like that I'll go to a pharmacy silly, and they'll give me a tablet or something, and it said wand, but I already have one," she finished off opening the pouch on her thigh and pulling out a slick looking blue plastic wand with thin screens running its length and a handgrip.

"B… but wands have to use wood," McGonagall replied in horror. How could all of her people miss the muggles creating magic? Heck, how could the muggles create magic?

Kitty just gave her a strange look and, shaking her head, she pointed her wand at the coffee table. "Turn the table from wood to steel!" she called out smilingly. McGonagall was startled as the screens on the 'wand' blinked on with the words transmutation before a stream of transparent light spat out of the end, changing the table from wood to metal, and it took less than a second without even having used a proper spell. She had just pointed the device and told it what to do.

She felt a little envious that the muggles seemed to have invented a way to use magic and somehow cheat by doing it a half-cocked way and getting better and faster results.

However, she realised that the Ministry of Magic won't like this. Though, it was Dumbledore's reaction that would be worst. If the muggles could create magic then they might be able to detect it, and if they could they might discover You-Know-Who and his Death Eaters. She might be out of the loop when it comes to muggles, but she did know they would use deadly force, and Dumbledore wouldn't like that at all.

She sighed tiredly as she sat back a bit in her chair and started asking questions. Their roles seemed to have been reversed but both mother and daughter answered, after all what they knew were hardly secrets.

"So… who invented this… means to generate Zero Point Energy?" she asked after over an hour of talking. She had almost completely forgotten about the inventor. The man that owns EvansCorp and will most likely become Dumbledore's, the Ministry's, and the Death Eater's target. Though, from what she's heard, she's not sure how they'll fare.

"Harry Evans!" Kitty chimed out happily.

McGonagall had never before felt her blood run as cold as it did just hearing those two words, those two names. Harry had done it. He had given the muggles magic. Dumbledore and the Potters were not going to be happy when she told them.

She found herself in a dilemma. She could save herself and others a lot of bother for a while and pretend that she didn't know about any of this, or she could go straight to Dumbledore. She sighed tiredly as she knew if the old Headmaster finds out she kept this from him he'd be saying she was going dark or something and his Order will just believe him.

Frowning she sighed again. She might be one of the very, very few people who thought for themselves in the Order of the Phoenix, but even she had made some stupid moves. Harry had come to her a few times during his time at Hogwarts telling her things, things she should have taken seriously that she didn't because she believed he was just a stupid little boy trying to be as great as his brother.

However, as time moved on she had seen him change. He no longer sought out help from a teacher, and in the end, seeing how un-equal the world was, almost totally destroyed Hogwarts trying to make the world equal and finally showing how much smarter he was to his brother.

"If you ladies will excuse me," McGonagall finally spoke standing up. "But I have to… see the Headmaster. I'm afraid I might be late for an important meeting."

"OK, good luck," Kitty agreed smilingly as she led the old lady out of her house and closed the door with a grin stretching wider than it was as she turned to her mummy. "Mum… I think these weird magic people aren't very bright."

"I noticed sweetie," she answered just as there was another knock on the door and Kitty pulled it open to see two men wearing blue suits, showing their ID with three police officers in full uniform with blue coloured wands in holsters on their thighs.

"Good afternoon Ms. Rivers, Miss. Rivers," the elder of the two spoke. "I'm Detective Mathews and this is my partner Detective Reynolds. If it's not too much bother we would like to come in if we may and speak with you."

"O-of course," Ms. Rivers agreed, quickly stepping aside with her daughter, and the five of them entered closing the door.

However, once in the lounge while the detectives took seats with the mother and daughter, the police officers pulled out their wands saying 'mana scan' and holographic screen readouts came from the side of their wands.

Mathews nodded for them to continue as he began, smiling reassuringly at the pair. "An unknown woman just left this property. From our intel she was here to speak with you both about an unsanctioned school?" he asked even though Kitty and her mother could see he was just asking to start the conversation.

"Yes, Hogwarts," Ms. Rivers agreed nodding her head. "Kitty's not going so I don't see the problem."

The detective just nodded with a sad look. "Unfortunately that is the problem, for them at least," he answered with a sigh. "We have it on good authority that more unknowns will arrive with threats of taking her from you and erasing her from your mind."

Kitty and her mum were looking rightfully horrified. "T-they can't do that… that's illegal and kidnap!" Kitty cried out in horror.

"And we shall not let them," agreed the other detective. "We're here to speak about this matter and secure your home from any unwanted intruders…"

"Sirs," interrupted one of the police officers. "It seems the house is riddled with unauthorised mana, most of which is used for spying… though nothing too invasive, but it's quite obvious that they had entered the house to do it. Other than that the only mana we're picking up in the house is coming from one wand, two cell phones, the food replicator in the kitchen and the child."

"T-that's terrible!" Ms. Rivers cried out in horror. "I want whoever's responsible found and arrested!"

"We will be getting on to that, ma'am," he agreed nodding his head. "We are working in part as secretly as we can with EVoNet to put a stop to these people and protect the children."

Minerva McGonagall had at first considered heading straight for Hogwarts where Dumbledore would soon be starting a meeting of the Order of the Phoenix, but realised that Dumbledore wouldn't believe her about EVoNet without some kind of proof.

It had actually taken her a while to find a place that would sell EVoNet technology. Though, when she got there she was floored by how much stuff was branded EVoNet in some way or another, even though it was made by companies other than EvansCorp, which she figured it meant they used magic in some way. Though, of course she had stopped off at Gringotts to get some money.

She had taken a long time with the assistance of a nice young woman to get a few things like a wand and food replicator because she needed some lessons in how they work, and even still she didn't know much about the ins and outs but they both came with instructions.

McGonagall practiced with her new wand by levitating her replicator, though they had offered free delivery, which was nice. She figured using the new wand to move the replicator was best. She would have bought more, but the replicator was quite expensive and she hadn't withdrawn enough money to get anything else, and doesn't want to spend all of her savings.

It took her no time at all to get back to Hogwarts, though it took some effort having to use her wand to create a portkey to Hogsmead, as she wasn't confident enough to try apparating with so much weight. She had to feel very impressed with the new wand, as the replicator isn't light; she would already be feeling the strain if she tried to levitate it this far for over twenty minutes, but this muggle wand wasn't even trying from what she could tell.

She entered the Great Hall, which was being used for an Order of the Phoenix meeting since school was out. She took note as they sat around the Gryffindor table that a few people weren't there, like the Malfoys and Greengrasses, and several more people Albus Dumbledore didn't totally trust. Either that, or the main reason was because some of his more fanatical supporters kept starting fights with them, and not really faring very well in the end as they just looked foolish jumping to the bait every time.

"Minerva!" Dumbledore called out in greeting. "Good, good. I thought you weren't going to make it. I do hope you managed to persuade the young girl that Hogwarts will be fun?"

"Umm…. No," she answered as she landed the large box on the table getting confused looks as they took note of the weird wand she was using, but Dumbledore frowned at what she said having not paid the wand a thought. "We might have a problem there," she said taking a deep breath to steady her nerves as around fifty or more sets of eyes were on her.

"What kind of problem?" he asked worriedly. "The Ministry has not discovered our dilemma with the muggleborns have they?" he added on looking to be thinking of a way to stall them.

"No… this might be worse…"

"You-Know-Who hasn't…?" Molly Weasley started worried but trailed off unable to finish.

"No…" she agreed getting a lot of relieved sighs but then confused looks, even Dumbledore showed he was baffled. "He's done it… he said he would… he said it was possible, and… he's done it."

"Who did what?" asked James Potter sitting next to his slightly bored looking best friend Sirius Black. Sirius just didn't seem to care any more, but at least he did speak out and for himself. Though, he could be very sneaky in hiding his distaste for a lot of the crazy things they got up to. He just thought they were boring and a waste of time. He had never been patient and always full of energy so it was not uncommon for him to just flop out at these meetings.

"Harry!" That one word brought about shocked gasps and looks of outrage as the mention of the traitorous Potter was taboo for the Order, but she continued on anyway. "He has given the muggles magic!"

"Nonsense…!" Severus Snape hissed out while others had paled, and some looked sick, but Dumbledore seemed to share Snape's stance on the matter, along with a fair few others. "That brat was nothing but trouble. He almost destroyed the castle for Merlin's sake!"

"OK," she said pointing her newly acquired wand at the grease-ball, startling him. "Plait his hair and turn it pink!" she said and even Dumbledore's eyes widened in shock as Snape's hair twisted round plaiting while it faded from greasy black, the grease squeezing out down his robes as it turned into a fluffy pink. It made him scowl but he's gotten used to someone doing something like this to him, though this was the first it was another teacher he chose to say nothing.

"Oh my word," tiny Professor Flitwick squealed in shock from his seat. "No wand movement and speaking in English… just telling it what you want," he muttered as the screens that had been lit up with words moments before faded back to black.

"Now this is more interesting," Sirius piped in. "That's quite hilarious, and ironic. You take magic from him and he finds the loophole, and creates something that creates magic. That's brilliant," he said laughing and ignoring the many death glares he got.

"It is not brilliant Sirius!" Lily Potter hissed at him angrily. "This compromises magical security!"

"If all of the muggles can use magic then why would they care about us?" Sirius asked shrugging. "Heck, this should be good… I mean we can walk through London using as much magic as we want and the muggles won't care."

"It's not good!" Dumbledore interrupted before an argument broke out. "If the muggles find out about Voldemort, or Harry just goes and tells them then they will start hunting Death Eaters and killing them."

"Who really cares?" interrupted a young blonde haired woman, Luna Lovegood with bored blue eyes sitting next to her confused red haired friend, Ginevra 'Ginny' Weasley. Nobody was really being that quick to respond to her comment, either through surprise or because they either secretly or openly agreed with her.

"Now enough thinking like that Miss. Lovegood," Dumbledore eventually reprimanded but got no emotional response like he would with most of his Order. "They are mainly ancient and noble pureblooded families! They need to be given the chance to see the light," he finished, many of the order automatically nodding along in agreement.

"Yeah yeah, whatever," Sirius said as he knew that Dumbledore would have his way so just shrugged and looked to the huge box. "So Minnie," he said annoying McGonagall with her nickname. "What's in the box?"

She smiled a little as she used the new wand to open the box and vanish it, (she could get used to such a clever wand). "This won Harry 'Evans' the Nobel Peace Prize!"

"Really…?" Lily let slip in surprise and even wonderment as McGonagall nodded before she frowned looking at the odd white platform with matte black glass top and some buttons and ports on it. "So what does it do?" she asked being a little bit curious.

McGonagall just gave a tight lipped smile as she switched it on. "I would like a cheese burger and fries," she said and instantly the glass flashed white and there they were in carton wrappings like at a muggle fast food place. "This one device has apparently been putting restaurants all over the planet out of business."

"Cool," Sirius replied grabbing some fries and scarfing them, and after his last chew, he grabbed the rest and the burger. "Damn, that's good eating. I'm definitely getting one of these beauties."

"Enough Sirius," Dumbledore reprimanded but Sirius didn't stop eating. "You will not shame us by getting such a disgraceful piece of rubbish created by a mad boy that would have gone dark if we had not stopped him and banished him from our world."

"Whatever, man. You're mental. This is really good food on command," Sirius replied rolling his eyes. "And it… well look," he said as they turned to see Ginny and Luna had secretly gotten themselves some food from it looking pleased while they had all been distracted.

"Ginevra Weasley!" her mother reprimanded angrily. "What do you think you're doing eating that?"

She just shrugged sheepishly and finished the fry in her mouth. "Don't knock what you haven't tried, right dad?" she asked as Arthur Weasley sitting opposite was scooping some tandoori chicken and white rice onto a poppadum with his fork.

"Right you are pumpkin," he agreed smiling as he savoured every bite. "Damn, I haven't had a good Indian meal in years, but this is simply mouth-watering."

"Arthur!" his wife reprimanded angrily. "How could you disgrace our family like this, and to top things off you're eating foreign food. Indian food, do I not make you delicious proper English meals?"

"You know, technically most of its not actually English," Luna suddenly said wiggling her fry. "FRENCH fry," she said, her mouth snatching her fry, accentuating the word French loudly and clearly making Molly's cheeks flush with embarrassment as a few people openly laughed while others snickered.

"She has a point though," McGonagall agreed as she savoured her pork chow mien. "I haven't had Chinese food in a long while. It's nice to have the opportunity to be a little more diverse every once in a while."

"Too true," agreed Filius Flitwick as he set down his lamb shish kebab and tucked in.

Sirius nodded along. "Strawberry milkshake would be nice," he said, happy the machine made it for him, and the others were quick in grabbing drinks too while the more fanatical Dumbledore worshippers looked on in horror and annoyance.

"Enough of this foolishness…!" Dumbledore suddenly roared out startling them as he swiped his wand and the replicator was shattered, sparking electricity, and a light inside fading away to nothing before it fizzled and some of the insides had fused together and melted.

"You are paying for that Albus," McGonagall said in annoyance. "That thing wasn't cheap!" she said but continued eating knowing she'd get her money back one way or another, and she sneakily slid her new wand into her tweed blazer.

"That was out of order," Sirius said shaking his head.

"Enough!" Albus spoke quietly but his power was now flowing to show he is quite angry. "I will not have members of my Order being foolish over some stupid food making machine made by a traitorous little brat!"

"Technically he didn't betray anyone," Luna commented off-handily. "He just had a dream so far out of your comfort zones that you feared it, secretly knowing that he was too smart to be left alone, and that he might actually succeed. Though, it looks like he was smarter than even you feared. After all, every visionary throughout history has been mocked, ridiculed and feared by their peers."

"Quiet Luna!" he said angrily and Ginny, fearing for her friend, was quick in grabbing her hand to get her attention. Shaking her head, Luna relented. "Good," the old man continued, not noticing that the two girls continued holding hands under the table.

"We must put a stop to Mr. Evans as soon as possible," he said commandingly, most of his Order looking up to him in admiration while others only looked to be paying half attention. "He will wreak havoc upon our world. If left to continue making magic he might gain the power to attack our world with more people than Voldemort could ever hope to get.

"We could possibly lose to him. We cannot let him come here and murder us all. After all, the muggles have always been jealous of our kind. Therefore, I say we attack Evans and whatever company he has created and destroy it before it's too late!"

"I doubt he would come here to murder everyone," Sirius said rolling his eyes. "His dream was to unite the worlds of science and magic, and he's doing a pretty good job from what I've heard today."

"Shut up, I bet you're going dark just like your family," hissed out Ron Weasley in rage having been surprisingly quiet so far since he wasn't really sure what's going on.

He sighed rolling his eyes. "Yeah yeah whatever, idiot," he said as he had finished his burger and fries he stood up. "I'm bored with this, If you're going to be talking about this crap all evening, I'm going home, later!" he said, just up and leaving, several others following too, when Ginny and Luna got up to leave.

"Ginny where do you think you're going?" her mother demanded with narrowed angry eyes.

Ginny sighed rolling her eyes. "Luna and I have a deadline to keep so… well whatever, we're going back to our place where we won't have to listen to this any more. We know where it's going to go. You'll all rant and rave for several hours where you'll come up with some weird overly extravagant and complicated plans that won't work. So we'll skip the ranting and just hear the plans tomorrow."

"Are you siding against us?" Molly demanded angrily causing Ginny to grimace, did she have to screech? "I will not tolerate a Dark Witch in the family. We should have never let you and Luna move in together. Two single witches, it's scandalous the things you might try with… boys!"

"No I have work tomorrow!" she retorted in frustration her eyes' flickering to Luna's looking amused. "And we don't invite boys around to our apartment either."

"Just go sweetheart," her father quickly interrupted as he too got up. "I also have an early start with the Ministry," he said as he quickly fled after them as it took their blatant lie for him to realise that he didn't mind hiding out early tomorrow in his office.

"I too do not have the time to waste here," Snape surprisingly said as he stood up. "The Dark Lord is not expecting me to stay away for too long. Shall I inform him of this…" he looked at the company name on the broken machine. "EVoNet?" he asked the old man, curious.

"No, not right now," the old man said shaking his head. "He could complicate things, and then Evans might have no choice but to go to the muggle authorities."

Snape nodded heading off, they didn't see the smirk on his lips or the glimmer of amusement in his eyes. He seriously had to wonder whether he could get most of the Order declared mentally unbalanced.

He just kept walking out of the castle and out into the grounds, looking around he saw no one as he pulled out a slender black earpiece from his pocket before placing it around his ear and pressed a button which created a dim light in his right eye showing a display.

"Call, code zero!" he spoke quickly and only waited a moment when the video call was answered, they both smirked.

"Good evening Agent Zero, what do you have to report? And who'd you let point a wand at you? Pink really isn't your colour!"

In the Great Hall McGonagall sighed in exhaustion as the ranting and raving commenced. She sighed one last time as she watched a few more people sneaking away unchecked so shrugged her shoulders and followed them out and headed back to her quarters feeling like she could really sleep a year or two.

It was a couple of hours later that Severus Snape walked into The Dark Lords base, thankfully after changing his hair back to normal, where several masked morons eyed him suspiciously, not quite trusting that he was not really working for Dumbledore.

However, he walked into the large house and into a large chamber with a green cushioned throne on which the Dark Lord himself sat in some black robes with a slimy bald head and crimson red eyes. Severus had to wonder… what does Voldemort do all day? Does he just sit on that uncomfortable looking chair all day enjoying his minions grovelling at his feet all day long?

"My lord," he greeted bowing low to his 'master' in respect. "I have news you may find interesting."

"I see," Voldemort answered with a cool hiss to his voice. "And what might this news be, Severus?"

"Harry Evans, formerly Harry Potter," he spoke quick as he noticed the wand The Dark Lord had been holding, and realising that that might be his entertainment.

However, that piqued his interest. "Harry Evans… the sealed child who almost made Hogwarts crumble to the ground?" he asked with intrigue in his expression. "Do not leave me waiting Severus! I do not like to wait!"

"Yes My Lord," he readily agreed nodding quickly. "Evans has somehow regained magic, and is once more trying to give magic to the filthy muggles, but Dumbledore has found out and is as of now trying to think of a way to stop him."

"Indeed that is worthy news for my ears," the Serpent Lord spoke with a tiny smirk on his thin lips. "Well… I suppose we can leave Evans for the time being as Dumbledore might stop him, which leaves us free for a while. At the least the old fool will slow the boy down. Yes, it makes no sense for us to interfere unless we have too, and let Dumbledore show the world that he preaches one thing, while practicing something else. He practices the same as us, but in a different way, and someday I'll destroy him!"

Voldemort laughed raspy and cold without any humour in the tone. "Yes… someday I will destroy the foolish meddling old basket case and his Order of the Phoenix!" he laughed some more.

Albus Dumbledore sat in his office at Hogwarts brooding as he thought of ways to put a stop to Harry Evans' stupid and childish desire to give away magic to everyone. He can not let this continue as over the past few years he's noticed that some of his Order are speaking out against him, and it will take stopping Evans and his evil ways to get them all to see the light.

Yes, he thought to himself smiling at his scarlet phoenix sitting on its perch watching him. Though, he didn't notice the sad look of pity in the birds' black eyes. Evans has done nothing worthwhile, while Terry, THE Boy-Who-Lived has saved them all, muggles included from the terror of Voldemort!

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