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August 2009

Chapter X

The EVoNet Global Cloud

The EVoNet Cloud was a remarkable system. It revolutionised the world networks, and brought hope to the masses. Accessing creation; to be able to feed millions, billions on nothing but artificial magic was a genius feat beyond anyone's wildest imagination; it would net Harry Evans the Nobel Peace Prize in a few years time, and not just 1. It took Evans Industries and its other bases from EvansCorp, EvansTech, and Evans Inc. to cult status on the world stage, knocking down high runners and becoming the premier technology companies on the planet.

EvansCorp oversaw the EVoNet system, building on their designs and improving with more and more muggle-bon natural mage being offer positions to use their knowledge, and imagination to implement within the Zero Point technology working for EvansTech. That left them with many opportunities and money in their banks because the magical world, for all of the lights cries about tolerance and fairness to muggle-borns; it was nothing but lying, teach, preach, but lacking any practice.

Harry Evans had found so many muggle-born mage without any prospects for a future because the jobs in the magical world went to purebloods first and foremost. It didn't matter on grades, just heritage. Therefore, he took them in, offered them money, offered them hope and training, and vengeance on the people who took them from their family's with tales of wonder and magic, taught them magic and then left them with nothing but a junior school education to try getting along in the muggle world.

Some of them were lucky, and had families that supported them, helped them get high school certified and a few exam passes; enough to get on to higher education, and try to make something of them. Then they had to suffer the truth that the magical world would force their children to go to Hogwarts. It was a sad fact, and it wasn't just Hogwarts forcing children, but other schools in other countries too, even if they had a magical parent to teach them, and none of these school except a select few taught anything not to do with magic and the magical world, most magical children being led to believe the world was flat, or that every planetary body revolved around the earth.

As it was, EvansCorp had estimated that just over 3 quarters of the schools around the world, Hogwarts included was made up of a complication of muggle-born and half-blood; the majority of the half-blood students having 1 parent who was a muggle-born, and the other: a normal muggle. Then that was the company being generous for pureblood mage.

It was sad and amusing in a way because those half-bloods would eventually make families, and the odds were in the 80 percents with each other, which after a few generations would make them 'pure-blooded', so the racism was ignorant to facts they were too stupid to understand. Purebloods were outnumbered by a hefty margin, and all it would take was a huge rebellion and the purebloods would fold. They couldn't win and it became clear that maybe Dumbledore had started realising how heavily outnumbered they were in the UK at least.

The old man had done something amazing in a way. He had de-clawed the outsiders. When they joined the world he was the great good hope, most powerful of the light, and 'protected' them from the 'evil' Slytherin's, but they forgot something so important.

Shoot him in the head while he had his back turned, and the great super-powerful wizard was just a normal old man.

The people had forgotten how to fight. They let him preach tolerance, likely because he was afraid, and hoped he could get the 'dark' to see reason. He told them not to go to the 'darks' level, but if the muggles acted like that during the Second World War everyone would be speaking German. Or what if the Russians acted like that, or the USA, or many other places in the world that had once been bullied but came out on top. The world would probably be colder, and the streets would smell of the death of the innocent, and Harry was certain the world would suck bowing down to greedy bastards.

Dumbledore had made them trust he knew what was best for everyone, and no one called bull-shit to stir the cauldron of revolution! Then a young boy had a vision. He envisioned freedom from the tiny little backwards community where he was held prisoner because his people hid from the world that had grown so very tolerant over the past few hundred years. He realised that the only way to make the world a better place; to be free was if everyone had magic.

Harry was born intelligent, and he questioned the world; he asked why when no one else would any more, and that scared Dumbledore above all else. The old man was afraid he would be dethroned by a man who would speak of a peace; the Reunion of Avalon.

The great Merlin shared the vision of unity. He was in the House of Slytherin, but unlike what many had done to dirty the houses good name; he was a pureblood man who wanted peace with the muggles. Then came Morgana le Fay; she was a powerful witch from Hufflepuff. She agreed with Merlin in many ways, and it was her own sister who forged the legendary sword for the King, but then everything started to fall apart.

"Hmm... interesting!" nineteen year old Harry Evans muttered to himself as he read over the files on Arthurian 'legends' though these ones were more facts, or near facts, as they were deeply researched. "So, Merlin was old and his plans weren't being realised; he went a bit nuts, so he was caught using the imperious curse on Knights by Morgana. But she had a spy, or should I say spies, and they had a secret war between each other, which wouldn't come to light until after Merlin's death while the truth would be covered up for Merlin to be a symbol.

"Hmm... let's see here," he muttered touching the blue holo-screen prototype and scrolling down the black writing above his desk. "Wow; they really think Morgana was Guinevere's secret lover and not Lancelot and that he covered for Morgana. They still hoped that she would come off the hero, but after the queens execution she went all out in her rage, laying siege to Camelot where she brought it to the ground and killed Merlin."

"Yes, I found that interesting to Harry!"

He looked up as a young woman of nineteen stood in the doorway. She was a red head and had a wide smile. She was wearing a creamy coloured summer dress, and held a tablet in her hands as she walked fully into his huge office and took a comfy seat in front of his desk.

"Good afternoon Susie!" he said with a smile as he knocked the screen away from over the desk and it faded away as it reached the edge like a pencil eraser attacked it. "I was just skimming through the fun bits, but I really doubt any of that was really the truth; I'm inclined to believe that neither Morgana nor Merlin was human. Even the researchers are saying that they're not sure whether that could be the full truth, partial, yes, but not full.

"We found Avalon, and have came back with... things that human's, magical included should not have had back then," he said thoughtfully.

"Like what?" she asked in confusion.

He grinned before shrugging. "We're not too sure, but we do know for a fact it is technology that is over two thousand years old!" he said to her shock. "Then metal structures that well... if we can figure the formula to this new alloy, Susan, we could build a freaking elevator into space it is that strong. I was thinking of some kind of elevator to place a space station in orbit so we could build in space; a big station, but with this I could build an actual building into space attached to a space station."

"Well, I'm glad you're excited, Harry," she said with a smile. "I thought it would be nice of me to stop by and see how you're doing. I know you were thinking of starting your own magic academy to spite Dumbledore, but with the EVoWand, do you need to?" she asked, concerned.

He smiled as he stood up and walked around his desk, straightening out his black suit he looked out of the windows to the city. "I know, it seems unlikely but there are still children with natural magic, and without training they are dangerous. The EVoWand helps, but that is only if they use it regularly, and I think it wouldn't be fair for them not to use their own powers.

"Then over time because of all the Zero Point Energy muggle-born mage are going to become even more common," he said with a grin. "If I didn't know that they were going to start noticing what I've done, I would love to see the old basket case get out of how outnumbered they would be in a few decades."

Susan laughed, shaking her head. "My dear Harry," she said shaking her head in mock pity. "So any thoughts on Daphne Greengrass; getting her, and getting in her panties?" she asked with a smirk while he blushed and shook his head.

"No!" he complained, rolling his eyes. "I've wanted her for years, and the only time she was mine was when I was Loki!"

"You know; she is a clever girl," Susan reprimanded playfully. "I bet she knew, or at least suspected as I don't think, honestly, there wasn't any other student at the school talented enough to screw with Dumbledore, let alone all of the teachers at once. Every time you kissed her; I bet she knew who you were, and I could contact her if you want?"

"Please don't!" he said sadly turning to his friend when he frowned. "I don't know how to..." he sighed and shook his head. "Anyway, where is Hannah... you haven't murdered her have you; she's your best friend, you live together, hang out together, and sleep together-."

"Harry!" she reprimanded, glaring at him, pouting. "Hannah is busy dealing with some silly Misuse of Point-," she glared at him.

"You mean she's on a MOP case!?" he interrupted laughing loudly.

She pouted, annoyed. "You had three words to chose from, Zero, Point, or Energy, and you chose that!"

"It was funny; still is!" he replied, still laughing. "Hannah wanted to be a head of MOP, and she thought it was hilarious too!" he said giggling at it some more.

"Yes, well you both have stupid senses of humour!" she said pouting as Harry slumped back into his chair with a huge grin.

"Please don't be like that babes; it's only a silly joke that just stuck; I didn't know it would, but what's done is done; at least it's not MOZ or MOE!"

"They would have been better!" she declared before sighing. "Well anyway, Aunty Amelia said: 'no it wouldn't be awesome to send Dumbledore a turd sandwich disguised as a brunch sandwich during breakfast owl post; Hannah did, but then you both have a twisted sense of fun. However, my aunts' people in the Department of Mysteries have managed to steal the spare muggle-born indicator map. It isn't picking up any of the artificial magic or they would have been on to us by now.

"I dropped it off in EvansTech research before I stopped by," she said with a smile. "I thought you could screw the hell out of me because I so need it. Hannah is really good, but I miss our time together, and I told her to join us later!"

"Hmm, what do you take me for; a perv?" he demanded, mock enraged.

"You've had sex with mergirls and centaurs, so yes!" she readily agreed. "Until you get Daphne to be yours you are fare game!"

"Point taken!" he agreed, smirking as the door in the side of his office opened into a huge and luxurious bedroom with large bed.

"Good boy!"

December 2009

EvansCorp carried other companies in its name, many of them people had no clue were owned by EvansCorp; some were even bought into the EvansCorp family to save them from termination, which could mean so much lost work. The company had taken over 3 different airliners within the past couple months as the economy wasn't as steady as it could be they almost went completely under. However, EvansCorp was smart buying them out or the receivers would have sold off all of the planes that went into building EvansAir.

Harry didn't really want his own airline, but he settled with one as he couldn't stand the thought of how many people would suffer because of it, but then, having his own airline was pretty cool. He could start running cheaper flights because he could use ZPE as a fuel source, which meant the competition wanted to do the same, which meant fees to the EVoNet.

EvansTech was pretty much a super advanced technology company, and had the greatest security systems on the face of the planet, and then if aliens were real, he doubted half of them could have more advanced systems. That left Harry feeling bemused as his systems had been breached and someone was trying to rob EvansTech.

The man was captured, but it was odd. He had used a teleporter to breach the building's shields, but the shields had fried the non-terrestrial device, which was his downfall. He was in a warded room, which was so thick with lead it would be impossible to teleport in and most certainly not out. He was cuffed to a steel table, and had his weapons confiscated.

Harry sat opposite the man while he looked straight at him, unblinking in military greens. The trespasser was a soldier, and an American from his accent, and computer records. The man had fought, and hurt some people, but the shields around the building went into full power mode as soon as he entered, and it was obvious from the stains on the walls outside that his partners had tried to follow him, but whatever technology they were using was faulty and didn't have safety protocols, or the safeties were switched off.

"You tripped the buildings defences!" Harry spoke after several intense minutes staring at each other, but the soldier didn't even blink, let alone flinch. "Your friends tried to follow you a moment later, but the shields went to full power once you tripped the alert!" he said and that was the first time the man showed any emotion. It was brief and it was in the dark skinned mans dark eyes; fear as he certainly realised they never got passed the shields.

"Yes!" Harry agreed with the look before it vanished, but he did look determined. "Most of their molecules were scattered to nothing, but we do have to clean the small splattering of blood! You are in a lot of trouble my friend, but I'm sure you were ordered, or hired at the least, so give me a little intel, and I am certain we can go easy on you. I could convince the US government to be lenient; a few years maximum for betraying your country!"

"I didn't betray my country!" the man spat out in rage. "I did my duty to protect it from everything and anything, terrestrial, or not! You and this technology are a threat to the United States of America, so it is our duty to secure it for our use in our defence-!"

"However," Harry interrupted with a smile. "My technology is worldwide; I share everything, eventually, but you...?" he asked as he placed down a smooth oval shaped device on the table. It was burnt with black soot and when Harry touched a certain part a white blank holographic screen lit up, flickering. "This isn't human technology that I have ever seen before, but it is certainly a teleportation device; quite clever too."

The man kept quiet as he looked at it, so Harry went on. "I have spoken to some of your officials, and they have denied your existence, so you'll be staying with me for as long as I want until you end up wherever the hell I want you too; no trial, and no phone call to tell your wife Anita where you are, what you did, or that you are even alive. Your children will never see their father again; he will become the man who never existed, but to your family they'll find out through sheer rumour that you were a traitor to your country and went AWOL!"

"I would NEVER!" he roared straining at his cuffs but Harry waited and watched before he slumped back into his seat, and Harry felt sorry for him.

"I have a dream, Oman!" Harry said as he stood up and walked around the table whimsically. "I want peace and happiness; at least for our people the planet over. There's so much greed and fear in the world it makes me sick. That was why I shared this technology with the world. I hope that if we advanced beyond material things being anything more than something you could get with a few words; the wave of a stick; the press of a button; that we could reach for the stars and explore beyond the known, and find so much more!"

"What if you didn't like what you found!" the man asked, having calmed down. "What if it was scary; what if other races existed that would want to conquer us; enslave us?"

"Then we bitch slap them until they understand, we bow before no man, god, or beast!" he replied, startling the man, he looked around. "I was once a sorcerer who had a vision of giving magic to every human, to take away what made the others 'special' by making everyone special, because I hoped that then we could all get along, but my natural powers were sealed away by fools who feared that I would succeed, and I almost did.

"But I had a backup plan. I was always smart, and I suppose the 'good' guys were the reason for my dream, because they were hypocrites. My backup plan was the Evolution Network, and I have begun revolutionising the world. You scream about your country as if that is more important than your planet. You refer to Americans as your people yet the world is vast of people and cultures who are also your people, why?"

"B-because..." he trailed off, uncertain.

"Because you look up at your flag and you see the greatest nation on earth!" Harry informed him with a smile as he walked around and retook his seat. "You believe that your commanders are always right because of this when sometimes you should question them. You believe you have the right to, in the name of protecting your empire, but Oman; all great empires fall, not because other empires want to rise and kill them, just because, but because they get too big; too full of themselves. They forget about the rest of the world, thinking they can do whatever they want when they cannot!

"So... tell me the truth and betray your country, or tell me the truth and be loyal to your world!" he continued while Oman looked away.

"I-I was working for a shadow organisation!" she said, still not looking at Harry. "We were to steal advanced technology from anywhere we could for the defence of the United States. Even from other worlds, and because we couldn't gain access to the SGC's Stargate we had to use the spare at Area Fifty One, but we managed to get hold of some Asgard teleporters. That's all I really know of importance. I don't understand what the SGC even is, or much about the Stargate, only that it's a doorway between planets."

"So you've been stealing technology?" he asked while the man nodded. "So your plan to protect your planet is to potentially start a war between the earth and another race?"

"We're already at war with... I don't know what they're called," he hissed out. "I only know that that was part of what the SGC dealt with!"

"So... we're at war and you potentially start another, cleaver!" Harry said as he stood up and the doors slid open to reveal a chubby man in a smart blue uniform flanked by several men wearing green uniforms. "General Hammond!" he greeted while the bald older man nodded in greeting. "I'm sure you'll know how best to deal with him, and I hope he tells you everything he knows."

"Yes, and so do I!" the general agreed readily with a no nonsense tone before he looked to Oman with narrowed eyes. "Sergeant, you are in a lot of trouble, but cooperate with me, and I can make your life a lot easier, and maybe we can even make sure that your children do not have the stigma of growing up with their father in prison for betraying their country, and even more that they do not find out you betrayed the planet!"

Hammond turned to 1 of his guards. "Release him for transport back to base!" he commanded before turning to Harry. "Again, my deepest apologise again Mr. Evans for this act of aggression against you and your fine company. I will see to it that the organisation behind this is stopped immediately, and hopefully those involved will find a place in jail!"

"Thank you very much, General!" Harry agreed with a nod, shaking the man's hand.

February 2010

"Happy Valentine Day Harry...!" Hannah chimed out as she greeted him while the blonde girls' naked body was in his bed one side, in his arms while he woke up slowly to see her bright smiling face while Susan startled awake the other side, half-glaring at her best friend and female lover. "Happy Valentine Day, Susie!" she added as she saw her friend wake up. They were in the comfortable and very large bed snuggled in Harry's arms contently under the soft covers.

"Do you have to be so chipper this early in the morning?" Harry complained with bloodshot eyes while Susan was nodding her head in agreement. "I don't have a freaking clue how we managed to get home from that stupid party!"

"This isn't our apartment Harry, it's your house... I mean mansion!" Susan mumbled as she looked around tiredly. "I think you said, screw it into your watch and had us teleported here!"

"Well, good to know it was working!" he mumbled sleepily. "Umm... I think someone will go and get my car because I sure as hell can't be-bothered."

"Don't even think about asking me!" Susan said with a large yawn. "That driving test was hard and I don't like the idea of trying to drive a manual car full stop now I have my licence, let alone a large car."

"So not fair...!" Hannah whined while she startled nibbling Harry's neck and he could feel her delightfully soft body wriggling against him. "I haven't passed my driving test yet, and I can't fly everywhere, or apparate into the middle of the street all the time, more so with shields being placed in places I want to go! It means I have to walk so far to get into buildings, and that's kind of crazy and stuff and, I'm lazy!" she sulked while Harry and Susan laughed and each took turns kissing her lips lovingly.

"Melodramatic much...?" Susan said laughing. "Just hurry up and finish your driving lessons and then pass your test and we can buy you any car you want... well a sensible car at a price we can afford because we can't just ask Harry to pay our way with stupid things we don't need!"

"I have plenty of company cars!" he suggested. "You know you're both working positions where you get a free company car each, so why bother wasting your wages on buying something?"

"Yes, but it's more fun to have earned enough to buy our own!" Hannah agreed with Susan while Harry internally shrugged while Susan had reached down his body and grabbing him while it inflated within her soft hand.

"Yeah, but right now, it is Valentine Day, so let's get romantic!" Susan said, giggling as she started wiggling down his body and disappearing under the covers while Hannah's lips took Harry's and he chose to let the matter drop.

May 2013

In so short of time, no enemy had been greater than one of your own. Harry Evans didn't flaunt the magical world to the muggles, or show them it existed. He showed the magic, and wonders that they would slowly comprehend in scientific terms. Then the world would see the truth as wizards saw it, but then they would have seen to look beyond, and understand that not everything was so simple. One man was close to discovering that now, now there was no going back to the way things were; the world had changed, and nothing could undo the past, which would lead onto a brilliant new future.

The UK Minister of Magic entered his office and closed the door with a sigh as he rubbed his greying brown hair and neatened his blue robes before turning to his desk. He was a tall man in his mid-forties. He walked forward a few steps with the feeling of unease when his chair; the chair behind his desk spun around to his surprise, and fright to reveal a young man wearing a black muggle suit looking highly amused. His hair was a neat array of spikes and he looked completely at ease with his emerald eyes on him with an odd twinkle and darkness in them.

The older man drew his wand quickly, but the young black haired man did not move or look intimidated. If anything, he looked like he was having the time of his life as he gestured to his right where a man with dark brown hair stood holding some kind of weird black weapon with red markings on its sides, aimed at him. He was wearing a dark blue muggle military uniform, and he didn't look like he would mind shooting him.

"I suggest you put the stick down, Minister," Harry said with his smile widening. "I'm just here to talk with you about the future. Coronel Mitchell will be on his best behaviour, but if you insist on keeping that weapon trained on me I can't be held responsible for any harm to befall you, as he is my friend, and friends can get itchy trigger fingers while concerned for another friend's wellbeing."

The Minister gritted his teeth in anger as he was careful to place his wand down on his desk before moving back warily. "What do you want with me, Evans…?" he demanded straight to the point, concerned with the security of the US Ministry.

Harry chuckled shaking his head. "I wish to talk to you about the possibility of… working with us instead of allowing Dumbledore to corrupt and use you, otherwise I'm afraid we'll have no choice but to put a stop to you. We cannot allow you to attack our people, or for you to ever again threaten to take children from their families because they don't want to join your world any longer, and we are opening some schools to just, well, offer them a chance to learn their own powers."

The Minister just glared. "It's our right, Evans, to have them; they're our people and have to see that they belong to…!"

"They belong to no one!" Harry suddenly hissed out in anger as he stood from his seat, eyes alight with his fury, darkening, nearly black, and the minister knew he didn't want to see Harry like that; it caused the Minister to wince back. "They're my people, and I shall set them all free from your oppression and control one way or another; so you either work with us or we'll crush you into the ground and spread the enlightened words of freedom!"

The Minister glared back in anger. "Like filthy muggles could do anything, with our magic we're superior to all of you!" he spat out in rage.

"I see," Harry said straightening out and regaining his composure. "Then it seems like you're declaring war on us, but rest assured, Minister, we have weapons the likes of which you could only dream of… wait, what am I saying. You don't have the imagination to dream of anything! Now if you'll excuse us I believe I have a press conference to arrange…"

He just went to Cam, about to leave with him when the Minster called out in a panic. "Wait, what are you talking about? You can't do anything; you've already broken the Statute of Security; you can't tell the muggles anything."

Harry looked back at him, smirking. "I'm sorry; I didn't give a shit about that law while I was a part of your world… so what makes you think I give a shit now?"

The minister paled as he was left with no choice but to listen, and accept the world the way it would be, but it wasn't all bad, but he realised the children would be taught differently, lose tradition, and magical lore would become a thing of history,

He sighed as he took a seat the wrong side of his desk, mourning the world that was, and wondering what Dumbledore would try; to stop what had already come to be; nothing. Then listening, he was scared but wondered, what they had to fear when the future could honestly be that bright.

to be continued...