June 2008 AD

Herobound part 2

Harry felt like his muscles were on fire as he glowed with golden light, white wings on his back, glowing, and a constant source of the feathers. He was like a beacon, a column of light shooting up around him, touching the sky and forming a super cloud over Hogwarts.

He stood out in front of the castles main entrance. The castle itself covered in foreign markings of purple, pink, blue, white, green, and every other colour imaginable, sparkling as stone wore to nothing and crumbled from the school in a boom.

Teachers and students alike had abandoned the school, some of which were firing everything and anything at Harry to stop him. He was dressed as Loki, holding his arms out to the heavens, chanting, his attackers' spells only hitting the column of light and were harmlessly absorbed.

Harry was gritting his teach in agony as he came to one conclusion. "There isn't enough power!" he muttered as the column of light darkened and more of the castle crumbled away, collapsing the whole front of the school, including the Great Hall into rubble.

However, all that did was make the cloud a little larger and him feel excruciating hunger. He staggered and his wings of light flickered away, the column splashing into nothing moments later with it as Harry collapsed out cold to the ground in a small thud.

He woke later in a tiny cell to the oppressive cold of the dementors, soul-drinking monsters. He pulled himself up from the floor and stretched his muscles. He needed something to eat; he was so hungry he was worried the next person he sees will be on the menu, and there are few who could stop him, whether through strength or because he cares for them.

Harry looked down to discover his clothes had been taken as he is naked, and as the norm, his wand was not around, and he amused himself with the thought of who his wand attacked when it transformed into a huge-ass killer snake.

He checked the door and it was locked, so pushing both hands out and the door buckled under the weight of his power, as his eyes melded into black it cracked and caved, bursting open and to the floor, useless, and proving his seperiour power as he wasn't even using a wand.

Stepping out of the cell, he looked around the empty corridor. "Wow, someone as dangerous as me, and not one guard," he muttered to himself, feeling disappointed.

He left the ministry cellblock and headed upstairs where he could smell some food. Therefore, the naked Harry Potter, or Harry Evans, or whatever, whoever he is now walked out into an empty aurors dining chamber. He has no shame in his body even if the place had been crowded; it would not have bothered him.

Finding some food was easy as he started eating straight from the buffet table, scoffing more than he ever thought he could eat and then some more. It was not too bad either. He had not pegged the ministry as a place to serve up a good meal.

"You should run while you have the chance!"

He was startled, food in transit. He span to see Tonks, with her bubble-gum pink hair and hot figure hidden away by her auror robes. She was blushing, and it was no secret she was not looking at his face.

"Yo, hey Dora," he greeted with a smile, using the nickname he has ever since they first met before he started school since she is Sirius's cousin, and he seems to be the only person, other than parents to get away with not using her last name. "Security around here sucks, and some bastard stole my clothes. It's a fucked up world when you get dumped in a jail cell and still get robbed!"

"T-they want to humiliate you," she replied, finally looking up at his face. "But now I've taken… a look, they're not going to humiliate you, just make a lot of girls want to free you. I haven't seen you naked since your first year of Hogwarts, my last…" she trailed to a stop, blushing.

"Yeah," he said with a shrug, amused with her as he finished what he had started before walking over to her and sitting up on the table she stood next too. "I'm afraid I can't run away… well I could, but they'll chase me until I've killed them all. You should know me. Even when we played game, I always had backup plays for the possibility that I should lose.

"But I should warn you, Dora. Dumbledore and his Order are bad news," he said as if warning her of a coming drizzle. "If you hang out with those douches for too long you'll become nothing but a mindless follower, and I love you. I want you to live your life and be happy."

She suddenly threw herself into his arms, hugging him tightly, he held her, smiling as she spoke. "I'll follow you Harry, but you have to go. I can sneak you out. You can leave the country. I'll contact Sirius, he has some contacts."

"No," he said, pushing her back, though she kept hold of him, he kissed her lips tenderly, smiling wider. "I'm sorry, Dora, but I have to let this happen. If I don't, they'll never give me any peace, but rest assured, this is not the end of me. Throughout history every visionary is mocked, hated, and feared, even Merlin, but look to them, they were great men and women, remembered for their victories, not their failures."

"Then you're going to become a great man, Harry," she said, leaning down her lips touched his and they kissed deeply before Harry pulled back, smirking.

"You should capture me now as people are on their way," he said, smiling. "Though taking this further would have been more fun."

"Y-yeah, I know," she said sadly, as she pulled from his arms and drew her wand and all went dark as he let her stun him.

"Sorry!" was her last word to him.


He felt dizzy and sick, and his body hurt all over, as if his muscle strain has muscle strain. Then they just dump him naked in a muggle alley in London. If he thought the ministry would care, he would sue them. Even dark, evil wizards are given better treatment than this.

First, he was dragged naked through the ministry in chains, and now this. Though, that ministry bit was amusing. He had beaten up fifteen aurors as a friend of his had called them filth or something and were attacked as a Dark Wizard Harry follower or some such.

Harry cannot and will not let his friends be-attacked by mindless pussy-shits. He only stopped short of killing them when Susan's aunt asked him to stop. He is sure they were all surprised he did. She was furious with the ministry for parading him like that.

Then he was taken straight away for sealing, where Amelia Bones was left alone with him for a minute, offering to get him out, and out of the country, but he politely declined. He is certain she realised it is all a part of one of these huge overly complicated plots both the bad and good enjoy pulling off alike.

Though, Harry's plotting is nowhere near the stupidity of Dumbledore or Voldemort's. When their plans fall apart, they fall to pieces. They are so arrogant that they do not think their plans have flaws, but Harry plans for the flaws. He looks for flaws, and even plans for flaws that might crop up, or flaws that do not exist because he knows he is not perfect, far from it, but he is intelligent with a great vision.

He held himself up against a wall as he smiled. His plan was still on track, but now he has to go about it the slow route, but this way is probably more fun in the end. Well, now he has been sealed, as that hurt more than the books described.

He will have to have symbology monitored closely, and such sybological runes outlawed as a form of torture. He could still feel his magic, but felt like it was trapped in a tiny cupboard. He shook off that feeling and tried not to quiver too much.

Standing up straight after the dizziness faded he felt a soft material wrap around him, and slipped his arms into the spare black robe, doing up a couple buttons took too long as his fingers felt like jelly, so the man who moments ago appeared out of nowhere did them for him.

"OK, S-Severus," he said as he looked Snape over. He was wearing a black suit, having given Harry his robe. "Never expected you to wear muggle clothes," he said in surprise.

He smirked, shrugging. "I tried going without while at school, but I am a half-blood," he said thoughtfully. "It never did feel right, and then that blasted; 'father' of yours got me in my own spell. It was quite embarrassing, hanging upside down, robe fallen up, or down, whichever way you look at it. It's not a very good childhood memory, but I've learnt to let these things drop or I would be just like him."

"That really isn't a prank, but plain old bullying," he said with a sigh. "Even I as Loki wouldn't have done something like that and I had used that annoying seal on him to make him see and hear annoying cartoon characters."

"One of the finest seals I have ever seen, Mr. Evans," he replied with a smirk as he helped Harry stand as he was a bit wobbly on his feet. "You'll be OK soon, you just have to get used to the new sensation of being nearly a muggle."

"Yeah, it does feel odd," he replied, frowning. "Just help me to my office so I can sit down, OK. You can't be seen with me after this."

"I know," he agreed, nodding. "I'll apparate us, so be prepared?" he said and asked, actually concerned. He felt it was such a waste that the magical world let Voldemort and Dumbledore get away with whatever they want when it is in no one's best interest. Then when a simply brilliant and powerful young man comes along with dreams of world unity and peace they attack, and attack hard.

They blinked away, reappearing besides a huge building in London, reaching into the sky. Snape helped Harry in through the automatic doors and security soon rushed over, helping Harry stand.

They had entered a vast and busy lobby with elevators, escalators, and glass barriers up two floors that ran around, looking down on the lobby like a circling veranda. The place was expensive, and vast with digital signs and posts displaying all sorts of things, and not keeping magic secret, showing off Zero Point Energy, and the up and coming EVoNet, which could change the world.

"Sir, are you OK?" asked one of the security guards while a receptionist had rushed over.

"Mr. Evans, do you need an ambulance?" she asked in worry and concern for his health she looked to Snape as he let the other guard help hold him that side. "Sir, what happened to him?" she asked him.

"He is only suffering some altercation to… his being," he said confusing them. "He shall be find with some rest and time. Take him to his office and fetch him some food and water. He will be OK soon, so do not concern yourselves too much. I have to leave as I have work to do," he said before leaving the way he came, clearing the buildings shields and disapparating.

The guards took Harry to his office and into his seat. He smiled, thanking them and let them depart before lumbering over to a side room and entering to reappear several minutes later in a black suit with white shirt, missing the jacket.

He could not quite get the small buttons of the shirt to close yet so left it open as he sat at his desk. He started the computer, creating holographic screens he looked them over, smirking at the white and black replicator, and the ZPE wands.

"If you can't give the world magic, make it!" he muttered to himself laughing when he heard a helicopter outside, flying by. He stood and walked to the huge windows and looked out over the city as the news chopper flew by.

In the news chopper, the reporter droned on about the weather, and the heat wave hitting London and its surrounding boroughs. However, while the cinematographer showed the sights of London, the lens hit upon the huge blue and red letters high on the side of the building they passed.


May 2013 AD

"I do!"

Daphne said those words, a light blush on her checks as she looked into those stunning green eyes. She looked so brilliant in her white silk dress, hugging her body perfectly. Her veil pulled back in her long flowing blonde hair like a headband, and her blue eyes were sparkling, and heart pounding.

"I now pronounce you, husband and wife," the magical world minister said with a smile. "You can now kiss the bride," he finished, closing his ritual book.

Harry smiled where he stood, holding her hands, both wearing new gold bands. He was wearing a rich black stain suit with white shirt. He smiled wider as his lips met Daphne's in a sweet and lingering kiss. He felt tingles through his body as he pulled back, looking behind him at friends and family.

His sister was standing to Daphne's side in a beautiful blue bridesmaid dress, with Daphne's maid of honour, her sister, Astoria, with her best friend Tracey, and Ginny, Luna, Susan, and Hannah. Harry had as his best man because he was winging and everyone agreed just to shut him up, Sirius with Remus, Kalem, Draco, Justin and Ernie standing to his side.

The hall was packed, and he smiled as Dora was seated behind him with his side of the 'family' and friends while Daphne's friends, new and old, as long as they're not Death Eaters or Death Eater supporters sat the other side.

Daphne smirked as they could see the lining of the seals now, on Harry's face, glowing orange as they dissolved. "Amazing," she said, holding onto him while their guests applauded their marriage, and the ritual it takes to unbind Harry's natural powers.

However, moments later, the doors to the chapel explode off and in, and if it were not for a few quick skilled mage deflecting the doors, they could have hurt someone. It was Bill and Fleur Delacour protecting some children, their own two-year-old daughter Victorie included, Bill having taken her his wife's family name, as he wants nothing to do with his parents (mainly his mother) while they worship Dumbledore's idiocy.

It was he, Dumbledore and over thirty of his minions, Harry's brother and father included. He walked in as if wands had not been trained on him by natural mage or muggles. He was smiling as if he owned the world until he saw Harry. His eyes widened as the orange light was eating at his seals, his eyes pitch black, as his magic had 'returned'.

"You're not on the guest list, Dumbledore," Harry growled out in a rage no one had ever seen in him, the ground started shaking, and stained glass windows shattered, but it did not fall but floated in Harry's presence. "You're disturbing my wedding when my wife and I should be leading everyone back to the reception to have a good evening. If you do not see fit to leave now, I'll be forced to make you!"

"Harry Evans, you are under arrest!" Dumbledore said so smugly.

However, Harry just rolled his eyes and blinked away to reappear in front of the old man to his shock, waving his hand the glass fixed itself and filled the window frames again, the shaking ground stopped.

"I shall fulfil your prophecy, and finally end your tyranny over the mindless masses!" he said, shocking Dumbledore into stepping back. "And by the way," he said stepping back and turning from him. "Arrest my father for the rape of my mother, and the illegal enslavement of a human being!" he said, and in that moment white lights blazed into the church with armed men with blasters.

"What's he talking about dad?!"

Harry was intrigued as he looked back as he had been walking to Daphne to see Terry aiming his wand at his dad, shaking with fear or rage he could not be sure, but he ignored the police and they waited at Harry's nod.

"N-nothing, now put your wand down, we have other problems!" James was quick to say, nervous. "I told you we'll rescue your mother as soon as we can and have her back, everything will be fine and back to normal."

"No it won't, and you won't ever have her back, you bastard!" Kalem spat out as he marched towards him, drawing his wand. "I hate you; you're no father of mine. I have seen mum since she was cleansed, and she is in a right state, crying, and apologising all the time. She couldn't even come to the wedding because she's too unfit; having fought so hard she's mentally exhausted!"

"And you would allow this old bastard to do this to me too!" Rose demanded in, her wand aimed at their father as she stood with her little brother. "You sicken me, James Potter!"

"Y-you… you kidnapped mum!" Terry asked, shaking more as he looked at his father in horror, and seemed moments away from throwing up. "This was all you… and Dumbledore. I'm not so stupid that I haven't noticed. My brother… Harry was always the smart and powerful one. I'll admit I was jealous, people like him because of who he is, not some stupid Boy-Who-Lived shit.

"He never looked down on anyone… except us, bullies. I do not even like myself anymore. I have grown up since then. If you wanted a hero to fight V-Voldemort, it should have been Harry!" he said before turning to Dumbledore. "B-but it was that prophecy you told me about. It did not say Harry would become the next dark thing did it. It said he would do this, that he would change the world, didn't it!" he hissed out, near hysterics.

Dumbledore sneered, for once angry. "Shut up you stupid little boy!" he roared out, startling Terry and the Order into stepping back. "The prophecy tells that the boy who vanquished the Dark Lord shall grow strong, and reveal magic to the world! I could not allow that! Never. I shall never allow this menace to give away our right!"

"It was Harry, always Harry!" Terry said; his eyes cold as he looked at Dumbledore, enraged. "You ruined so many lives because you were going to lose!"

"Actually, Dumbledore is wrong in a sense!" Harry interrupted, smirking. "I looked into it, did some research and took some tests while Terry slept. Terry Potter, or Evans, whatever. He was struck with the killing curse, not me. If you had cared to check, you would see that. Ironic that Terry does have a special power, really. I called it the Light Hawk.

"It's why he's so weak. When it prematurely woke when we were babes, it protected us. Then reflected the killing curse. However, it was new, too young, so it lay, sleeping, recuperating so to speak. It draws on his mana to regenerate, and once it wakes, he'll have his full power back."

"I-impossible!" Dumbledore cried out, everyone looking shocked, as they had all started to think that Terry had no special power.

"Don't worry, he won't be able to unlock the Light Hawk," Harry replied, shrugging. "Not without a valour of love, and unless he's changed a lot since school, it's not going to happen."

Terry looked away at that, knowing it might be true because he had gotten bigheaded, so arrogant, and became a bully with Dumbledore's assistance, and he hates that about him. He turned to walk out when he felt a hand on his shoulder; he looked to see Ron glaring at him.

"What do you think you're doing Terry!" he demanded, enraged. "Look, my sisters here too, lets grab her and Rose first. What can these pathetic muggles do to us, we're wizards-!"

There was a mass grimace as Ron smashed into a wall as Terry banished him, screaming before he fell to the ground, bloodied, out cold. He tuned again to see Hermione. She had been trying to tell him that they should leave, but he had not listened.

She offered her hand with a sad smiled and he took it, pulling her to him before they both walked away, and with Harry's nod, the police let them leave.

"Oh, Harry, congratulations," Hermione said, stopping briefly at the exit, looking back with a smile. "And thank you, because of you back in year seven, I learnt occlumency the correct way and managed to get this fool to do it my way, your way. Without that, Dumbledore might have got to me when he saw my doubt, and questions."

"You're welcome, Hermione," he said, happy as he watched them leave. "Arrest James, Ronald, and Albus, the rest can leave!"

"I'm not going anywhere!" Molly Weasley screamed out. "You've taken all of my children except for Percy, and my husband has recently left me because of your evil! I don't care what you think, or about your reasons-!"

"Arrest her too!" Harry said, bored as the police moved in closer.

"Mum… Dumbledore is filth!" Ginny commented, nonchalant. "Oh, and by the way, Luna and I are getting married next June in Canada where same sex marriage is legal," she added as an afterthought while the blood drained from her mother's face in horror. "I just thought I would tell you you're not invited."

May 2013 AD

Harry groaned as he lay on his back on their bed with his bride crawling on top of him in her wedding dress, smirking. Her lips captured his for a moment before pulling back.

"Harry, so, the old basket case got away," she reprimanded gently as his eyes are that stunning green once more, she loves so much. "We still arrested the two Weasley's and Potter! Did you honestly think capturing Dumbledore would be that easy? And now the police have a warrant out for his immediate arrest, and authorisation to use extreme violence!"

"Ok, baby, I get it," he said, pulling her lips to his, kissing her deeply, and sucking on her tongue as she pulled back when they started as they heard a bleeping.

"Answer," Harry said with a sigh.

"This is the SGC, an Asgard ship has just pulled into high orbit," the voice over the comm. said. "We have communications and you are being requested sir."

"This will only take a moment hunnie," he said to Daphne. "OK, patch him through!"

"Harry Evans, it is good to talk to you again!" Thor said over the comm., "It appears that your visual is not working."

"It doesn't have one in the bedroom," he answered. "OK, how about we meet up in approximately ten Earth hours. In the meantime, you can set up. If you contact Samantha Carter, she will be able to assist and help you set up some equipment. Do you have a laboratory on your ship, or a place on land?"

"My ships facilities would be suitable, but I feel that a proper laboratory would make for a better location. I shall contact Samantha Carter and have her assist setting up our technology within your facility. I do thank you for your help. I do hope I did not interrupt something important."

"Just… never mind, I'll see you in around ten hours then, maybe sooner."

"Very well, I shall look forward to meeting with you again," he finished and the comm. bleeped to signal that the call had ended.

"Now where were we?" Harry asked, smirking as Daphne grinned, her lips touching his, working together. "Computer, hold all calls unless its an emergency!" he called out into her lips, kissing with a passion, his fingers running through her hair long blonde hair while hers were trying to get him out of his suit.

to be continued…