Take out the leader, chaos will reign free... - Ian Malcolm


"Get a copter here now!" shouted Howard into his radio as he ran. He dared not look back, he had to keep on running. Time was running out; he had blood on his hands. A shadow streaked past the corner of his eye; Howard froze instantly. The shadow appeared to vanish and Howard breathed again. Maybe it was just a trick of the light, he told himself hopefully. He gazed at his hand and was shocked to see that he was trembling, shaking his head ruefully, Howard started to run once again. He tore through metal corridor after metal corridor, his feet clattering aggressively on the cold floor. Then he saw it. A flash of lightning illuminated the outside, highlighting a pair of bright yellow eyes. Watching him. Howard could feel a cold sweat breaking out all over his body as he saw the raptor following his movements. "Shit!" yelled Howard as he skidded to a halt, his path blocked by a large metal door. Wary of the raptor close behind, Howard fumbled for the handled and tried to wrench it open. To his horror the door was stuck. Howard feebly tried to open it again but there was no budging it. There was a crash of breaking glass behind him. He didn't need to see to know the raptor was nearly upon him. Howard punched the door angrily succeeding only in breaking two of his fingers on the hard metal surface. "Fuck!" he cursed wildly, tears swimming in his eyes from the pain. He turned around, blinking and nursing his swollen hand. He could smell the putrid breath of the velociraptor perched in front of him, read to pounce. Howard couldn't help wondering how ugly it looked as he gazed into its calculating face. For what seemed like ages there were no movements between the two animals, both just watched the other as though waiting to see who would strike first. Howard began to laugh. "You're really quite pathetic aren't you?" he said, his lips curling into a sarcastic smile. The attack came from nowhere. Howard was suddenly thrown off his feet by two more raptors suddenly appearing at his side. He hit the floor hard on his back. Groggily, Howard tried to beat the dinosaurs away with his hands and for a while it seemed like they might hold back but then the leader of the pack suddenly darted forward and in one swift movement of its jaw broke Howard's arms at the elbow. Howard screamed in terror as the raptors pounced on him as one and began to tear into his flesh. He saw a flash of sharp claws lift him up to his feet and then felt something wet fall to the floor. He realised that his insides had just been ripped clean from his body. Howard collapsed to his knees. The last thing he saw before death took him was the cold glare of the first raptor's eyes as its teeth sliced into his neck, tearing through the jugular. Warm blood flowed all over the metal floor as the raptors began to feast, squabbling amongst themselves.


Alan Grant could see a light shining through the torrential downpour that once again slammed into the island. Deciding it was his only hope, Grant began to make for the source of the light. He knew the fences had gone down now and that the compound had very likely been breached but he had to get back, he had to get to the others. If they were even still alive. He thought of Ellie and how he could never forgive himself if anything ever happened to her. How could he even live with himself knowing that it would be his fault if Charlie no longer had a mother? Grant shook himself and kept walking. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled warningly as he pushed his way through another clump of ferns. He could sense the animal watching him and wondered if it would strike. Grant pressed on tentatively. He looked over his shoulder, checking behind him for any other dinosaurs. Breathing heavily, Grant placed one foot forward then the other then the other, walking slowly and quietly so as not to arouse any more unwanted attention. The rain was still pelting aggressively at the ground. Every so often a flash of lightning illuminated the black sky, followed by a crack of thunder. Grant was soaked through, his clothes clinging to his skin but it did not bother him. Damp clothes were nothing if he could not make it out of this perilous situation.

Malcolm & Moody

Ian Malcolm watched Moody carefully, studying his reactions and movements. The latter was silent, his face ghostly white as he stood over what was left of Howard.

"Are you all right?" Malcolm asked quietly looking directly into Moody's eyes. James Moody shrugged, then looked down at Howard and back up at Malcolm.

"I don't know, I guess I thought I'd feel different..." his voice trailed off into nothingness.

"Come on we have to get out of here," Malcolm told him firmly. "Or we'll meet the same end."

"What is there to live for?" Malcolm did not like the tone of Moody's voice, it was neither sad nor angry, it was just...empty. Devoid of emotion.

"Come on," Malcolm tried again. Moody still refused to move. The two men stared at each other. "Do you have any family back home?" Even as he said the words, Malcolm knew it was an odd question to suddenly ask but it was the only thing he could think to say that might get Moody to move. Moody looked momentarily stunned.

"Yes..." he said softly. "My wife, my children."

"And are they not worth living for?" Malcolm pressed. "Wouldn't you do anything to see them again?"

"I don't know...I guess...perhaps...but Henderson?" It seemed to Malcolm that Moody was beginning to grasp at survival again.

"Forget Henderson-"

"How can I forget my brother?" Moody cut across him. Malcolm's eyes widened in surprise at this out of the blue revelation. Moody let out a deep sigh. "So the secret is out then." Malcolm changed tact.

"Richard would have wanted you to survive, to go back to your family," Malcolm said. Moody sighed.

"I guess," he began uncertainly but before he could finish speaking there was a loud crash against the stuck metal door behind them. Malcolm and Moody froze instantly but their fear was short-lived as they heard someone cry out from the other side.

"Grant?" Malcolm called out.

"Ian?" came Grant's echoey reply. "Listen Ian, can you get this bloody door open?"

"It's stuck fast," Malcolm said morosely. "There's no budging it."

"Hang on," Grant called distinctively.

"What's he doing?" Moody asked quietly.

"Heaven only knows," replied Malcolm with a smile. "I'd step back if I were you," he added. Moody edged away from the door, his heart pounding. They could hear Grant moving around behind the door loudly. His footsteps were quickening, getting louder and louder.

"What's he doing?" asked Moody bewilderedly?

"I think he's charging," said Malcolm with a broad grin on his face. Seconds later they heard Grant's shoulder collide with the door and watched in dawning delight as the door swung open at last. Grant rubbed his shoulder, grimacing.

"I'm really glad that worked," he said with a hollow laugh. Then he realised suddenly. "Where's Ellie?"

Outside the Complex

The raptors snarled and spat at the newcomer as it made its presence known to them. Their teeth bared furiously but for some reason known only to themselves they held back from attacking. To the raptors' bewilderment the mysterious animal walked right into the middle of their circle and suddenly keeled over. It appeared dead but still the raptors held back. Then the creature began to convulse, foam forming at its mouth. Moments later it lay still. The raptors all watched as though studying it and after about a minute, the creature stood up and shook its body like a dog shakes it fur after a hearty swim. The animal's skin fell down in a heap as the raptors caught a glimpse of its red eyes for the first time. They sniffed the air menacingly and began to edge towards the outsider. It just stared at them as they drew closer and closer. At last the raptors could stand it no longer and one by one they began to pounce on the intruder. One by one they were dispatched. As each raptor pounced, the strange creature simply stepped out of the way at lightning speed and in the ensuing confusion sliced at the raptor with the claws on its forearms before the animal realised what had happened. The hunters had become the hunted.

The Plan

The three men, led by Grant, moved through the compound nervously. They turned a corner and came to a stop beside a flight of stares that led up on to the second floor.

"We need to get to the control room," Malcolm said firmly.

"I agree, they'll have radios and phones up there," Grant said without looking at Malcolm. Malcolm could tell Grant was angry with him.

"Listen about Ellie...I'm sorry," Malcolm whispered.

"She's safe. That's all that matters," Grant muttered back at him as they began to climb the stairs.

"That's not what I meant and you know it," Malcolm hissed. Grant sighed.

"It's just...what if we don't get out of this? I'll never see her again." Malcolm gazed at Grant.

"You're in love with her aren't you?" Grant did not need to reply. "You're going to see her again. Trust me." Grant nodded uncertainly and continued to walk up the stairs. Behind them, Moody was uncomfortable silent. As they reached the top he piped up at last.

"So what exactly are we going to do when we get to the control room?"

"Use the radios to try to call for help."


"Come on."

"I'd turn left if I were you," said Moody simply. Grant stared incredulously at him. "The control room," Mood continued. "It's that way," he pointed down the left corridor. For a brief second there was silence then the three men burst out into loud laughter. There was a sudden loud crash that echoed not far from them. They looked at each other.

"Run!" Terrified, the three men began to run down the left corridor; they could hear the animal charging behind them...