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Title: The Golden Horn
Rating: T
Genres: Drama, Romance, Humor, Tragedy.
Authoress Note: So, this is my first Thor story. This story follows the events that occurred in the film The Avengers. I could not help but wonder what could happen to Loki once he returned to his world, and thus here I am. I can only hope everyone enjoys the plot. However, let me tell you that English is my second language, so, please, excuse the mistakes you may find. Thank you for your attention.
Summary: He was the god of mischief, the antihero, the super villain. And yet, all she saw was an exhausted, abandoned man.

The Golden Horn


The sky was burning. The rage inside the clouds collided in a delectable yet treacherous ballet. Roars echoed throughout the sinister heavens, cries of anger and pain mingling faultlessly. The darkness grew, the power intensifying as heavy rain started falling vociferously.

There was a flash of blue.

Two shadows clashed against the obscurity.

One pair of striking green eyes stared back at her.

There was a smirk.

You shall die.

A gasp for air cut through the silence inside the bedroom. The quietness of the outside clashed drastically with the tempest howling inside a befuddled mind. Wide, confused eyes gazed everywhere as memories and realities waltzed together, creating a history that had yet to be written. Bullets of sweat rolled down flushed cheeks, long fingers grasping the sheets underneath a weary body.

"What's wrong?"

A pair of green eyes emerged from the darkness; a shadow clad in a long, dark crimson gown approached the side of the bed. For a moment, only the sound of heavy breathing was heard while the shadow sat down on the mattress. Two pair of eyes continued locked, almost as if sharing an unspoken secret until a head was shaken.

"Nothing…" a female voice whispered back.

"I advise you not to lie to me."

Another moment of silence rolled by, and the heavy breathing gradually faded away. The beads of sweat disappeared along with the chaos that had been haunting one's mind. A shaky hand was raised, pulling away long strands of hair away.

"I apologize, I did not mean to be at fault."

"Apology accepted, but I'm still waiting for an explanation."

"It was just a vision…"

The stillness that fell upon the room was nothing like the previous moments of silence. Apprehension and alarm started crawling from every corner of the room, slowly making its way in direction of the bed the two shadows were occupying.

"What did you see?"

"I'm not sure. It didn't make much sense. I just…I sensed that…they are to arrive soon."

"They?" was the breathed response, and there was a nod in the darkness. "Are you certain? If what you say is correct, then I must inform the King immediately."

"No, Lady Sif, please, don't…"

"Aysel, if you saw the return of our Prince, then the King must know! And the Queen! She has been aching to see her son ever since he left Asgard to go to Midgard to find—"

The sentence died immediately, but that did not really matter. Both women were aware of the situation, and of how imprudent it would be to keep such issue undisclosed.

"I understand the situation, but what if what I saw is incorrect?"

"So far none of your visions have been inaccurate." Sif declared as she stood up from the bed, "I cannot pretend not to know what you saw. The King requested for your presence in the court so that it would be easier for him to become aware of your visions. You cannot ask me to stay silent."

"I'm not asking for such thing, I'm just..." Aysel looked down, at her hands, and she gently closed them into loosened fists. With a deep breath, she closed her eyes, and searched for the images that had consumed her mind not too long ago. "I sensed their returning, but there was something else...something amiss."

"If something is likely to cause difficulties or problems in the future, then the more reason to inform the King." Sif observed. Hastily, she sat down on the bed again, a leg under her weight. "You must give me all the details. Nothing must be ignored."

"There's nothing else." Aysel told the older woman as she locked eyes with Sif. "I saw two shadows emerging in the centre of a blue flash. I could not see their faces, but I believe...no, I know, it was Prince Thor and..."

One pair of striking green eyes stared back at her.

You shall die.

Aysel grew silent whereas Sif became impatient. Flicking her hair over her shoulder, Sif stood up from the bed once more, and crossed her arms against her chest. Facing Aysel, the two women observed each other until Sif let out a sigh.

"I must go inform the King." she eventually said, and Aysel looked away. For a moment, she wondered inwardly if she should confess that she was hiding information. When she had first arrived at the court, and met King Odin and Queen Frigga, Aysel had promised herself to never hide anything concerning her visions. And yet there she was, trying to enshroud something she did not fully understand.

The sound of footsteps moving away forced Aysel to push away her doubts, and she looked up in time to see Sif picking up her clothes. Parting her lips to speak, Aysel felt her voice die on her throat as she found no strength to utter the things she was keeping to herself. Perhaps she was fooling herself, but the more she thought about the green eyes that had stared right at her, the more Aysel believed that she would soon find out more about the man behind that piercing stare.

"You should come with me."

When Aysel turned her head to gaze at Sif, she was surprised to see the woman already dressed in her usual outfit. Nodding, she pushed the sheet off her body, and stood up from the bed before reaching out for her own clothing. Quickly, she hid herself behind a folding screen, and stripped off her nightgown, and dressed in her own outfit.

When she emerged from behind the folding screen, Aysel spotted Sif already standing by the door, arms folded against her chest. With long strides, she made her way in direction of the door, twiddling the fingers on her right hand as she did.

"We must hurry." was all Sif said as she opened the door, and walked out of the room swiftly yet gracefully. Biting her lower lip, Aysel followed the maiden warrior while keeping her eyes locked with the back of Sif's head. Around them, torches enlightened the corridors, and guards stood in strategically spots, unmoving, silent.

That was a quiet night.

Once they entered in the corridor that led to the King's bedchambers, they were immediately intercepted by a guard. Hastily, but without rising her voice, Sif explained the motive for their presence, and Aysel tried to keep her posture when the guard glanced her way. It was only then that he informed them that the King was still awake, and could be found in the Reading Room.

With a nod of understanding, Sif turned her back to the guard, glancing sideways at Aysel as she did. Then, the two of them walked rather quickly in direction of the Reading Room, crossing a few more hallways as they went. In a matter of minutes they were standing in front of two huge, golden doors, a guard approaching them from the left.

"We need to talk to the King." was all Sif said, clearly not wanting to lose any more time, and the guard nodded at that before stepping aside. With cautious steps, Sif approached the door on the right, and opened it.

Aysel had fallen in love with the Reading Room as soon as her eyes had fallen upon the rich bookshelves, filled with ancient books. There was all sort of literature inside that room, with a few tables scattered around. Aysel had been told that both the King and Queen loved to spend time in the library, and she easily understood why.

"My King…" Sif whispered as she bowed on one knee, her right fist leaning against her chest, and Aysel looked ahead. Noticing the King's silhouette not too far from her position, she hurriedly mimicked Sif's actions, and knelt. Keeping her head down, Aysel paid attention as Sif spoke. "I apologize for the time, but we must talk to you."

Calmly, King Odin put the book he had been examining away, and turned to them. Regardless of his age, he was magnificent, and Aysel could see exactly from where Thor had gotten both his power and looks.

"Aysel has something to tell you."

Aysel glanced sideways at Sif at those words, and timidly raised her orbs to look at the King. Sure enough, he was now fully turned in their direction, his good eye locked with her form. Nodding, she lowered her gaze once more.

"They are to return soon." she informed the King without looking at him in the eye, "Both of them."

"Thor…" Odin whispered after a pause.

"Yes, All-father." Aysel agreed with a small nod. "Both of them will return safely soon."

Gazing at Sif, Odin raised his chin up while the older woman nodded. Then, he glanced back at Aysel, who raised her orbs again. A moment of silence rolled by until King Odin glanced at the window beside him, and spoke again.


To Be Continued...

Authoress Note: Hello everyone! So, this is my first attempt at anything related to Thor or The Avengers. I would like to inform you that I am planning to add the whole gang eventually. However, there is still a long way to go before that happens. Thank you for your attention!