Many people think life is like a game . You don't have a choice , you have to play it , and once you get the hang of it , you become addicted to winning this game . This becomes your supreme goal , and nothing stays between you and your victory but yourself .

My game started out in a fairly ordinary way . Y'know , play with toys , argue with my siblings over silly things , pretending to go to sleep early only to jump out of bed when my mom left to play games with my brothers ... But I never thought that my game would change so drastically in only one day . That one day , when I decided to prove to my oldest brother that I was the bravest and went in that supposedly " haunted house " . Then it happened ...

From that day on ... I never got to be a normal child again . Funny thing , before it happened , I thought that if it ever did , that would be like , the coolest thing ever . But , of course , I was dead wrong . No pun intended . So , here was I , walking into that house , trying to look brave , when the .. event occured . I won't get into details yet , but just wait . You'll eventually find out what happened exactly . The thing who changed my destiny is named in various ways , but the most popular is vampire . Sometimes ,it is thought to be an interesting creature , but the truth is that once you become one ,your soul is forever immerged into the darkness ,a darkness you can't ever escape .It chokes your very being , and you struggle , but that's all you can do .

Then , of course , my family found me laying on the wooden floor , and they thought I was bitten by rats or something . Back then , I was squirming in pain , so I don't exactly remember what happened , but a few days later (or maybe weeks ) , I woke up in a hospital bed with my mother checking my pulse . Then I found out that I kept having seizures , fevers and passing out every two hours : the official story was that I caught an ilness from that house , but the truth is that it was then when I had " the change ".

From then on , my life has never been ordinary , with midnight hunts and resistance training , combined with my efforts to keep the secret from everyone , including my family . Over time , I learnt to get used to this , to this fast forward growing up . Yes , vampires grow up , but they get stuck to the age that their creator had when they got changed . Therefore , not many things surprise me anymore .

This morning , however , I just felt that something very strange was going to happen .

The day started out pretty normal . I was planning to spend it in the theatre where I was training to be a ballet dancer , practicing for a show which was due in a few days . I wasn't alone : a few more dancers where practicing with me and , of course , the instructor was supervising us . Even though we were spending a lot of time togheter , I wasn't friends with any of the dancers , but my best friend , Lucy . All the other dancers were shallow and plain nasty in my opinion , always hunting the main role in every show , but of course , while showing only their good face in front of the teachers and their colleagues . Life as a ballerina was hard , but fulfilling . I tell you , nothing gets me high like that moment when I get picked to dance the main role . This time , I wasn't chosen , but still , I loved ballet and of course , getting the dance to be perfect .

I was just finishing the last moves of my long and complicated part and I was thinking of going with Lucy in my powder room ( there was one for each ballerina , a small room with costumes , make up and stuff for the show , but Lucy and I chose to share one ) and hang out togheter for a while .

„ Hey " I whispered to her . " Let's take a break and go to hang out in my powder room for a while "

„ Sure , just let me go and grab a drink , I 'm kinda thirsty . Hart has been working us like dogs . "

„ I couldn't agree more " I laughed . " I'll be waiting for you in there "

„ Okay . " she replied .

The Dark Rose theatre was the most beautiful building I ever saw . It had an antique touch in everything , trying to copy the one that used to be located near this one , but was burned down a few centuries ago . The only modern things were the security cameras , the kitchen and the bathrooms , but all the rest stayed like the original . It was surrounded by a grey fence and it had a big , black iron gate . On top of it was the name of the theatre , with a dark red , nearly-wilted rose sculpted above . Near the gate was a ticket booth . When you enter the gates , the magic just begins . I always imagine myself as Alice when she entered Wonderland for the first time . You may think it's silly , but I like to give in to my imagination . It starts with a black and white marble floor and a beautiful fountain , which has nymphs sculpted to look like they're bathing , not even glancing in your direction , but making you feel like you're taking part in a very special moment . Then you pass through the iron doors and the elegant entrance greets you . Right in front , there is a red curtained arch which leads to the ballet shows , and near it there are two staircases ; on top there are two doors , one leading to the powder rooms and the plays , and the other which leads to the directors office and the illusion shows . On both sides , there are the statues of the best ballet dancers that worked here in the past . The theatre is very big : I think I can write several pages just to describe it , but I won't waste any more time . People like to come to see the representations here , because they are very ,very good , but they also like to see the beauty of the theatre's architecture .

The powder room that Lucy and I share is quite elegant : there is a large metal table with mirrors and make up , near it is a dressed mannequin with a dance mask . There are some closets full of outfits , a very large mirror , two padded chairs and a padded sofa . Near it is a wooden end table with a golden peacock on it . I quietly sat on the sofa,looking outside the window . It was a rainy day , and the coldness was creeping in the room . I closed the large window and started to play with the peacock . Sometimes , I think about how lucky I am to dance in such an awesome place , instead of the town's local ballet club .I guess you noticed that only the best ballerinas get to join this theatre .

After a while , I was getting bored . Random thoughts passed through my head : I was just wondering if I should call my brother to pick me up , or should I walk home , pretending I'm dancing in the rain , with my sky blue raincoat on and my blonde curls flying in every direction ... Oh , I forgot , Stephen is busy today , he's at the gym club or something , but maybe Lucas is free today ... my eldest brother , very introverted , but the smartest of all of us ... even Irene , my older sister admitted that , and she's like , the proudest person I know .

Just as I was thinking of my siblings , the wind started to blow strongly , making me snap out of my reverie : wait , didn't I just close the window ? I lifted myself off the sofa and began trying to close the windows back . But the curtains began to envelop me in a darkness I didn't like and I jumped back ,frowning . Shockingly ,I saw that I couldn't see a thing outside the window . There was a blank whiteness outside , like I was in a drawing and the artist forgot to draw the landscape outside . I approached the window reluctantly and stuck my hand out , to see if all of this was real or just a hallucination . Quick as a snake , the whiteness embraced me and my surroundings began to fade . Then I passed out .