I own nothing…. As if I need to tell you.

The prince of hearts.

Being discrete wasn't on top of my bucket list, I held my hand to the door, and it shone pink before exploding from the frame it sat in. Doing the same to the gate as I did the door I was free, finally escaping from the Orphanage, my mother died the day I was born, my father left me here. I want to find him, there are questions I need answering. Why he left me? And where I got my mutation from? The only thing I have to go on is my last name; Lebeau, and a playing card; the king of hearts.

I ran from the view of the Orphanage, it wouldn't be long until they found out I escaped. The last few months I have saved some money. I walked for thirty minutes before across a train station, but where should I go? It was then I noticed a newspaper flipping page by page in a small breeze of wind.

Taking it in my hand I turned to the cover page, the word, X-men sat on top of the page in bold. It showed a picture of the X-men along with a mutant I had ever seen before. His eyes sockets were black and his pupil's red. I turned my head to look into the ticket booth window, My eyes were the same.

And so I booked my ticket to Bayville, I will find him. I will get my questions answered.

Just a little taster of what is to come.