Hey guys,

I'm a middle school girl and I love House of Anubis. I often read FanFictions, and I've read some pretty good ones, but none of them were just perfectly me. So I decided to post my own.

This is my first story. I ship Fabina all the way, and I always keep up the mystery and suspense level. My favorite author so far is live0laugh0love. She writes what I love, and I really hope she comes back.

This is taking place in the middle of Season 2, because I know Nathalia Ramos isn't coming back, and that would ruin Fabina, so I don't wanna write about Season 3 yet.

Anyway, on with the story.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything.

* Nina's POV *

"It is ten o'clock. You have five minutes precisely, and then I want to hear a pin drop."

I listened for the gentle drop of his pin, and watched his expression turn to a grin. He turned and headed up the stairs. I crept out of the kitchen, and tiptoed down the hall into Fabian's room.

Immediately after I knocked, he had appeared at the doorway.


"Come on, let's go!" I felt slightly bad cutting him off, but we had to go down into the cellar soon rather than later. Also, it wasn't me who decided to go kissing someone else. Ever since the ball, we haven't been the closest, but the problem was, I still liked him. I knew he had fallen for Joy already, and that only made my love for him expand.

He gave me a slightly offended look, but I pretended not to notice and lead him into the kitchen. As we made our way to the secret passage, Fabian attempted at making conversation.

"So Nina, I was-"

Suddenly he tripped over a chord on the floor, and crashed into the coffee table, causing an antique lamp to topple down and crash to pieces.

"Who's down there?"

I panicked. Victor was on his way down to the kitchen. Looking around anxiously, I found I had no choice but to pull Fabian down to the fake oven, and quickly open it with my locket.

* Victor's POV *

As soon as I heard the glass shatter, I knew something was up. Immediately I called, "Who's down there?" and headed down the stairs to find my victim(s).

When I reached the kitchen, I saw that Vera's favorite antique lamp had been destroyed. No one was there, but I knew that Ms. Martin and Mr. Rutter had made this mess.

I groaned and searched the room for any sign of them. In the cupboard. Behind the sofa. They didn't seem to be anywhere. Rats. Think they'll get away with this. Tomorrow they'll be punished.

Annoyed, I headed back to my office, and sat there in silence.

So that's the first chapter. Kinda short, but I promise they'll be longer. I'll try to update every weekday, but it might be a little hard. Review please!