The drive from the airport was definitely something I didn't want to re-live.


Pathetic mothers, first of all, could not control their ankle biters when we were getting our luggage so I may have almost killed one by accident, but hey, that's in the past now so let's forget it.

Rosewood, Pennsylvania would now be my new home, I thought that moving from Texas was a mistake already so finding out that when I got out of the car it would be a public event moving in, I wasn't best pleased.

My plans of sleeping were ruined, great, just great.

Since being in my driveway I've come to realise already that the delivery men had a weird understanding of what the term 'fragile' was defined as. They took a box full of my dance trophies and certificates that were framed that were clearly marked in black marker:


Alexis Dance

As soon as everyone'd get to know me they would find out that when things mean a lot to me, I do tend to have an unhealthy habit of writing threatening messages just so it is spelled out to everyone what I'm capable of doing when I'm unhappy about something.

"Watch it! My daughter keeps her message promises" My mom, Marie, said.

I smiled, grabbing my bags with my clothes in and slinging it over my shoulder, to drop them about 20 feet later on the 'me' pile.

Some neighbours had made it their business to mostly sit there and watch us like we were a circus act; however some people did have the decency to help when they saw some of us struggling, so I'd made my judgement about those friendly people already.

Stamped with the Alioto approval.

One of them was talking to me a lot, lord knows what her name was but she helped me bring up my bags to my new room even though I told her she didn't have to, but she insisted and refused rejection from me.

"So have you joined a school yet?" she asked.

"Yeah, even though I could do with a couple days to settle in I start at rosewood high on Monday" I replied, and today was Sunday, one day, just one day to convince myself everything was gonna be okay.

"My son goes there, probably the same age too" she said, "Don't worry I am anything but a matchmaker".

"He a player?" I realised what I had just asked, "That came out wrong".

"He is" she sighed, "My husband's told him to man up and take the chance but he won't listen".

People came into the house and went to Joe thankfully; I had no idea who they were.

"Mrs Ledford, Matt's looking for you" the guy my age said, "I've got no idea why but he said you didn't have your phone with you".

"You can go if you need to" I said.

"He's old enough to look after himself" she said.

"No it's fine, I only have to put things away now so this won't take much effort".

"Okay, don't be surprised if I come back later".

"I won't be, my mom will probably organise meet the neighbours like she did last time" I said, she left and the guy was still standing there.

"You must be the infamous baby Alioto" he said.

"How do you know?" I asked standing up.

"This is a small town" he shrugged, "My brother knows yours", "So you get to play new girl?".

"I hate it" I stated.

"You'll be fine" he said, "My guess is you're a complainer".

"Not always" I said.

"Get to know Ali next door" he said, "She'll introduce you to the right people".

"You're not calling me new girl" I said, "I have a name".

"I know you do, new girl" he teased, "I'm going before you ask me to do anything".

I followed him outside to get the last of my things from the car which was my hand luggage from the airport. Noel called for this 'Ali' girl and she came out of house like Zac Efron was there instead of him.

"Ooh new people" I heard her say as I checked my phone quickly, "Nice people" she corrected herself coming towards me and hugging me.

Slightly unusual.

"I'm not too sure about my brother but I'm nice" I said.

She waved her hand, "He's getting along with Jason that's all that matters", "Stupidity does run in the family by the way".

"Thank god I'm not the only one who thinks that" I sighed, "Noel's okay though".

"So is Eric but they have stupid moments that occur too often" she shrugged, "Hey I have to get my mom from the airport but I'll see you around".

Before I could respond she was already in the car with who I presumed her brother who Joe was making nice with. I got pulled out of my daydream when I heard my dad calling me.

"Alexis, pop tarts?" he held the box up and I came running like a little puppy who'd been rewarded with treats. I heard a guy talking to his mom across the street and surprisingly enough it was where the woman who helped me with my bags earlier.

"Mom I have Carly don't try and set me up with someone" he said, their front door was open.

"You know how I feel about that girl, she's no good" she said.

"Whatever" he said. He was walking towards the door and I looked away before he could notice me and see what he looked like.

Well I go to school tomorrow so I guess I'll find out who he is then.

I admit it okay, I'm scared!

It wasn't exactly where I wanted to be right now, I had oppurtunities in Texas and now I was just me, the plain old boring me.

I'd decided that I was going to blend in so everyone wouldn't see me or hear of me so I came to a conclusion about wearing something dark and not really me. Black leggings, ankle boots, white linen shirt and an oatmeal colored cardigan.

"Mom told me I'm taking you to school this morning" Joe said sticking his head into my room.

"Okay" I said breezily, "You're fine here, you have friends and people like you and I just don't exist again".

"Please don't talk like that" he groaned, "I can guarantee that tons of people will talk to you today if you use the family charm like I did".

"Wait, we don't all have charm, especially you" I said shaking my head.

"Yes we do, you just don't know it yet" he said, "Why do you think people can't stop looking at us? The alioto green eyes charm".

I didn't realise that I was still in Joe's car when we got to school, "Lex don't daydream" he said elbowing me, "Now get out and go flirt with some guy".

"I don't flirt" I said.

"You do" he said.

I got out making sure to slam the door to wake him up more; I walked into school and began what had become known as the walk of shame to the principal's office. He helped me out a bit but he scared me a lot so I was pretty much like to my own devices.

In homeroom I had five minutes left so I met the teacher and he was nice, he tried convincing me to join a sports team but I strongly declined telling him I was a dancer. Soon the bell went and my first lesson was English with some Mr Fitz guy.

I found the class and found a seat that was almost near the back of the room, but I didn't sit right at the back cuz I didn't want a testosterone overload being next to guys particularly when I was interested at the moment.

Turns out that Noel was in the class too and he was sitting in front of me, he realised I sat behind him and we talked for a while.

"You won't stay unknown for that long" he said.

"I know but I like being alone for the first couple of weeks" I shrugged.

"It won't be for weeks it'll be days" he said turning around, "By the way, Halloween party at my cabin and you're invited if you can get a good costume".

"I'll see what I can do" I said as the lesson commenced.

During class I caught Noel looking at a brunette sitting nearer to the front than I was, she looked pretty from the back and he couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

I moved my foot and tapped the back of his chair; he turned around, "What?" he whisper-yelled.

"Stop checking that girl out" I said, "Focus".

"Don't tell me what to do" he said, "What is your name anyways?".

"Alexis" I replied. Mr Fitz stopped teaching.

"Noel is your conversation more interesting than my lesson?" he asked raising his eyebrows.

"Don't blame me she was asking if Josh was single" he said.

This was a face plant the table moment, I muttered under my breath, "Hand me the gun".

This Josh must've turned around, "How'd you guess?" he smirked; oh wow that sexy smirk that I see on every guy's face that I don't even notice that much anymore, "Maybe that'll change".

The whole class laughed and Noel just had to move so this guy actually saw my face, he smiled and shrugged as if nothing had happened. Mr Fitz cleared his throat, "I'd appreciate if you didn't ask those things in my class or better yet try not to talk at all, just do things like that outside my lesson".

"Won't happen again" Josh said turning around and relaxing in his seat, did I just witness his biceps move?! No I didn't I'm seeing things; he's a player Lex he's no good.

"Do yourself a favour next time and don't sit within a 2 meter radius of them" one girl said to me.

"Thanks for the tip" I said before looking down at my books again.

"You look pretty enough for him though" she smiled.

Before I could respond the bell saved me and I got up with my books and scurried out of the class that I was sure had walls that were crushing me. I ended up right in front of Josh again and I knew for sure now that he was going to bother me until I said yes.

"Don't look so scared I was kidding" he said.

"I'm not scared I just wasn't expecting Noel to be such a douche" I said quickly.

"You haven't realised that it runs in the family then?.

"I like to give people the benefit of the doubt" I said, I saw him walking towards where I was, "Excuse me while I go flush myself down the toilet".

"You look fine" he said, "I would say more than fine but you'd probably assume I'm hitting on you".

"You're right I think that" I said, Ali soon pulled me away from him.

"Watch it and he'll be the guy who falls at your feet in the next few weeks" she said, "Alexis this is Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna", "Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna this is Alexis".

"Noel couldn't keep his eyes off you in English" I told Aria.

At that moment we all instantly clicked and we were talking as if we'd known each other all along from what classes we were taking and down to the simple details of why I came to this school. My gut instinct told me I would be friends with these girls for a long time.