Witches United: Beginning of the Next Generation

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Chapter 1: Today When the War Began

The sky was dark and gloomy over the coastal plains of Meridian. Chris looked out from his camper tent and focussed on the sunrise that spread out over the dead plains where he, his siblings Wyatt and Melinda had been helping battle in a magical war of sorts. It all happened when a powerful sorceress called Nerissa had broken out of some crystal prison and had joined forces with a powerful demon who had self named himself the Source and had no known origins. With the teaming up of these two very different evils the Elders and some group known as the Council of Kandrakar had decided that witches and faerie like creatures known as "The Guardians of Kandrakar" should work together. That is where all the trouble began…

Naturally when the Elders meant 'witches' they simply meant the Charmed ones but as Piper, Phoebe and Paige were much too old to handle the rough and tumble that came with demon fighting they decided that the most powerful offspring of the Charmed ones would have to do. This meant Chris, Wyatt and Melinda were dragged into a war with their only other available allies being these so called guardians. Chris had naturally assumed these guardians to be big strong and powerful magical beings with enough power to over throw the Source by themselves but instead he got a groups of female faeries, two boys, a cat, gerbil and some smelly Golem (as in from Lord of the Rings) looking thing. To say he was unimpressed was the understatement of the century. Naturally being Chris he had no filter and voiced his opinion which got him glares and a punch to the gut from one of the guys – Chris is pretty sure his name was Caleb.

After Chris and Caleb had managed to mumble out some form of an apology, the group of 13 began introducing themselves and their powers to the group.

"Well, umm we're the Guardians and we can control the elements." The red-headed faerie, who had introduced herself as Will, said.

"Okay well then let's see it then!" Chris said impatiently earning himself a warning look from Wyatt – practically saying 'do you want to get punched again?'

"Right, let's show the brat what we can do girls!" the blonde faerie of the group, whose name Chris had remembered mainly because she was the most attractive of the girls in his view – it was Cornelia.

At the orders of Cornelia each of the girls took flight and began demonstrating their powers. Will began, chanting the word 'Quintessence' the girl managed to animate all the electrical devices in the room and then by aiming her arms forward she began to project lighting, initially it appeared she was aiming for the ground but the bolt hit just 2 inches from where Chris stood. He stood gaping at the floor thinking about how close he had been to being fried. He was about to speak when he noticed the next faerie begin to display her powers.

This time it was a girl named Irma – she had light brown hair and a tan complexion. She first started by changing the colour of Melinda's jacket from brown to yellow and then used some sort of mind trick to get Wyatt to start doing ballet for no absolute reason. Lastly she finished by manifesting water from her body and splashing Wyatt awake.

Next was Taranee – a coffee skinned girl who wore glasses. Upon command she began to light her fists on fire, projecting fireballs into the air and then used telepathy to tell Chris to watch out as a fire ball came flying his way. This was put out by Cornelia who had shot a mud-ball at the fire. Chris looked to her and their eyes met she simply huffed and looked away but Chris just stared – he later blamed it on shock.

Then Cornelia displayed her powers of telekinesis and earth by means of making a daisy grow gigantically large and then mentally throwing it half an acre away. Lastly was a young Asian faerie who had called herself Hay-Lin.

She began by moving air like it was nothing – forming a tornado by simply swirling her fingers in the air then she disappeared only to re-appear behind Chris, scaring him so much that he literally jumped from where he stood. Well actually it was more like he orbed from where he stood.

The girls began laughing and then looked on in shock as Chris disappeared in a swirl of lights and then came back.

"What was that?" Taranee, the only girl capable of speech at that moment, asked.

"Wait, you've never seen a white lighter orb before?" Wyatt asked piecing together from their vacant expressions and nods of heads that, no they had not.

"Well that's new faeries that haven't met a white lighter." Melinda stated looking to her brothers.

"Wait, what did you call us?" Cornelia asked, having just regained control of her vocal chords.

"Faeries… that is, what you are, isn't it?" Melinda questioned.

"Umm no, we're humans. Just regular girls" Will spoke for the group.

"Well ordinary girls with the power to kick some evil butts but who cares for labels?" Irma joked.

"Aside from that what are white lighters?" Hay-Lin asked out of pure curiosity.

This lead to the explanation of the entire magical world that apparently had been closed off to these girls: including the - non-fictional - existence of leprechauns, faeries, muses and finally demons.

"Wait demons? They're real?" Taranee exclaimed.

"Well yeah, that's what we witches fight all the time." Melinda replied.

"Witches…? So you're witches? All of you?" Cornelia asked voicing the last part specifically to Chris and Wyatt.

"Yes we're witches, male witches. They exist too you know – it's not only girls." Chris retorted.

"Sorry, it's just Harry Potter was a wizard and he was male." Cornelia replied merely just too agitated by Chris' rude reply to hold back her comment.

"So you're basing your knowledge of witches on a fictional novel?" Chris replied with a small chuckle.

"Well at least I know what witches are, I don't call you faeries!" Cornelia huffed.

"Well I'm sorry but there has yet to be a book on the world of Guardians! So we just thought with the wings and all you'd be faeries of something!" Chris snarled back.

This continued for sometime up until dinner when the group began discussing their tactics for taking on Nerissa and the Source's army. By this point Chris and Cornelia had stopped talking.

"So I was thinking that we use our combined powers to strike at the first wave. Chris, Wyatt and Melinda will pair up with the girls. Matt, Mr. Chuckles, Napoleon and I work as recon, taking out patrol that will hit later on." Caleb began taking in all the war strategies he had developed based on the knowledge Wyatt had given him on the Source and what he knew of Nerissa.

"Wait who elected you commander?" Chris asked still angered by his earlier argument with Cornelia.

"No-one but I'm obviously the best man for the job seeing as I have actual battle experience." Caleb muttered under his breath. He had been riled with Chris since the time they met and it didn't help that Cornelia liked him – otherwise she wouldn't have fought with him. He was still aiming to win her heart back after her and Taranee's brother Peter had broken up, and this brat wasn't helping his cause.

"Right well, if I'm mistaken you have just sent a gerbil, cat and two powerless boys up against what is sure to be the strongest set of soldiers. Plus once you get through your little set you'll be faced against Nerissa and the Source who I think will crush you to cinders." Chris stated standing up and facing Caleb eye to eye.

"Chris cool it! Caleb's plan is good and if you and Cornelia weren't too busy arguing you would've heard Matt explain that he, Mr. Chuckles and Napoleon have powers of their own. So sending them in to thin out the ranks further back isn't such a bad idea!" Wyatt said trying to make his brother see reason. He knew that Chris had been waiting to pick a fight with Caleb since he punched him in the gut.

"Fine, but unless we all missed Caleb explaining his all mighty powers I don't see why he should be in that little foursome." Chris replied.

The room went quiet and all eyes were on the floor. All except Chris', his were looking around the room wondering what he said to kill the mood.

Then Caleb looked up and spoke, "Because Nerissa is my mother!"

Chris's face fell and his eyes shot open. The big bad mother of all evil was this kid Caleb's mother? And everyone was okay with that?

"If she's your mother then how do we know you're not leading us into a trap?" Chris replied. His brother Wyatt stood up and glared at him like he'd just ripped the skin off a cat. "What?"

"Just stop speaking Chris, before you make things worse!" Wyatt said his face showing complacency but in his eyes Chris could see that he had treaded on a nerve.

"It's ok Wyatt. Well, Chris I've never seen eye to eye with my mother and ever since she told me of my link to her I have made it my vow to never let her evil seep into my life." Caleb said.

"Oh, ok. Well then I guess I have no further issues." Chris said as he sat back down.

The rest of the night had gone unhitched as the groups were made and plans were issued out.

It was decided that Wyatt, Will and Taranee would work together to hit the biggest groups. Mainly because of Will's lighting power and Taranee's ability to cause mass destruction with a fire storm and Wyatt's energy wave power that sent out a wave so great that all in its sites were immediately eradicated.

Melinda's powers of glamour and power glamouring were decided to be a valuable asset to taking out the demonic ranks. Since she could copy the strongest demons powers and use them as her own. It was decided that her, Irma and Hay-Lin would work closely with Caleb to infiltrate the demonic camps and work on the destruction from the inside out.

Matt, Mr. Chuckles and Napoleon would begin working their way to the back groups and take out the multiple soldiers guarding Nerissa and the Source. They would be let in by Caleb after he, Melinda, Irma and Taranee had taken out most of the soldiers.

This left Chris and Cornelia working together at the front-lines – much to their dismay. They would be working together to take out the bulk of the army by earthquakes and dual telekinesis that proved to be so powerful it could knock out 100 demons in one go – of course they were of a lower level, but still 100 dead demons was 100 less they had to deal with.

That was the plan decided upon last night and now it was morning and Chris sat contemplating the whole situation before they were to head out and begin their big bad plan.

So what did y'all think? Worth continuing? Please also be aware that the first 2 or 3 chapters are a sort of prequel to the main story but they help develop the background. And yes this last part is supposed to link back to the first paragraph. It's sort of a start in the middle and goes back to the beginning thing. Also the WITCH characters powers come from the Jetix TV show. REVIEWS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED