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Hit the road jack

Alex just sighed to herself, now, of all times, he had to show up. Alex straightened up and looked up at Gene who was still glaring at her and gave him a sad wistful smile.

"Yes, it's Ms Madison to you" said Alex as she went back around the bar to protect herself.

"Seem to be doing all right for yourself" pouted Gene.

"Yes, well it is only the first night, up to now this has only been a private club for members and their families but several of them persuaded me to expand and open up to the public, buy up some more space and take the time to refurnish the place so I did." Smiled Alex, wondering where this was all leading to.

"But you left." Said Gene

"Yes, I did. It was for the best for everyone."

"That's crap, you did it because you couldn't face everyone after you betrayed me and nicked off with those files after I opened up to you." Snarled Gene.

Alex just looked at him and refused to rise up to the bait, she had changed a lot since those three years have passed.

"You were never honest with me Gene; you were never open with me. I asked for the truth and you fobbed me off time and time again so I went out to look for the truth myself. Even before everything with Sam happened, you were never open and honest with me Gene. Ever. So don't play that card on me. Yes I couldn't face what I did, I made a mistake and I was constantly punished for it day after day, night after night. I got treated like yesterday's garbage not just by you but also by the entire team, I might have screwed up in your eyes, but I didn't deserve what you lot put me through, not only was it childish but it was borderline bullying. Nothing I ever did or said was ever good enough for you Gene and then you went off with Miranda. That is when I knew that I had to get out. Something had to give Gene and because it wasn't going to be you or anyone else who was going to make the first move I decided to cut ties once and for and move on not just from you but from that toxic environment. To be honest it was the best thing I ever did, I can't even begin to tell you how free I felt after I stepped out of those doors" replied a softly spoken Alex.

Gene felt guilty all of a sudden and looked down; he had never thought that his behaviour would have had such a toxic effect on her. He had only intended to punish Alex he had never thought it would affect her in such a way.

"But you changed your entire look; you are not Bolly anymore"

"That's right, I'm not. I wanted to move on and leave my past life behind, which is why I changed my name and my look. Naming the club "Bolly's place" is just a tribute to my success and an acknowledgement of my past."

"You chopped off your hair; you are better looking as a curly haired brunette." Rebutted Gene, ignoring the implications of her words.

"I like it actually, less trouble, less time consuming." Said Alex.

Both parties just looked at each other, waiting for one to make the next move; it was Alex who broke the ice.

"How is Miranda?"

"How do you still know about her?"

"The streets talk Gene. That and the fact that all my staff members and my co-owner a pack of gossipers, I wouldn't have it any other way though. When you run a club in downtown London you tend to pick up on the latest gossip from everyone from the rich straight down to the poor. Looks like you have made a name for youself...and not in a good way"

"Your staff looks like they have been dragged off from the streets" replied Gene.

Alex's face then darkened. "Well they came from the streets, all had potential, all had talent but didn't have the money or the mobility to fulfil their dreams while others were in abusive relationships or walking the streets as prostitutes. I found them when I bought the club house from a thatcherite wanker and I took them on board. I trained them, I educated them, and I helped give them a purpose. I gave them something new to look forward to, I gave them a reason to live. Just like me" spoke Alex in a bitter tone.

Gene was about to rebut in an equally bitter tone when both were interrupted by Tess and a bouncer.

"Alex, we are closing up now" said Tess, looking at both her and Gene, realising what was happening she quickly went behind the bar and came up next to Alex, feeling very protective of her best friend.

"Club's closed, if you are looking for a fight, take it up with security, they would kick your sorry arse, and if you are looking for an easy lay other than your misuses then I suggest you go look for someone else. Most preferably a whore house, I am sure they would absolutely love your service and your cash." Snapped Tess

"Tess, you don't have to do that, I am fine" reassured Alex.

"No you are not, you are tired and you need rest, we have a big day ahead of us and the last thing you need is this moron making your life miserable...AGAIN!" snarled Tess at Gene who had completely backed off by then, seeing that all the staff members and security had came in and supported Alex. Now Gene knew what it was like to be Alex all those years ago and he didn't like it.

"You're right, I am going to bes, can I trust you to close up for me?" asked Alex.

'Course girl, you go get some rest, you deserve it" replied Tess.

Alex just nodded and with one last look at Gene Alex quickly left and went upstairs where her room was. Gene was about to follow her when Tess stepped out from behind the bar and confronted Gene head on.

"Now you listen and you listen good. Back off. Alex has done nothing illegal to warrant your visit here. So I am telling you now leave her alone, she has already been through hell and back thanks to you and that pathetic team of yours. It took a lot for Alex to do and say the things she did and she doesn't need northern flatfoots with a brain the size of a peanut like you barging in here and punishing her for the past. That girl has paid her dues and if you think about waltzing in here and breaking her heart yet again I promise you I will kick your sorry arse to oblivion.

"What goes on between me and Alex is none of your business" snaped Gene.

"Oh you will find it is every bit of my business, I helped that girl get through a lot of crap, I was there when you made her life a living hell, I was there when you broke her heart, I was there when she resigned from the force, I was there when she grieved for the loss of her little girl, I was there when she built this place, I was there when she found all these guys and trained them to be the best that they are, I was there when she made this place a success! Where were you huh? I tell you where NOWEHERE! You were off shagging some woman who will never match Alex Drake and you know it! Replied a passionate Tess.

Gene just looked down, feeling beat down. He wasn't use to being on the receiving end of a sermon since Alex and he didn't like it. It didn't help that he was receiving over a thousand death glares from everyone. Some of the men getting ready to smack him down physically, all of them stronger then he was, he knew when he was beaten so decided to back off.

Satisfied with Gene's response and her speech Tess turned on her heel and open the door wide for him.

"Hit the road Jack, go back to your misuses or to some whore that you have been recently taking up with." Said Tess.

Gene just looked up to Alex's room sorrowfully, his anger and resentment melting away only to be replaced by sadness and regret.

Tess saw the change in his demeanour and a part of her felt sorry for him but in her mind it was too late to change things. "Sorry mate, you have made your bed, now you have to lie in it."

Gene nodded and walked out into the darkness. As he stepped onto the dark streets of London Alex watched him from her bedroom window, Gene who felt her presence looked up at her, both staring at each other for a while before Alex shook her head sadly and pulled down the curtains. A single tear rolling down her cheek as she started to prepare for bed. She quickly wiped it away and drowned her glass of red before going to bed and turning out her light and going to sleep. Her dreams were haunted of images of her past with Gene which stirred her once more.

She was back to square one once more. Damn. Looks like she won't be having any more easy nights.

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