Hi there, so this idea just popped into my head because of a dream I had and I just HAD to write it. It will be multiple chapters. This story will, in the contrary to my other 3 ongoing other ones and another one in the waiting lines, not be a MPREG. This will contain a normal pregnancy and a love triangle thought.


Pairing: RenjixIchigo

Summary: Rukia has to marry Ichigo for the honor of the Kuchiki-clan but she honestly doesn't want to marry him. He's like a brother to her, and most of all; he only has eyes for her redhaired best friend, and brotherlike figure, Renji Abarai.

Disclaimer: If I'd own bleach… dear god we'd be seeing so much more of Renji and Byakuya and so many other characters that I'm addicted to…. But I don't own, so … yeah.. I venture my fantasy in these fanfics. ENJOY the preview!


Rukia stared at her brother with big, unbelieving eyes.

"The elders want me to WHAT! Why?"

The clan head stared at her. "They want you to marry Kurosaki-kun so we can keep up our Clan honor. And since he is one of the little people I trust enough that also has a very good reputation I prefer it to be him."

"But he's like a brother to me. A BROTHER. Nii-sama… you can't do this… Don't force me into marrying him."

"I'm sorry Rukia. But everything has already been set. In a few weeks time he'll be your spouse."

The captain left the room, leaving Rukia alone, sitting on her bed. There was no way this could be happening. It was so obvious that Ichigo had feelings for Renji. And even more obvious that the fukutaichou returned those feelings.

But those two dumbfucks just couldn't see it.

And now she had to marry him?

She knew the rituals that came with marriage, and one of them was – obviously- the wedding night where they'd have to 'make a heir'

She groaned and dropped herself on her back right on que to hear somebody yell a very loud "WHAT!" through the house. And judging by the loud footsteps coming towards her door, that loud 'what' came from none other than her soon-to-be-husband.