2 months passed, and they were standing in front of the stoic noble once again. They'd been able to keep it well hidden. So their part of the deal was kept. Now it was Byakuya's turn. His turn to call the council and side with them on the subject.

Renji could see that Byakuya didn't like it at all. But a promise is a promise.

"I can't promise they will agree to this."

"yeah, yeah. We know." Ichigo said, scowl visible on his face. He wanted this day to be over. To know if the council was going to allow it to go on.

Not that they were really going to listen to the council when they didn't agree. Their love was worth more than that.

Half an hour later the council was assembled and they entered the room, all three of them holding hands with eyes that showed enormous stubbornness.

"Care to explain to us why you suddenly called the council together? Byakuya-sama." Came the voice of the head-elder.

Ichigo twitched at the voice. It was quite obvious that the man wasn't pleased with them being there as well.

"yes. Well. We have an issue we would like to discuss with the council." Said the stoic noble when he sat down at the head of the table. "That issue being the love relations between Renji and Ichigo and Rukia's love interest in somebody else."

Renji huffed when he noticed people's eyes widening.

"and who is that love interest, care we ask?"

Rukia glared at the old man. "Right now that is none of you business seeing as how I haven't even started my relationship with them yet. We are just here to get your positive response on Renji's and Ichigo's relationship. "

"and why would you want that?"

"cuz I'm the one who put them together. And I also know that some of you have affairs as well, from which your wives do NOT know."

The toon looked around the room. He had known that fact, but just by looking at the council he could easily tell about who she was talking because said men had slightly widened eyes and some of them were even biting their lips.

"Are you blackmailing us?"

An evil glint appeared in Rukia's eyes. "You bet your asses I am. Wouldn't it be quite hypocrite of you to allow yourselves to have affairs, but not us?"

A cough sounded from her left. "Rukia. That is enough. Just say the conditions we spoke about for them to be able to accept it."

She huffed. "Fine. There's actually only one. As long as Ichigo and I are still married I won't go and get pregnant. We also spoke about probably getting a divorce when our child is about 4 years old. That being the age when most children could be handled by one person. But we'll get to the details of that when it happens. The only thing I'd like to mention about that is that I would like it if Ichigo would be allowed to stay in the mansion. I want our child to have her father near."

The council was staring at her in disbelief. They couldn't believe that she was really asking this of them. But she had a point. It would be immensely hypocrite of them. Well, that and the fact that she would probably tell their wives of their affairs if they were to disagree with her.

So they agreed, reluctantly, but they agreed.

Rukia smiled as she walked out of the council office, being followed by Renji and Ichigo. The now 'recognized couple'.

When they arrived at Ichigo's and Rukia's room she turned around with a big smirk on her lips. "Congrats boys. I'll be leaving now, got to meet up with Rikichi." She said with the smirk still playing on her lips. "Have fun."

The two men stared at her in shock. "You have a date with Rikki? You're going to tell him."

A soft nod and a bright blush told them their answer and they smiled back at her right before she pushed them in the bedroom.

The door closed behind them and Renji turned to his lover. "So. I guess we both know what she's suggesting, don't we?" The redhead asked with a smirk playing on his lips before pushing the teen towards the bed. "Let's celebrate."

A soft moan escaped the teens lips when Renji attacked his neck, softly biting and sucking at it before licking at it in a way of apology.

It didn't take long for the both of them to undress each other, lips attacking each other while hands roamed each other's chests and abdomen.

The teen placed his hands on top of Renji's head, softly pushing him down towards where he wanted it the most. "Renji. Please."

"Alright Alright." The redhead mumbled with a grin, taking the younger one's member into his mouth and sucking it softly, making the owner of it moan and pant.

Soon the redhead placed his hand in front of Ichigo's mouth, humming around the member to tell him exactly what he wanted to bring across.

And Ichigo understood it perfectly. He took the fingers in his mouth and sucked on them, wetting them as much as he possible could until Renji deemed them wet enough and pulled them out.

He teasingly rubbed the fingers along the other's entrance before suddenly plunging it inside, making Ichigo, who didn't expect him to suddenly do that, yelp loudly.

"R-Renji. More… Just… More… Please."

"I'd be glad to." The other one mumbled as he pushed the second finger inside ,stretching the puckered hole before adding the third finger and scissoring them once again. After a while he pulled them out again and positioned himself, ready to plunge deeply inside his younger lover.

"You ready?"


Renji grinned at that and thrust inside completely, hitting Ichigo's prostate dead on, knowing exactly where to aim to make the orange haired wail in pleasure. His speed increased with time and he started thrust harder as well. All this making Ichigo moan as loud as never before. They were actually pretty sure the whole house probably heard them.

"Renji! God I'm close already."

The redhead chuckled. "You sure you're no longer a virgin?" he smugly mumbled near the other one's ear.

"Fu-fuck you Renji."

A groan escaped the teen as Renji thrust inside even harder, going even deeper as a response to Ichigo's curses and making the younger one come, panting out Renji's name while white spurts of come coated their chests.

His contracting butt muscles sending Renji over the edge as well, the man moaning out Ichigo's name loudly before collapsing on top of him.

Both males were breathing harshly, trying to catch said breath as they laid there. And when they finally did, Renji pulled out and collapsed back next to his lover, laying his arm over him.

"Luv'ya." He mumbled towards his dozing lover, dozing off himself after Ichigo repeated the words, but in his own way. "I love you too asshole."


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