"… In the corridor…close calls… brought him as soon…"

The dark fog in Blaine's eyes and mind was beginning to clear, he could hear voices but they seemed to be miles away. With all his might he opened his eyes the tiniest bit, blinding light flooding into them and forcing them shut. He groaned, feeling groggy and uncomfortable.

"Oh, sweet Jesus." He heard a sigh, "he's coming to." A hand grabbed his shoulder and shook it; it felt like an earthquake to Blaine. His eyes snapped open, the bright white world cleared and he found himself in what appeared to be the first aid room. "Kid, wake up! There we go! Thank fuck, he's alive."

Blaine turned to find a man next to him, accompanied by the prison's first aid team. He was dressed in a white shirt with black tie, his white hair perfectly styled and small beard neat. He looked like Coronal Sanders. "Wh… wha-"

"Welcome back, kid. Jesus, gave us a right fright ya did. Scared ya weren't gunna wake up. The last thing this prison needs is word getting out that prisoners are dropping down dead in the corridors." The man laughed, clapping Blaine on the shoulder.

Blaine wasn't really taking anything in; everything was still a little hazy. He felt dizzy, like he'd throw up if he moved too much.

"What the hell were ya doing by yourself, kid?" The man asked, "Why weren't ya outside?"

Suddenly everything came flooding back to Blaine. His almost kiss with Kurt after telling him he loved him. The guard forcing himself upon Blaine. Sebastian…

"Oh man, he's going pale." The man grabbed a cardboard bowl and thrust it into Blaine's hands, just in time. Blaine's stomach heaved and vomit splashed into the bowl, painful tears stung his eyes.

"Think ya must have hit your head, kid. Now, what were ya doing down there?" The man asked, patting Blaine on the back.

"I… I got lost."

"Why weren't ya outside? It's a gorgeous day."

"I sunburn easily." Lied Blaine.

"Thought you'd go on a treasure hunt then?" the man laughed, before turning to one of the staff, "I'd like to have a word with him in my office, if that's okay?"

"W-well…" a women with a tight brown pony stammered, "we'd like to… just make sure he-"

"Nonsense! He's as fit and healthy as he's ever gunna be!" The guard pulled Blaine to his feet, setting the bowl aside. "Come on, kid. Need to have a word with ya."

Blaine found himself being steered out the room and down the hall. They reached a door which read 'Chief Warden, M. Wilson'.

The man, who Blaine assumed was the Chief Warden, steered Blaine inside and sat him down in a chair in front of a large desk. The room was pretty small; the desk took up most of it. There were picture frames containing photos of a pretty woman with smiling children in various destinations. Other then those, a computer, phone and notebooks, the room was almost empty. As the Warden sat across from him, Blaine suddenly felt confused and worried. In all the movies he'd ever seen the Chief Warden only spoke to you in private when you were screwed or expected to be a snitch.

The Warden sighed, lighting a pipe as he spoke, "… do ya know what I see when I walk these halls?"

Blaine stared at him, not sure if the question was rhetorical or just vague.

"Do ya?"

"E-erm… no, sir."

"Sir, huh?" The Warden looked amused, "Ya got manners." He took a puff from his pipe. "When I look down these halls, I don't see… criminals or convicts. I see men." He sighed, "Men… men who made terrible choices… awful mistakes. Men who fell into the wrong crowd or wondered down the wrong path. Now they're paying the ultimate price. Sometimes… I don't see men at all. Just scared, lost little boys." He shook his head, his eyes sad and… tired. "I like to tell myself that they can all change. Nobody is a lost cause. They say ya can't teach an old dog new tricks, but these aren't dogs. They're men. Most before their prime. But… once they're here they realize they can't attack society anymore. So they attack each other, their fellow men in prison." He put down the pipe, leaning forward and stared into Blaine's eyes, "now, kid… what really happened? Who got ya?"

Blaine stared back, unable to avoid his gaze. He couldn't tell him. He couldn't be the guy who snitched on a guard. He knew word would get out… Sebastian would make sure of it. He'd destroy him. "… No one. I… I just got lost and… the heat made me pass out, I guess."

The Warden's gaze didn't waver, "you were found in a corridor only accessible to Guards… you'd need a key to get in."

Blaine's heard began to pound faster, but he kept his cool. "It was open, sir."

"Hmm…" the Warden sighed, he looked… disappointed. "… Very well. I will take your word for it. Look… I can tell you're a good kid. You've made bad choices, but there's good in ya. It's burning in you, like a flame. I've watched it be extinguished in countless men… please… don't let yours go out." He sighed and stood up, pacing the room slowly, "You know… most flames go out because the men are alone. They have nothing to live for… nobody to go home to. They're empty. But you…" he stopped moving, "if by the end of your sentence, I can still sense the flame within you… well, I can die a happy old man." He smiled a little, eyes scanning the pictures, "… that's my wife, Kendra, and my beautiful children, Sophie, Tom and little Max." he smiled fondly, "I love them so… but… my wife…" he sighed, "… cancer. Took her life shortly after Max was born…" his smile faded, his eyes seemed to glaze over, "I miss her… everyday… God, she hated me working here. She always told me that she would pray every morning 'God… let him come home safe'… course I always did. I work with dangerous men every day of my life… but she was the one who went first. She'll never meet her grandchildren… Sophie wants to be an actress… She wasn't even here for Max's first steps." His gaze dropped, the room became still and uncomfortable quiet. Blaine felt uneasy, not sure if he was supposed to respond. The Warden's head suddenly snapped up, like he'd just woken up from a dream, "Hmm, what? Oh, still there are you? Oh, don't mind me… I'm an old man and I tend to go off every now and then." He laughed, moving over to open the door, "You can go back to your cell, best to get some rest."

Blaine stared up at him, utterly bewildered. He awkwardly rose from his chair and showed himself out, feeling very cold and empty.

Luckily his mind was taken off the uncomfortable conversation with the Warden, as the second he arrived in his cell Kurt's arms were flung around his neck.

Lost in a sea of endorphins, he wrapped his arms tightly around Kurt's tiny waist, swaying gently as he kissed him.

Blaine wasn't sure at what point they ended up on the bed, but that's where they were when he broke the kiss (reluctantly). "No… n-no… Kurt… no…"

Kurt looked both surprised and scared, "W-what? Did I do something wrong?"

Blaine chuckled in spite of a funny unfunny situation, "No, you were… you are incredible. But this is bad."

"How can this-" Blaine saw the realization in Kurt's eyes, "Oh…"

Blaine sighed deeply, pulling Kurt to him and holding the boy to his chest, burying his nose within Kurt's feather soft hair, "I love you so much, Kurt… more then my own life… so… you must understand."

The body in his arms trembled, "B-but… no, it's not fair…" he heard him sob, "I love you too… I love you… I love you!"

Blaine hushed him gently, "I know you do…" he tried to stop his voice cracking, "but you know why." Blaine rubbed his back as the trembling increased, "I love you too much to risk it."

Neither of them said it, they didn't have the heart to say his name. But they both knew… they'd always known.

Sebastian would kill them both.