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It was afternoon in Magnolia, and a light snow was falling...

"Haha, Lucy, you're useless!" a rosy-haired boy said, smirking. "You were no help at all during the mission, your snowman-dog thing just stood there doing that "pun-pun" thing!" He started laughing at the memory.

"Yeah, that little snowman of yours is weaker than a fly!" Gray joined in, also smirking.

"Natsu, Gray, don't be mean!" Levy ordered, coming up behind the boys, trying to stand up for her friend.

A blonde girl cowered in front of them, crying, the snow dusting her head and shoulders.

"See, you made her cry!" an armored girl yelled, which just made Lucy even more scared. "Lucy! Don't listen to them!"

"'Lucy! Don't listen to them!'" Gray jeered, "Erza, don't you secretly agree with us that she's weak?"

Erza started yelling at him for even just suggesting that she thought her friend was weak.

This was actually a pretty normal day…..Lucy was constantly bullied. She and her twin brother had the same magic; they were both fire dragon slayers. But she could barely use her magic. She had inherited a Celestial Spirit key from their mother, but it was just a…thing that resembled a snowman. The only good point about it was that it was cute. Well, only if you like snowman-dog creatures that are constantly trembling and looking completely pathetic. Why couldn't her mother have given her something stronger? Like….a lion or something? But then again, with her weak magic power, she probably couldn't handle something any stronger than Plue.

She was so tired of this though. She admitted that she was a weak and pathetic pushover; she had tolerated them so long, but even she could get frustrated and angry. But Natsu and Gray didn't seem to realize that. She didn't want to put up with being bullied anymore. Seriously, even her own twin was being mean to her. He had been for the past few years.

Levy had given her some books with really strong and brave characters, and Lucy admired them. Although she could never be like them, she liked to daydream about beating Natsu. She occasionally managed to stand up to him, with inspiration from these characters, although she always lost her confidence immediately. Maybe she could try it again today. Trying to gather all her courage, she looked straight at Natsu.

"I-1'll get strong, no matter what you say!" She blurted, immediately regretting it when she saw his reaction.

'Why, why does he have to hate me so much?' She thought, turning to run, an impulsive escape.

Suddenly, she felt herself falling, and in an instant the ground was almost right in front of her face.

"Haha, that looks sooo convincing! Tripping over your own feet, you're so clumsy!" Gray said, laughing, before Erza poked him with her sword, making him shut up.

Levy put her hand on the girl's shoulder, trying to comfort her, "Lucy, it's okay. Don't let them hurt you."

"B-but I-I really am w-weak..." The blonde managed to say between sobs, her small amount of confidence having suddenly disappeared, like always. She was sitting on the ground, her dress streaked with dirt. A visible bruise was on her knee, from falling. Her friends always said not to let the boy's mean words get to her, but that was impossible.

"Why can't you believe her?" Levy asked, completely ignoring the obvious answer. But hey, she was trying to be nice and supportive. She believed that Lucy could someday be strong. Why couldn't everyone see that even the weak have potential?

"Huh? Isn't that obvious?" Natsu replied, sticking his hands in his pockets and leaning towards them. "Wait…I'll say you're strong if you can beat me by our 15th birthday."

"YOU IDIOT! WHY SO LONG?" The red-head yelled. Gray sighed in relief as her attention was turned away from him.

"Ain't it obvious? Because if she can become strong, it's gonna take a while," he said, chuckling. He was having fun with this. His sister? Beat him? Actually, his sister beating anyone? What a joke.

"Okay," The blonde said, making everyone look at her. "I-I'll show you I can be strong!" With this, she took off running again, trying to suppress her tears.

"Hey! LUCY! COME BACK!" both other girls yelled, but she didn't make any move to stop.

"NATSU! GO APOLOGIZE TO HER!" Erza yelled, pointing her sword at him.

"Huhh? Why meee?" he whined.


At this, he decided it was better to obey. Talking back once was dangerous enough, and he didn't want to die at a young age. Reluctantly, he ran after his twin sister, leaving both other girls yelling at Gray.

Lucy had managed to get pretty far while they had been arguing, but he was a fast runner, so it didn't matter much. Glancing around at his surroundings, he realized that they were heading onto a path in the mountains around the edge of Magnolia. There was a rocky wall on one side, and a steep drop on the other. On the other side of that was another rock wall; they were next to a thin ravine. Since they had just come back from a job, it wasn't far at all from where they had been to here.

Suddenly, he heard a loud rumbling noise. He stopped, but his twin kept running. His eyes suddenly widened as he realized what it was. A large boulder was rolling down the hill. It was a bit ahead of Lucy, but…by the time it reached the path…..

He was terrified-Yes, he, the mighty Natsu Dragneel who did everything possible to separate himself from his weak sister, was scared-, and couldn't move. All he could do was watch as the rock hit his sister, knocking her off the steep drop at the edge of the path they were on.

She let out an ear piercing scream-a scream which he'd continue hearing 'till years later- bringing him back to life.

Dropping to his knees at the edge of the path, he looked down into the darkness between the rock walls.


The snow continued falling...cold, freezing, depressing...like it had been awaiting her death.

Seven years later, a young girl sat in a chair outside a coffee shop in a peaceful little town. "We're almost at Magnolia…and then it's just 3 months."

A large lump of fur next to her lifted its head. "Yes…3 months till your 15th birthday."

The girl smirked. The day she had been waiting for was finally arriving.

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