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Lucy sat at the bar, fidgeting nervously with the straw in her empty glass. She had to challenge Natsu to a duel. She'd been procrastinating for the past few days…But another month had passed, and it was June 30th. Their birthday was July 1st…or at least, that was the day Igneel said he found them, although of course he may have gotten the human date wrong. She had to do it today.

She glanced around, seeing Natsu and Happy sitting alone. Ugh, why did he just have to be in the perfect situation? Sighing, she figured she should get it over with. Maybe she'd feel more confident – or, more likely, less confident- once she knew it was really going to happen.

She slowly strode over to him, thinking up a plan. Her brother looked up at her as she stopped next to the table. "Happy, Charle said she wanted to tell you something."

Happy looked her, his eyes gleaming. "Really?!" He exclaimed, immediately flying off, saying something about fish.

Lucy smiled. One idiotic flying cat tricked, just one more thing to do.

Natsu's eyes widened as she slammed her hand on the table, a determined look now on her face.

"I need to talk to you."

"Okay, what do you want?" Natsu asked, startled.


"Huh? You wan-"

"Let's talk outside," she specified, suspecting that he was about to say something stupid.

"Oh…'k then. Now?"

"Yes. Follow me."

She lead him outside, and a bit away from the guild building. Turning to him suddenly, she declared, "I challenge you to a duel."

After being called an annoying tom-cat by Charle yet again, Happy was slowly flying back to the table where he and Natsu had been sitting, his tail drooping. As he neared it, he realized that Natsu and Ookami weren't there anymore.

Thinking nothing of it, he decided to see if he could get a fish from Mira. Maybe that would cheer him up.

"Ah, Happy. Looking for a fish~?" Mirajane asked, slipping a cap back on a pen and putting it in a drawer.

The cat just stared at her. She had just crossed off the day on a large calendar which was hanging on the wall. Happy had never paid much attention to it before, but he happened to notice it today…probably because of the fact that "JUNE" was written at the top, and all the days had a blue X over them.

"Yes, Happy," She answered his unspoken question.

"I-I need to go…" He flew off in a hurry. Did Natsu know?

Obviously, the dragon slayer didn't know the date. But, no surprise there, he never cared much about what day it was.

"A…duel?" Natsu suddenly felt like there was something he was forgetting. "Sure…but, why?"

Lucy frowned. She'd expected him to just be overly excited and not question anything. "Oh…you know…I just think I need to train with people more…"

"Okay, then I'm all fired up!" he exclaimed, deciding to ignore the nagging forgetful feeling.

Happy franticly scanned the guild for Natsu, but couldn't see him anywhere.

"Yo, Happy. What are you looking for?"

"Do you know where Natsu is?" Happy asked, answering Gray's question with another question.

"Nope. Why?"


Gray's face darkened, "Ah, yeah. When did you last see him?"

"With Ookami...she tricked me into leaving, and they disappeared," Happy answered, sounding upset - from both the day, and being tricked.

"With Ookami...what did she want?"

"...Maybe she was giving him fish!" Happy suddenly exclaimed, looking shocked and depressed at the same time. Apparently he still wanted a fish.

Gray sweatdropped. "Maybe she was just rescuing him from his stupid cat..."

Ignoring Gray, Happy struck a determined looking pose and said, "We must find them before they eat all the fish!"

"Yes, of course, because what else could they possibly be doing..."


"Or a fight. That's something Natsu can't refuse. Although it's really random..."

Gray then noticed Happy was staring him, completely stunned. "T-they're fighting over fish? The fish will get dirty or someth- ah! Lucy!" Now he looked really nervous. What Gray said had triggered his memory - the promise the twins had made.

He had still been a kitten at the time, and so had been left at the guild so he'd be safer, but Natsu had told him about it, and had occasionally talked about it too.

Someone challenging Natsu to a fight…the day before his birthday…could it be…?

Gray cocked his head, confused. "...What does...she...have to do with this?" It was strange for Happy to suddenly change the subject while talking about fish.

"A-are you sure they're fighting?"

"No. They could be doing, fishing." Talking about Lucy made him kind of nervous for some reason.

"No, they aren't fishing! They're fighting, I'm sure!"

This may be the only time Gray would ever regret changing the subject from fish. "Why would they be fighting? Ookami doesn't seem like the type to randomly want to fight."

"But it's not random! I have to find them!" The one-track-minded cat exclaimed, flying off as fast as he could, leaving Gray behind.

Gray was now extremely confused. What the heck did Lucy have to do with this? Yes, tomorrow was her birthday too, but...and how would Ookami be involved too? And why would she be fighting with Natsu about it?

She had always seemed to have an interest in Natsu, and he had figured it was because she liked him...Although though wouldn't provide any good explanation for this either.

He had told her about Lucy, and she seemed slightly more interested than a normal person might have been. Was that the cause of whatever this was?

Or...was Happy saying that Ookami is Lucy? But how would that even be possible? And wouldn't he have already noticed?

But then again, Happy was just a cat who usually didn't say anything useful, and so what he had said probably didn't actually mean anything.

This realization made Gray feel better, and he decided not to worry about it anymore. He'd be able to figure it out when Ookami and Natsu got back.

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