Chapter 1: The Savior

"C'mon, Holly, please can we just take a break? I don't get this shit! I mean who the hell cares about geometry? I am never going to use this shit." Santana threw her pen onto the table and crossed her arms over her chest defensively. Her over usage of the word shit indicated her anger.

"Sweetie you're never going to graduate if you don't pay attention."

"Yeah and I still won't have a normal graduation." Santana rolled her eyes. Holly stood up and opened the window, letting the cold October air come into the warm tour bus. She knew Santana was sick of living in the tour bus. Yes, it was big but yet it was so small at the same time. They were living in the bus for a few weeks now and Santana got angrier with every minute she had to stay inside and she couldn't spend it outside having fun.

Of course they could afford a house- more than one actually- but eventually they would have to leave it. Besides they already lived in Los Angeles and the tour bus was just a place to stay for a few weeks. Santana was on tour at the moment giving concerts in different cities of the U.S. Lima in Ohio was the momentary place and Lima was a really small town and the only accommodation this small town had to offer was a small, crappy motel. Santana refused to live in it.

She was used to luxury things and the small, dirty motel rooms disgusted her. Holly could imagine how the younger girl felt. She loved the music and she loved to sing. And hell yeah she enjoyed being famous but she also wanted to have some peace and quiet. Santana was never the liking people type. She was rude and mean as hell and she liked to call herself a 'bitch'. Holly was the only one who knew Santana more than the bitch she showed.

Often she could see Santana getting annoyed when fans stayed too long and asked for autographs and hugs. Too much physical contact with stranger was sometimes too much for Santana. She simply hated people and the job she chose wasn't exactly perfect for her when you ignored the fact that she had one hell of a voice. At the age of fifteen she got discovered by Shelby Corcoran, who was now her manager. And in one year everyone knew Santana's name. Santana loved the attention she got and the money she made. She had bought so many expensive clothes that Holly didn't know where to put all of them.

Holly was Santana's god mother. Her parents died when she was ten and now she was taking care of the girl. But Holly had always taken care of Santana more than her parents. And she did her best to make Santana happy. Santana had always been close to Holly since her birth. She was even closer to Holly than to her parents.

Mr. Lopez- Santana's father- was a surgeon and he was barely home. Mrs. Lopez- Santana's mom- was a business woman always missing from home and couldn't be the mother Santana had needed so many times. Holly liked Santana's parents. Maribel Lopez had been one of Holly's closest friends before she and her husband became workaholics and had barely time for anything. Santana, though, never complained about her parents.

She barely had memories of them. She never knew them enough to be affected by their death. Sure she had been sad but she never cried. It came more by surprise and Santana was shocked but she didn't miss them more than when they were still alive. At least that what she was saying.

Besides friend, parent and whatever else Holly was for Santana, she also was Santana's private teacher. Holiday had asked herself a lot of times why she became a teacher but Santana always reminded her again. She loved teaching people. Seeing the knowledge slowly crawling up into their brain helping them in their lives. Sure Santana was a little annoying because she had better things to do than to learn but Holly couldn't do more than to just be patient. Because that's all you had to do with Santana. Be patient.

What bothered Holly the most though was that Santana couldn't have normal teenage experiences. No matter where she would go Santana would always be recognized unless she would hide behind some sunglasses or hoodies. Santana couldn't have friends without having doubts if they liked her for real or they just used her for her publicity.

But a few years ago, before Santana was really famous she met Sam and they became really good friends. He started hanging out with Santana and when she found out that he could play the guitar, she asked him if he wanted to be member of the band that played when she was on tour. And since then the two friends were inseparable. He was like a brother for Santana. Holly was really glad that they met each other because she needed someone who was the same age. Sam had a similar childhood to Santana. His parents were divorced and didn't really care about him. So wherever Santana was Sam was right beside her.

Holly sighed and grabbed a bottle of water and took a few sips. She sat next to Santana and offered her some water. Santana shook her head.

"Holly, I want to go to a public school. I am sick of living in this tour bus and I am sick of private lessons. I want to throw paper balls at teachers and I want to ditch lessons and goof around with my friends. I want to keep making music and doing concerts but I still want to live like a normal teenager."

"Let's do geometry now and we'll talk about it later. Besides you have an autograph session later at the mall. So we have to hurry up, okay? And throwing paper balls at teachers is not funny." Santana laughed and shook her head in disagreement. Holly gave her a 'don't- mess- with- me- look' and Santana immediately stopped which earned her laughter from Holly.

"Fine." Santana sighed and turned her attention again to the book.

"That's my girl." Holly said and they started back on geometry.

Santana let the warm liquid warm her from the inside out as she emptied her cup of coffee. It calmed her, it distracted her when she was a bit on edge. She looked at her now empty cup and put a chewing gum into her mouth. She checked herself again in the rear view mirror, earning an eye roll from Holly and put some lip gloss on.

"You look great, Santana. You just have to sign some cards and take some pictures."

"I am sure I'll have to sing some songs before I am finally released."

"You're right. But don't deny that you love the attention."

"You know me too well." Santana laughed and looked out of the window. It was tinted so that she wouldn't be seen from outside. She could see from inside what was going on outside, but from outside no one knew what was happening inside of the car. And honestly she was really glad about it. "Wait, my guitar is in the trunk, isn't it?"

"Yeah you checked twice, remember? Besides Sam is going to play the guitar so no need to worry, honey. Just relax you have only a few minutes left." Santana nodded. She could see the mall. To be honest she had no idea how she landed in a small town named Lima in Ohio. Usually she only visited big cities but her manager had organized it, so she hadn't any choice. At least she could do what she liked the most singing and making music and for that it didn't matter where she was.

While the car was nearing the mall she could see the mass of people standing in front of the back entrance. It still pissed Santana off that a people still came to the back entrance. The driver slowed the car down because some crazy fans had circled around the vehicle and before there would be an accident they had to be more careful.

Santana turned around and looked for the second car where Sam and Shelby were sitting. She could see Sam sitting in the passenger seat. She waved at him and for a moment she forgot that he wasn't able to see her. She missed his comfort and the safety she felt when he was next to her. It calmed her down and cleared her thoughts.

The car stopped. Santana spit her chewing gum into a napkin before she got out. After exiting the car Sam was immediately by her side, the safe feeling returning immediately and the security man- Joe a good hearted, dark skinned man who was as big as a wardrobe tried to push Santana, Sam, Holly and Shelby through the crowd safely. Some paparazzi were waiting for Santana trying to take the best picture. Fans were cheering and screaming for Santana to get an autograph or a hug. Santana was holding Sam's hand tightly pulling him with her. She kept smiling, though, always keeping up the perfect façade. The security and the mall's manager led them inside to the tribune in front of some stores.

"Ready, hot stuff?" Holly asked.

"Always." Santana smiled. She adjusted her clothes. Sam hugged her wished her good luck and Santana, Holly, Sam and Shelby went all upstairs onto the small stage. The crowd cheered and they waved politely at back them. Santana could see some placates with pictures of her on them and 'Santana, we love you' written on them in many colors and she had never seen so much glitter.

A long line of people of all ages were already waiting. The security people let them slowly upstairs so Santana could give some autographs and take some pictures with them. Santana even got some presents. Stuffed animals and candies and someone gave her jewelry. Nothing expensive but Santana always thanked her fans politely and put an extra heart next to her autograph. One fan, though, stayed in her mind. A small brunette girl who introduced herself as 'Rachel Berry, future Broadway star.' She was memorable because she was annoying as hell to Santana. She talked really fast and only about herself. And her huge nose was unforgettable. She even gave Santana a calling card. Santana would throw it into the bin after the autograph session anyway.

After the autographs she placed two stools in the middle of the tribune and Sam sat on one with his guitar and Santana sat on the other. A microphone was standing in front of her. She sang one of her new songs and after that she was free to leave. Everyone got behind the stage. Sam and Holly hugged Santana and congratulated her for her amazing performance.

"I need something to eat. I am starving. Let's grab something." Santana said and Sam nodded in agreement.

"Okay, Shelby and I have some things to arrange with the mall's manager and we're coming. Just text us the place." Holly said.

"Will do." Santana changed her shirt. She put an oversized hoodie on and pulled the hood over her head. Grabbing her purse, Santana placed her sunglasses onto her nose. Sam did the same. They didn't want to be recognized while they were still in the mall so they had to do those things. As best friend and guitar player of Santana, Sam was pretty popular, too. Often many people speculated that they were actually dating. Sure both of them were really affectionate with each other but they didn't date. They just made jokes about it all the time. Santana linked her arms through Sam's and they started walking through the mall.

"So you're hungry. What do you wanna eat?" Santana thought for a second.

"I think I want some sushi."

"Sounds good." Sam agreed. "Do you know where we can eat sushi here?"

"I have no idea, Sam. Wait a second." Santana unlinked her arm from Sam's and walked towards a girl who was standing a few meters away laughing and talking with a group of friends.

"San, that's not a good idea." Sam said but Santana ignored him. She continued walking towards the group, getting a few dirty looks from the girls but she couldn't care less. If they were giving her shit then she would do it too. So she crossed her arms in front of her chest and raised an eyebrow giving them a dirty look. She looked much more intimidating than them and immediately they backed off a little.

"So can any of you tell me where we can get some sushi here?" She asked and tried to sound as polite as possible.

"Yeah just take the elevator and-" She stopped. Santana frowned.


"Oh my god you are Santana Lopez, aren't you?" Santana sighed.

"I guess so. Can you please tell me now where I can get some sushi?" This time Santana sounded much more annoyed by the girl and she didn't even bother to hide it. The other girls were smiling and they looked so excited.

"Can we get an autograph? We didn't get any earlier, the line was too long and-" Santana rolled her eyes and turned around. She walked towards Sam and pulled him with her.

"Wait!" She heard the girl shout. Santana walked faster. She could still hear the girls following her and so she started running away.

"San, we have to separate." Sam said, earning a nod from Santana before she took another way. Some of the girls followed Sam but most of the girls ran after Santana. 'For fuck's sake' Santana thought to herself. She ran around a corner into an empty hall. She could already feel her breathing getting shorter and she was a singer which meant she had better stamina than most people. Suddenly she felt someone grabbing her arm and before she could protest she got pulled into an adjoining room.

"What the-"

"Shh." Someone cut her off by putting a hand over Santana's mouth. The person wasn't holding Santana's mouth shut aggressively. The person just put the hand lightly onto Santana's mouth to shut her up till the girls couldn't be heard anymore, so she obliged. After all, this person saved her from those insane girls.

A light went on and Santana looked right into blue orbs. Her breath hitched because of the surprise and because of the beauty of those eyes. She looked around and saw that they were in a small room with cleaning utensils. Santana looked back at the person. It was a girl. Probably around the same age and she was tall and blonde. The girl took her hand away from Santana's face and looked at her curiously.

"Thank you." Santana broke the silence.

"No problem. Why were they even running after you?"

"Because they are fucking crazy." Santana replied matter of fact. The blonde chuckled because of Santana's honesty.

"What are you even doing here? I mean today there is- wait what was her name? I think Santana Lopez? She is pretty famous and she is here today doing autographs." The blonde girl chewed on her bottom lip. Obviously she was thinking. Santana had to smile.

"I could ask you the same."

"I guess I don't need to see her. I mean I'm not a big fan or anything. I don't know if I like her. She's fine I guess. Besides I had to run some errands so I didn't go and it wasn't so important anyway." The girl shrugged. Santana had thought she would be offended if someone would come up with 'I don't like Santana Lopez'. She would start trying to impress them but she wasn't offended at all when this girl said that.

Maybe it was because she saved her, maybe it was because Santana saw that what she said wasn't intended to sound mean but honest in a way no one had ever acted towards Santana. This was the first time a stranger admitted that they weren't a fan of her or liked her. This situation was new for her and she felt… normal. Yeah, normal was the word she was looking for. The girl cleared her throat. The situation kind of became awkward and Santana had to look for Sam and Holly.

"So… um… I have to go. Thanks again." Santana finally said and glanced down at her shoes.

"No problem." The girl smiled and Santana caught herself smiling, too. The girl's smile was contagious. Santana waved again at the girl and opened the door. Looking around for any signs of the crazy girls she made sure that the hall was empty and exited the small room with a last glance at the girl. But before she walked away she opened the door again and poked her head in.

"Hey, what's your name?" The blonde girl was startled by Santana's sudden reappearance. She cleared her throat a second time and straightened up before replying.

"I'm Brittany S. Pierce." Santana nodded and started to walk away.

"Hey." She heard Brittany calling after her. Santana turned around. "I don't know your name." A smirk spread across Santana's face before she took her sunglasses off and pulled her hood down.

"I'm Santana Lopez. Nice to meet you, Brittany." She smiled and winked. Brittany's jaw dropped and her cheeks turned bright red. A laugh coming from Santana in reply echoed through the silent hall. She pulled her hood back over head and put her sunglasses on and walked away leaving an embarrassed Brittany behind.

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