Max And Me In A Reality Dream

It was a peaceful night at the Halperin's house where Rob Halperin was sleeping peacefully until he heard a explosion of voices out side. " Max it's the middle of the night what are you doing" yelled Nathan Halperin. " I'm just making some hamburgers" said Nathan's dog Max. When Nathan was just about to punish Max his dad Rob came out side and asked what was going on. Max was going to tell Rob that he was a talking dog, until Nathan interrupted Max and said that he was just part of his dream. " This doesn't really feel like a dream" said Rob. " well if this isn't a dream then why is Max talking" said Nathan. " That's easy I ate some talking pills" said Max. "oh you are such a Kidder max" said Nathan. " Well if this is a dream then I want to everything I always wanted to do" said Rob. " Then let's do it " said Nathan. As dad went inside to start having fun, Nathan told Max that he can't let Dad know that he talks or else he will freak out. So they both agreed to make Rob think he was in a dream until he went back to sleep, It was a good thing their mother was on a trip.

It was a good night for the three of them, they played video games, watched rated r movies, and prank called everyone in town. "it was a fun night but now it is time for you to go back to sleep and then wake up" said Nathan". "No way this is the best dream ever and I am never waking up" said Rob as he took off his clothes leaving him in his underwear and went out the door. " Nathan I think we have a problem" said Max, " you think" said Nathan. They both got on Nathan's bike to chase Rob all over town. " How are we supposed to catch Dad" said Nathan. " we can use this" said Max as he took out a dart gun from his fur. " where did you get that max" yelled Nathan, "There are some things you shouldn't know about me" said Max. They got really close to Rob so Max pulled out the dart gun and fired it and It hit Rob in the back. The dart put Rob to sleep so Nathan and Max finally got out of this problem. "Alright Max tell me where you got that gun" yelled Nathan after putting Rob in bed. Max just shot him with the dart gun so Nathan wouldn't know that he got the dart gun from next door.

The next morning Rob woke up and was a little sad that his best dream ever was over., He then went to go make Nathan some breakfast. On the way he patted max wishing if only he could talk. After breakfest Max was watching TV when Nathan came to Max and asked him where did he get that dart gun again. All Max did was just keeped watching tv." I can ask you all day if I want to" said Nathan, and he did all day long.