Dear readers, firstly I begin to apologise to all those whom have patiently waited a new chapter for quite some time now. I am truly sorry for my lack of updates, a day after I posted the first chapter of this story someone very dear to me passed away, I have been wrecked with grief ever since it made me not want to go anywhere near anything and somehow I thought that it might have been something I did, I didn't get to say goodbye as I remember I was very excitedly planning for a new story and didn't think to much of it. I felt so guilty that I abandoned everything.

I know I shouldn't be making excuses but I've always felt that readers deserve to know, and shouldn't be always left hanging. So I write this to inform anyone that read the first chapter and is eager for more that I shall be continuing this story I just need to find time to do so. I need inspiration so I have been working on another project.

For those of you whom enjoy a darker romance, where Edward is not always the night in shining armour but the villain in a suit then you will most definitely enjoy my new story, it's called Depths of Despair, here's the link for it:


And a humble thank you for everyone who reviewed and alerted and patiently awaited, I shall try my best to give back.

Love you all.