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"Yet another day..." Japan muttered to himself. The nation was having fun, don't get me wrong. He was just dreading the surprise Symphony had planned for today. Apparently, France found out, and the nation of "l'amour" was excited as hell. Everyone knew that anything the Frenchman was excited about is bad, Bad, BAD. Nevertheless, Japan half-blindly shuffled to the bathroom to brush his teeth and to wake himself up.

After breakfast, the giddy authoress exclaimed, "For today's activity, we will be doing... A MINI OLYMPICS~!" As the news sank in, the front door slammed open. A pair of gray and blue-eyed teenage girls were standing and waving,"HELLO!" ((MORE?! w.t.f?!))

The gray-eyed girl has straight white hair and wore a blue Aero t-shirt, skinny jeans, and sneakers. The blue-eyed teen had silver wavy hair with one black stripe. She had on a white long sleeve, bootcut jeans, leather boots, scarf, and a bear claw necklace. Feray shot up and ran to the door, greeting, "Reese, Adallia!" She gave the poor girls bone-crushing hugs, then led them to the table.

Reese hugged Symphony, and then brushed the white hair off her face. "Hi guys! We would've been here sooner, but we were checking the construction outside!" Adallia nodded, flattening her wavy hair. "Yeah, it's almost done, just needs five minutes. Shall we set up the snacks?" Symphony nodded vigorously, saying to the cast, "You guys! Go upstairs to change, Kori and Feray will meet you outside! Oh, one more thing. This will take up five days!" Being dismissed, the nations walked up the stairs, talking about the others they would cream in certain sports.

Symphony wiped her forehead as she trudged on with Kori, Rika, Ally, Reese, Adallia, and Feray. They were on a quest. A quest like no other. They were to break the FOURTH WALL! Three walls are cleared, one to go…

At last, the authoress and her six comrades arrived at their destination. The traveling girls studied their (NONLIVING) opponent with suspicious eyes. The wall was well-cleaned, glittering as if daring the questers to do ANYTHING to it. As for the glittering, it wasn't as bad as a 'certain' gag-reflex-works-surprisingly-well-next-to-him vampire, god FORBID.

Symphony stalked up to the wall, confidence showing with every step she took. The teen took out a mini-bomb and stuck it to the wall. She motioned for her friends to take cover. Right as Symphony found a safe hiding place, the part of the wall exploded. The questers cheered for their captain. The battle has begun.

All the nations stolen, dragged, or made up were standing in front of a huge white arena with the Olympics sign at the top. Hungary tilted her head and asked, "How did Symphony build this without us knowing,?" Ukraine shrugged her shoulders and replied, "Must be her laptop. Oh, another button popped off!"

The door opened to reveal Kori and Feray with microphones. Kori gave a soft smile as she said, "Welcome to the Mini Olympics!" Feray continued, in a much LOUDER tone. "The five activities are on the board to your left. Sign up and go change! The sports are listed in order on how we do them. Check it out, and the dressing rooms are to your right! GO, GO, GO!"

The two left in a flash before anyone could ask a question. The nations shrugged and turned to a newly-painted list on their left. Apparently, no one saw it being painted. Spain read the list out loud. "Ice skating, boxing, basketball, soccer (football), and hockey. Hmm, it's a nice combination."

Russia turned to face Belarus and said, "I might regret this, but do you want to be partners for ice-skating? I need one. It's in the rules." Belarus nodded, a small smile gracing her lips. "Only for today, I won't ask your hand in marriage. We have a gold medal to win!" The two siblings started to walk towards the dressing rooms, already planning their routine.

America walked over to the boxing signups, only to be shocked by the nation signing up. "Philippines?! Why are you signing up for boxing of all the sports?" To tell the truth, America never really paid attention to Philippines' strengths while she lived with him. But that was understandable. The offended nation retorted, "Why, what's wrong? Do you think I'm not strong enough?!" America muttered, "Oh, it's not that! It's just…" "Just. WHAT?" Philippines asked, a murderous aura starting to grow. The American replied, "I'm signing up, too. Be careful!" He walked away, quite confused. The Asian nation just smiled at the sheet of paper.

"Piri-tan! So you're fighting America for boxing?" Japan asked, with Spain and Romano behind him. Philippines responded, fluttering her eyelashes all innocent-like. "Of course! You guys DO know where the welterweight champion of the world hails from, right?" Realization hit the three faces and Romano finally said, "Good luck, sorella. Beat that hamburger bastard's ass!" "Will do, kuya. Will do…" the girl responded.

"Umm, Philippines? Can you do ice-skating with me? It's for pairs." Japan asked. The lady nation replied, "Of course, kuya. Let's go!" The two Asian nations walked to the dressing room, not paying attention behind them. Oh, they should have. A cursing Spaniard followed while a frustrated souther Italian repeated the phrase, "It's not what you think, stupid bastard!" to him.

"Germany~!" Italy waved at his friend. "What now, Italia?" Germany groaned. "I'm joining football! I also signed you up as well!" "What?!" The German nation screamed, but it was useless. Italy started to drag him to the dressing room talking about pasta and other unintelligible things the whole way.

After the first move, all of the questers started to charge at their opponent. Ally took out a sledgehammer and broke a few pieces of the wall off. Kori sliced through the wall like a ninja making sushi.

Feray pulled out a flamethrower with a glint in her eyes. After letting out her maniacal laughter, she burned a good portion of the wall. Adallia started taking out poke balls and yelling things like, "Charizard, I choose you!" and "Piplup, no eating Pikachu's tail!

These are not regular Pokemon, they are CANNIBALISTIC Pokemon from another dimension. Ally and Reese were messing with the dimension changer, and they brought back these strange Pokemons. They like Pokemon AND human flesh, sadly.

"You guys…?" Reese nervously called out. "WHAT?! WE'RE BUSY!" everyone else shouted. "The cannibal Pokemons are coming after US!" Symphony yelled out, "RETREAT, RETREAT!" and the girls jumped into a random hedge.

The cast went inside a stadium. A few nations noticed that the seats were filled with Symphony's OC's, mannequins, blow-up dolls, and leeks. One or two very observant nations chuckled at the leeks' faces, courtesy of Reese. After the nations sat down, the lights dimmed and a spotlight beamed on Adallia and Symphony, wearing ringmaster outfits.

Adalia announced, "Ladies, gentlemen, cousins o onions, and others. Welcome to the Mini Olympics! Myself, along with Symphony and a few others will be your announcers for today. Cast, please go backstage for the first sport! Everyone, please welcome Feray!"
"Pull… the SWITCH!" Symphony grandly gestured to Adallia. The teen groaned. "Really, Symphony? Igor reference?" The slightly clueless authoress tilted her head and said, ""What's wrong with that? It is my story. And I just wanted to make a reference. Sheesh, just turn the floor to ice already!" Adallia chuckled as she "Pulled, the SWITCH!"

Symphony and her six friends huddled in the now not-so-random hedge. They were currently staring at a model of the fourth wall, but in marshmallow form? I'm… I'm not going to ask. At last, Symphony turns into war-general mode and took out a pointer stick. The authoress started to bark out orders. "Feray, Kori! You go to wall sections 1 and 3. Try to resume our initial mission. Reese, Ally! Lead the Pokemons to wall sections 2 and 4! Adallia, Rika! Wait for Reese and Ally. Then, capture the Pokemons in their Poke balls! I will go with Feray and Kori! I have faith in all of you. Now, move out!" The questers nodded and crawled out of the hedge.

The stage turned into an ice rink with an electric scoreboard hanging 10 feet from the ceiling. Feray sauntered out in the same getup as Adaliia and Symphony's. And then, she spoke into the microphone. "Hello, all! The first event is ice skating! I have to take this time to thank Symphony for giving me the most EMBARASSING sport to announce! Well, I am Feray and my motto is 'Laughter is the best medicine, so I laugh at people's pain!' Now, let's welcome the first pair to skate. Ladies and gentlemen, the only REAL straight pairing in Hetalia, Austria and Hungary!"

The two stepped out. Hungary was waving, smiling, and even blowing kisses, really getting into her part. Austria just sighed and started to wave at the crowd hesitantly. At their arrival onto the rink, Prussia -who was drinking beer right before that- spit the drink at Germany, laughing. "West! Look, sassy gay Austria's wearing a sparkly thing! Kesesesese!" Germany just rolled his eyes and said, "That is a tuxedo, Prussia."

Symphony turned her head. The mission was a success! The Pokemon were finally in the bag, and a good portion of the wall was crumbled at their feet thanks to the… 'incident.' Everything was going according to plan… Well, ALMOST everything..?

In the distance, a roaring sound was caught by the authoress' ear. She turned to see...

A machine. With a wrecking ball. As if that wasn't enough, FERAY, of all people, was sitting inside the vehicle, cackling to herself. The teen pulled a lever and a huge part of the fourth wall fell down. Feray smiled and said in a serious-like voice, "Tear down this wall."

"THE FU- WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!" Symphony yelled. Feray chuckled, "At the construction site. Stupid idiots that don't take the key out of the engine~" The authoress asked warily, "Construction SITE?!" "Yeah, they're already over at walls 1 to 3." Feray smirked, really loving this. Symphony face palmed, but decided not to ask.

"DIP HER, you unawesome excuse of a German! Dip her! No, don't FALL, idiot!" Prussia yelled at a fuming Austria and Hungary. The WHOLE performance, Prussia has resorted himself to yelling 'helpful tips' about ice skating. At first, everyone yelled things at him along the lines of, "SHUT UP, PRUSSIA!", "PRUSSIA, GIVE THEM A BREAK!", or -and this is by Feray, mind you- "PRUSSIA, SHUT THE FUCK UP OR I SHOVE THIS MICROPHONE UP YOUR ASS!"

The last one only helped a little. Prussia dug deeper into his seat, but yelled less. But he still yelled. That one… He is a helpless case.

Finally, the piece finished. The duet spun three times and stopped, letting go of each other and throwing their hands up in the air. After their finale, the crowd stood up and applauded. Austria and Hungary did curtsies, and then left the rink. On the way to the dressing rooms, Hungary and Austria plotted a 'certain' Prussian's death. But all in all, it was a good performance.

Feray stepped back up to the rink again and started to announce the next pair. "Oh, that was great! Now, the next pair… Japan and Philippines. Give them a hand, everyone!" As the applause went on, the two stepped out onto the rink. They looked at each other, smiles on their faces. The music played its first notes, and they nodded at each other. Then the two started to skate.

On the sidelines, Symphony sat between Rika and Kori, with Feray in front of her. "Hm. The Nutcracker. Nice choice." Kori nodded, then asked, "Hey, what was the song that played when Austria and Hungary were skating?" "Oh. I'm guessing Chopin, because it's Austria!" Feray chuckled. Rika rolled her eyes, then said, "It's actually Beethoven."

"Makes sense, Beethoven IS Austrian."

"No, he is not!"

"Get over it, Germany."

Because most of the wall was already down, except for the two foot piece, the questers stopped. Symphony handed out carbonated water while congratulating everyone. "You guys, that was AWESOME!" At that moment, everyone swore on it, that they heard a German scream, but they didn't know what he/she said. As they rested and talked amongst themselves, they started to sleep, one by one. Little did they know, the wall was starting to rebuild itself. It's because of that two foot piece. If even ONE PART of the wall is still standing, whether part, piece, or even just a BRICK, the wall will piece itself back up.


Well, they're screwed~!

The song ended. Japan had his right arm around Philippines' waist while his left hand was outstretched. Philippines had both her hands in the air. Both were smiling as the audience clapped happily for them. They finally let the stage and went to the dressing rooms. On the way there, Philippines fist-pumped the air. "Oh yes! We did it!" Japan smiled, "Hai, we did!" The two exchanged high fives as they talked about the routine.

Outside, Feray took the stage one last time. "People, we have one more pair! To be honest, they kind of creep me out. But please don't tell them I said that! Here is… Russia and Belarus!" The teen ran from the rink and plopped into her seat. Russia and Belarus came out, and everyone couldn't help but stare. Other than just skating, they had ribbons.

The music started. Russia and Belarus pretty much PROVED themselves to be shockingly flexible and graceful. The ribbons did their work too. The duo were waving and spinning them. The crowd "Oooohed" and "Aaahhed" quite a bit. As the music ended, Russia and Belarus twirled their ribbons high into the air and let them fall themselves, making it look fantastic.

Everyone was shocked, save for Ukraine, who always knew the two's talent. As the shock died, the applause thundered throughout the whole arena. Russia and Belarus smiled at the crowd and waved. After a few minutes, they finally got off the rink and went to the dressing rooms. Belarus looked at her brother and said, "Just like rehearsals. That wasn't even our best." "Da, it's funny how they're so amazed." Russia smiled.

Back at the rink, Feray tried to calm the audience. "Okay! That kicked off our first day of the Mini Olympics! Tomorrow is boxing! Boxers, make sure to rest up for tomorrow. Everyone, have a good night!"

The questers slowly woke up. Symphony stood up, her back facing the 'destroyed' wall. "Okay! That was unexpected of us to sleep, but who cares?" As she rambled on, everyone else's eyes widened at the sight behind the authoress.

"Uhh.. Symphony?" Kori tried to break off the rambling teen. It didn't work. "Symphony...?" Feray tried to hit her on the head, but she dodged. Finally, Rika gave up. She stalked up to the authoress and turned her around forcefully. "HEY! Notice us much?! Notice the wall?! It's back." Finally, she stopped talking.

The wall WAS back. Everyone tried to wonder if the construction workers rebuilt it while they were asleep. Reese said they wouldn't at least woken up to the sounds. But, they sent Adallia to search. She found them at wall 2.

Ally gulped. "Does that mean we have to kill this wall again..?" Symphony just scratched the bak of her head and said in a quiet voice, "Looks like it..."

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