(Before and After the Wedding of Ariel & Eric chapter 3)

Eric swept me off of my feet as soon as we got into the castle, and gently laid me on the bed. He was smiling at me, and I figured out where this was heading. After I had been turned into a human I read up on everything about humans, even their forms of contact. I smiled back at him as we both changed into out bedtime clothing articles. I laid there on the bed next to him, and he propped his head on his hand. He stared at me as long as I was staring at him. Then after two minutes he leaned down to kiss me, but this kiss was more passionate than any other kiss. His kissed felt forcefull, yet they were full of love. I kept leaning into his kissed.

"I love you Eric." I said smiling, and Eric became a new guy. A new guy who was no longer afraid, and a man who was no longer afraid of me being fragile.

"And I love you to Darling." Eric said right before he kissed me again. This kiss led him to rubbing his hands up my sides, which made me grunt. I had never felt such sensations before. I was smiling and rubbing his back with my hands as his hands raced around on my body. I loved him... I loved him more than anything in this world, and nothing was going to change that. As the kisses got more intense so did Eric's contact with me. Eventually Eric removed his shirt, and started kissing me again. I laughed for a minute because of the mysterious hair on his chest that fanned over his entire chest. He looked at what me and noticed that I was looking at his chest hair, and he began to laugh to.

"Well Ariel, this is called chest hair." Eric said sarcastically. I laughed and pulled his face closer to mine, and later things got really intense, like so intense that I should not even explain, so I will explain what happened afterwards. Eric rolled next to me, and he was kissing my cheek. I giggled. Then he took his arms and wrapped them around my waist and kept them there. I was breathless because of the intensity of what just happened, and Eric moved head setting his chin on my shoulder. Then we both sat up with the blankets around us. Then I leaned to the side and kissed his shoulder, as he did the same to my head. I sat there sorting everything out and when I looked over to Eric he looked worried.

"Eric, what is it?" I asked with a concerned tone.

"Well, you have been so quiet, and I was wondering of I upset you, or hurt you in some way?" Eric explained. My eyes widened at the sound of Eric's tone. His tone sounded sad.

"Oh... Eric, I am fine, I was just sorting things out. What just happened between us was amazing and I will never stop trying to prove that to you. I will start that right now." I flew over and knocked him over in the bed, and kissed him over and over. I moved back over to his side and started to trace my fingers around on his skin, and all I felt him do was quiver under my smooth, and easing touch. Then Eric pulled his arms around me and laid us both back down to sleep, but I could not. All I did was constantly kiss his cheek, or his shoulder, some how manuver myself to kiss him on his lips.

"Eric?" I asked halfway dosing off.

"Yes?" He asked opening his eyes sleeply.

"Do you...," I blushed. "want to go again?" I asked. Suddenly Eric's eyes flew wide open, and he shot his face over to mine. He smiled, but then shook his head.

"I do not know what I want to do. My head is so full of excitement, and new things that both going again, or just laying here with you is enough." He said. I looked down in embarrassment, and then Eric took his hand and placed it under my chin aligning my sight with his. "It is alright, I want to, but I am just thinking that is all, so now... where were we?" He asked lowering his face to mine. Then yet again things got intense, so I will give a little detail. Eric kissed me, I kissed him, and that is all I am saying. After Eric and I's romantic period of the night was over we fell asleep except this time I wrapped my arms around him. The next morning of course Eric was awake before me, and this time I just laid there enjoying the movement of his fingers across my bare back. I eventually giggled which gave me away. At that moment Eric sat up over me and was looking at me.

"Good Morning Darling" Eric said. I smiled at his calming low toned voice.

"Good Morning my love." I said back, and Eric leaned down to kiss me and helped me out of bed, and we both got dressed. We later decided to walk around the palace, and Eric insisted on carring me into the castle when we returned. When we reached the kitchen Eric and I ate some left over ham. Then we went back into our bedroom again and we sat there, and Eric hugged me once more.

"Eric I love you with all of my heart." I told him. I hugged him back and walked down to the shore. I had no clue I was being followed by Eric until we reached the sand.

"Ariel, Darling, are you alright?" Eric asked with concern.

"Yes... I am fine, I just... I can not believe that I am married. I love you so... and I am just scared with me being a mermaid and beginning to understand human life I will mess up and..." Before I could finish Eric ran up to me and kissed me with severe passion.

"Ariel, I will love you no matter what. Nothing will ever break us apart and I promise you that." Eric said about to cry, then he hugged me and carried me back into the castle, and laid me on the bed. He started kissing me uncontrolably, and then he finally stopped. Before we fell asleep Eric asked me a question as we both were looking at the ceiling. "Ariel could you sing me that song you told me your mother would sing to you?" I looked at him smiling.

"Hmmmmm... I breathed.

"Please, Ariel?" He asked again. I nodded my head and began.

"la, la, la, la, la, la... 'I sighed.' Oh the waves roll low.. And the waves roll high, And so it goes.. Under a bright blue endless sky... Waves try to measure, The days that we treasure... Wave Hello, and wave good-bye. She sang us that song every night, but the last night she sang it was the day before she died." I sighed, and Eric wiped away one of my rolling tears.

"Ariel, it is ok, I am and always will be here. I love you." We both laid down, and we hugged each other good-night.

(Ariel's Dream That Night)

I was walking on the beach shore and suddenly a familiar figure swam towards me when I sat down on the soft sand.

"Ariel." The mysterious voice said. I was confused for the moment, but then the voice came again. "Ariel come here my darling." The voice said softly, and then in that moment I realized that it was my mother Athena.

My eyes started to get teared up. "Mom?" I asked.

"Yes Darling. I love you. The gods let me come here in your dream for the night. I miss you, your sisters, and father very much. I heard you singing my song." She said. She placed her wet hand on my cheek.

"Mom I miss you so..' I started to cry.

"I know sweetie, and I have been watching over you, and your new husband is very sweet. Right now I can see his dreams and all he dreams about is you." She said with a smile.

"Mom, why didn't you just forget about the musicbox, and save yourself?" I asked.

"It was special to me, I would change it if I could, but there is not much I can do now." She said with a smile.

"I love you Ariel, and don't you every forget that." She said and she started to fade away.

"WAIT! NO mom please don't go." I begged.

"Honey you need to move on, and so does your father. I love you very much go visit your father and let him, and your sisters know I said, "I love them, and that I miss them, and that your father and I will be together soon." I nodded with constant rolling tears. "Ariel I love you, good-bye." Then the dream faded away, and I immediatly woke up crying. Eric woke up right away to the sound of my cries. He turned over right away.

"Ariel! What is it!" He asked worriedly. I couldn't pull myself to answer him. "ARIEL!" I jumped.

"Eric! My mom came to me in my dream. I need to get my father." I tried to get out of bed, but Eric got up so fast and hugged me.

"Ariel, what until morning." Eric suggested. I nodded and Eric and I laid there talking about my dream.

(The Next Morning)

Eric and I walked tiredly down to the beach. I stepped into the water and sang the gathering song. We waited for about four minutes. My father appeared out of the water and was smiling, but he saw my sadness and immediatly the smile disappeared.

"Ariel Dear, are you alright?" My father asked.

"No, umm... I know this is going to be sad, but mom came to me in a dream last night." My father was shocked.

"Hold on Ariel..." My father pointed his trident at me and it enlarged the dream from last night. My father, and sisters cried when my mom said, "I love them, and that I miss them, and that your father and I will be together soon." "Ariel... How did...?" My father asked.

"I do not know, All I know is she told me the gods sent her to talk to me in that dream and possibly two other dreams some other time in life." My father smiled, and hugged me.

"Thank you Ariel, I must get back. I love you darling." He said.

"I love you all to." I said waving and we walked back to the castle in peace, and quiet.